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Pictures of Xbox 360 leaked

Written by Jari Ketola @ 23 Apr 2005 10:46 User comments (51)

Pictures of Xbox 360 leaked Several pictures of the upcoming Xbox 360 console (or at least it's named Xbox 360 on the picture) have surfaced on the net. While pictures have surfaced in the past, the one seen now could be the one that will be shown at E3.
The device that will eventually hit the stores will most likely not be like the one shown here. Many remember the rather cool-looking X-shaped Xbox prototypes displayed by Microsoft after the first generation Xbox was announced.

The picture shows the disc tray, two memory ports, a power button and a possibly covered extension port. In addition there seems to be an IR port and maybe a button to trigger a wireless connection. Since no connectors are visible for the connectors, it's likely that the Xbox 360 will feature wireless controllers -- as has been suspected by many.

This, probably somewhat older, picture shows the left hand side of the console at an angle. You can see that the color is a bit different, and the eject button is facing a different direction. The bulge you see on the first picture seems to be a HDD expansion slot (note the "40GB" marking).

This picture, which surfaced before the ones shown above, looks a bit different from the others. Either this is a newer design of the HDD expansion or the slot is covered by a "default plate" which is used when no expansion device is installed.

In my opinion the device looks quite nice already!


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51 user comments

123.4.2005 11:46

i think its ugly. i liked the look of the original xbox

223.4.2005 11:56

looks gay lol..the ps3 pic is way better than this.. even if that ps3 is fake or not..

323.4.2005 11:58

I always thought the original looked big and cluncky. This one looks nice and sleek. I hope the PS3 looks as sleek too.

423.4.2005 12:13

If these pictures are real, looks like microsoft has copied design from Apple again. This thing looks and reminds me way too much of an apple product. Take an ipod and mash it with an ibook.

523.4.2005 12:16

This looks ghey, no way in hell this is the final design comcept, but im happy about the 40 gb expansion slot woot :)

623.4.2005 14:10

I have both xbox and ps2 and obviously the ps2 looks alot better to the eyes but you can't knock the superior power the xbox offers.I think it will be the same with the next consoles they put out.Microsoft now need to look at hooking up with the gta games of the world much faster to keep the customers happy.If they got hooked up with these games faster sony would have a real fight to stay on top.The more they fight between the two the better it is for the consumer as the prices will drop for sure.

723.4.2005 14:25

yeah i agree with john179 xbox has the technology, but sony has the games ive got a ps2 simply because of the games...and the size of the xbox!

823.4.2005 14:31

It looks like a silver Tivo, but I'm a PS fan so hate me.

923.4.2005 14:53

Because I want to pat myself on the back, but I had this post on a thread yesterday here -> Look at the date I originally posted, the proof is there.

1023.4.2005 14:54

it all comes end on the games. i would still buy it if its a crappy looking box, if its cheap enough

1123.4.2005 14:56

xbox has the technology, but sony has the games
That was true with the last generation, but from what has been gathered from game developers, they are leaning with microsoft on this one.

1223.4.2005 15:26

ps2 has GTA:SA and xbox does not,thats about the only game on ps2 thats not on xbox worth talking about. But xbox has Halo2 and the hardware advantage, plus the xbox is way easier to mod and you get way more from it when you do.

1323.4.2005 15:52

GTA:SA is coming to Xbox on June 7 2005.

1423.4.2005 19:41

Has anyone noticed how there is only one controller slot? hmm, we go from 4 ports, to one? thats just beautiful.

1523.4.2005 19:53

If you look at the high rex, you will see tha it has NO controller ports visible. It is rumored that ALL the new controllers will be wireless.

1623.4.2005 21:32

The hi res pic is a damn fake. It's been made with photoshop. I mean look at the size of the damn power button, It's huge. And as for the controllers, Microsoft so are not going to make wireless controllers for the simple reason that they require batteries and they know people would hate constantly buying batteries. I think the other 2 pics are a cd stacker for a car.

1723.4.2005 22:23

I believe Bubba over those pics.

1824.4.2005 00:53

Actually the power button is only slightly larger than on the 1st gen Xbox (2cm on Xbox, 2.5cm on the Xbox 360 picture). Obviously it's pasted together in Photoshop (and probably even on a Mac =P ), but so are all PR pictures at this stage. It remains to be seen whether or not this is the real deal. I think it very well could be. Oh yeah. MTV has begun promoting the Xbox 360 unveiling. You can see the teaser for instance here:

1924.4.2005 03:46

i couldnt care less if they modelled it on a giant not interested about how it looks.more how it'll perform.

2024.4.2005 08:35

a nice looking machine to be honest its the look of the old one that put me off buying it i always thought it looked like an old vcr & was too big

2124.4.2005 10:15

Those who say it looks "gay lololol" will continue on with their daily lives using MIRCOSOFT Windows XP and probably buying a MIRCOSOFT XBOX360 later on in the year. I hope the PS3 looks as good as this.

2224.4.2005 14:44

i dont like the white look. the orignal was black and it gave it more of a bad-ass look.

2324.4.2005 15:52

Im pretty sure this is the design for 360, but it might not be the final design. There are some discrempicies in the images, if you look at the eject symbol it is facing different directions in the photos. Here is the first photo zoomed in: [IMG][/IMG] notice it is pointing to the left here is the angled photo zoomed in: [IMG][/IMG] This one is pointing up!

2424.4.2005 15:57

Opps, let me repost the images: the first one zoomed in: its pointing to the left here is the angled one zoomed in: it is pointing up

2524.4.2005 16:04

If you look at the high rex, you will see tha it has NO controller ports visible. It is rumored that ALL the new controllers will be wireless.
Rumors? if these pix are the real deal, then it is no longer a rumor. Especially since that black window is most likely the Infered and the button, to the right of the disk drive is the IR Connect button [you can tell because it has the universal connect symbol of ")))"] BTW, I quess my last post was unneeded becasue they mentioned the eject button in the article. my bad!

2625.4.2005 09:35

I guess we''ll see in a few weeks. Looks nice. It could look better ;)

2725.4.2005 13:22

I think it would make more sence if the green circle was a green X instead, seeing as how it is and Xbox and not a circle

2827.4.2005 09:00

there, found that on gizmodo. heres what it says: Maybe this image is new, maybe it isnítóIíve been somewhat out of the loop the last couple of days. Nonetheless, I hadnít seen it. Donít lust after it too much, however, since it looks like itís already dating someone. Wouldnít it be a good idea if the wireless controllers could be recharged just by putting them in depression on the top? Letís make that happen, Microsoft. Also, this originally was standing up, like the letter I. Update: Iím not saying this is a leaked image or anything, btw. It obviously lines up with the Our Colony shots, but not entirely. It could be a photoshop from Microsoft or anyone else. UPDATE 2 - Aaron says ďThat image is three different images made into one. The top is an old concept that someone did and the front is a render. The side is an actual picture. The only two that are reputable are the front and side. Top is fake.Ē UPDATE 3 - This one has been traced back to a goon named Faid. Wonder if he has stairs in his house? not sure if its real, it sure is ugly. is it going to use hd-dvd or not? when is it going to be on mtv again?

2927.4.2005 12:03

nice pic, but a total fake. I think they are going for a total sleek look with little fan fare. The old xbox had a lot going on and may be why people take it that serious at first. On the other hand, the ps2 was very simple in design and demanded attention. It was very simple looking and would stand out too much if put in a entertainment system. The 360 will most likely be along those lines; simple looking outside, powerful machine inside, but very inviting to a entertainment system.

3028.4.2005 05:48

Nah its fake... Except of the Eject button, if you look at the first pic on the left, there is this bump. On the second picture its not..

3128.4.2005 12:15

the last picture is a total fake. you know why? well the xbox 360 is supposed to be standing on the right side because the left side is where the hard drive goes. just imagine if u put that pic on its right side so the dard drive is on top. the green jewel says 360 xbox but upside down. kinda like this 063 xobx basically

3229.4.2005 07:31

The last pic maybe a fake but if it's a fucking great pic! and i think it is good if the top of the 360 shows the X like the old one. ;)

3329.4.2005 14:35

I think that fake pic is ugly, the real will probably will look simplistic with a very non discreat "X" on it. here is another leaked pic: it is a memory card, which looks like it has a 64mb capacity. but if it like the original xbox memory card, it will be useless. it also means the memory card wont be inserted in the controller

348.5.2005 14:29

Hereís the first full picture of the Xbox 360. It looks nice, I think, despite all the hate Iíve read. My guess itíll look much nicer in its normal configuration, layed flat. The controller, on the other hand, looks awful. Along with the console it looks like theyíre showing off the controller, the Xbox Live headset, and an external camera. microsoft sure knows how to make huge gaming systems. the only thing i like is the wirelsss controllers

359.5.2005 11:01

Now don't get me wrong, that does look pretty real. But is it just me or is that only ONE slot for a controller and TWO memory card slots? I mean I don't know anyone that even has 1 memory card but everyone I know has at least 2 controllers. Even the Playstation has 2 controller slots so you don't have to buy the multi-tap right away to have more than one player.

369.5.2005 11:04

Wheelman, There are no controller ports. The controllers are wireless.

379.5.2005 15:08

yeah, wireless. my question is how long batt. life will be for the wirelss controllers?, better be pretty high! i think it would be cool if it had built in lith -ion batterys and when you arent playing it you could put it on a dock and it will automatically charge. but of course, for you 24-hr gamers, this wont work well ;) cant wait til ps3 gets out! any word it 360 will be using hd-dvd? or regular dvd.

389.5.2005 19:24

microsoft sure knows how to make huge gaming systems
Not true, look at the system next to the controller it is about double the lenght of the controller AND the controller is smaller than the current s-controller that is currently used.
i think it would be cool if it had built in lith -ion batterys and when you arent playing it you could put it on a dock and it will automatically charge
There is suppossed to be a optional dock or a usb charger through the console That is what that little slide door is on the bottom for, the usb charge
any word it 360 will be using hd-dvd? or regular dvd
well here is the leaked specs from Days before Microsoft is due to air a special event on MTV across the world, specifications for the next generation Xbox have been posted in full online. Amongst the details leaked is word of two Xbox live services, a silver free service and a gold paid service. "There will be two versions of Xbox Live. Silver is free (everyone gets it), and Gold is a paid subscription, like the current XBL. It looks like Xbox Live will be free on the weekends for everyone; Gold members will get it all the time, obviously. Current Xbox Live accounts will carry over to the 360 and become Gold Xbox Live accounts. Both Gold and Silver members will be able to download demos, trailers, and other content through XBL." The leaked specs confirm lots of the rumors we saw over the last few months. The specs say the Xbox360 will have support for 4 wireless controllers and the console will have 3 USB2.0 ports. The DVD drive will be a 'simple' DVD9-drive, with support for these formats: DVD-video, DVD-Rom, DVD-R/RW, CD-DA, CD-Rom, CD-R, CD-RW, WMA CD, MP3 cd, JPEG photo CD. The detachable 20GB HDD will be included by default from the information we received (atleast in the 'full' package). We also got some sources telling us the Xbox360 will come with Wi-Fi 802.11 A, B and G support. The Xbox 360 face plates will be customizable to change the appearance. All games will have full support for the 16:9 format , 720p and 1080i HDTV (Max resolution: 1920x1080) and anti-aliasing. Xbox360's IBM CPU will have 3 symmetrical cores running at 3.2 GHz each with 1 MB L2 cache. Each core has 2 hardware threads and one VMX-128 vector unit. Enough to boost an impressive 9 billion dots per second. The ATI GPU will run at 500MHz with 10 MB embedded DRAM (256 GB/s memory bandwidth) and contain 48 parallel floating-point shader pipelines. System memory will probably be 512MB of GDDR3 RAM (at 700 Mhz) with 22.4 GB/s memory interface bus bandwidth and 21.6GB/s frontside bus bandwidth. The Xbox360 will also have a mulitchannel surround output and here are the possible skins you can get for the 360:
This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 09 May 2005 @ 7:26

3910.5.2005 04:45

Uuugggghhhh ... what an eyesore!! .... I hope the pics are wrong, or there will at least be a black version ... black is so nice and subtle and it hides in the dark. And to further support what someone so elegantly mentioned above, it made the first 'box look "badass" :) Also, if the controllers are wireless, there's another way they could avoid the battery blues: make it use AA batteries, and encourage everyone to get the NIMH rechargable batteries, which last "forever" (or at least a very long time, even when using all the fancy digicam features), and can be charged "whenever" (not just when empty). But who knows, maybe they will do the USB charger after all.

4010.5.2005 18:10

that controller is painfully ugly

4110.5.2005 19:22

wat the heck is wrong wit u peeps saying that the controller is ugly. just take a good damn look at your xbox controller and now look at this. this controller looks so sleek, nice and wireless. and now they got rid of the black and white buttons for more comfertable buttons on the shoulder of the controller. Honestly this controller and gaming system looks pretty badass to me

4210.5.2005 19:22

wat the heck is wrong wit u peeps saying that the controller is ugly. just take a good damn look at your xbox controller and now look at this. this controller looks so sleek, nice and wireless. and now they got rid of the black and white buttons for more comfertable buttons on the shoulder of the controller. Honestly this controller and gaming system looks pretty badass to me

4310.5.2005 20:34

Dosent matter how the controller looks like,you aint gonna look at it at all unless you play by watching the controller

4410.5.2005 21:54

ummm. guys that controller pic is a fake. It's a logitek pc controller that has been photoshoped.

4511.5.2005 12:51

How does the real one look like bubba

4611.5.2005 22:42

Buggered if I know what the real controller looks like... It aint out yet. All I know is that I aint gonna believe a single pic till I see the real machine. Too many times I have seen pics of what a console is "Going" to look like and when it is released it looks totally different.

4712.5.2005 13:27

the controller is real. The event that microsoft is doing was shot last Thursday but is being shown tonight. The pics were from people who brought digital cameras to the show. But like I said it was shot last thursday.

4812.5.2005 13:42

that is the real controller bubba, cuzz if u look at the pic wit the console, the controller, the live and etc you can see in that pic that the controller has the usb port on the bottom, has light grey on top dark grey on button, and the roller type logo, and if u look at the controller pic that is zoomed in it is the exact same

4920.8.2007 15:50

wow all this turned out to be true right cool

5027.12.2009 15:21

wow 5 years later and were still using that console. and its still in the game. wonder if this will happen with the 8th generation consoles????

5119.7.2011 12:12
Unverified new user

its funny how ppl were judging the photos as fake where they have no idea what they are talking about lol

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