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Gates believes new Xbox can compete with PS3

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 May 2005 8:41 User comments (16)

Gates believes new Xbox can compete with PS3 According to Bill Gates, the new Xbox 360 gives Microsoft the opportunity to beat Sony. He called the upcoming console an entertainment hub and said it was capable of taking the top position, even when put against the upcoming Playstation 3 console. He also said the software menu for the console will be similar to Windows Media Centre. "If you're used to that menu, when you use this Xenon you'll see a menu a lot like that that lets you get photos, TV, music and all those different things," he said.
Now Gates believes that Microsoft has moved from a number 2 choice in a gamers mind to an equal choice to Sony. He said people involved with the development of the new console say they believe that it can beat Sony. Later this month, more details on both consoles are expected to be revealed at the E3 conference. Xbox 360 is expected to be first advertised several days beforehand on MTV.

Until then, gaming sites will continue to buzz with the small details that have been leaked here and there, many of which remain unconfirmed. Gates refused to give anymore details on the console at this stage but of course did take the time out to take a dig at Apple's forthcoming new operating system, Tiger.

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16 user comments

13.5.2005 19:58

I think that the new xbox will do way better than the ps3.

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23.5.2005 22:55

I don't know for sure if the Xbox will ever do quite as well as any PlayStation console as far as sales. I do know that, in my opinion, the Xbox is and has always been superior to the PS2 in overall raw power and (at the time of launch) forward thinking in regards to those of us with home theaters and HDTVs. PS2 games of some technical worth are coming out like Tekken 4/5 (progessive scan), Gran Turismo 4 (1080i, Pro Logic II), God of War (great graphics for the PS2) but it's time to be thinking PS3 all ready. Hopefully, Dolby Digital and/or DTS 5.1 surround sound will be the norm on the PS3 and not the exception. Progresssive scan output should be a given (the GameCube has more Progressive scan Pro Logic II games for goodness sake!) Also, I hope the PS3 will have support for 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i like the Xbox as well as 16:9 support. I'm getting both consoles and the Nintendo Revolution as well so I'll have the best of everything anyway.

34.5.2005 6:53

I think xbox is a good system, and the xbox 360 will do very well. i will get the ps3 but don't count out the nintendo revolution. it will be just as powerful as the ps3 and xbox 360. i will get the revolution first because i just know nintendo will have a very strong lineup of good games.and then get the ps3 maybe 3 months after it comes out. the 360 maybe, i would like to have all three. i think nintendo will surprise everyone, i bet on that. odb

44.5.2005 10:21

even do xbox 360 i think will rule the ps3 will be better. the only thing that have kept me from buying ps2 is the controllers and the bad graphics but i think all that will change with the ps3 GO SONY!

54.5.2005 10:42

Let's hope that the XBox upgrades it's games from (what seems to me) to be a long list of generic type games. Personally, i won't be buying it until they get Gran Turismo and/or Final Fantasy. Simple as that.

64.5.2005 13:15

Gates here has shot for being equal, and said the possibility of being the better system. His lack of confidence clearly denotes Microsofts inability to assess Sony's capabilities and therby leave Sony with the element of surprise, including Sony's relatively vast experience in console engineering, design, and marketing. It is most likely Microsoft will be able to match Sony, and there will be no "hands down" superior console.

74.5.2005 18:21

hmmmmmm.....Sony has been around for......TWO system wars. I wouldn't exactly call that much experience.

85.5.2005 2:42

cant wait to e3...its so excating

95.5.2005 2:43

wait we while have all the answers after e3 right?

105.5.2005 3:40

I do believe both consoles will have things we like about them.Im' just glad we're going to be paying 60.00 plus dollars for games again.

115.5.2005 8:14

oh yes indeed i cant wait to call my relatives beging for money so i can buy the new gta or zelda;)

125.5.2005 13:04

Hence the word "relative" ne007. Microsoft has been through none, technically because the xbox didn't release with the other consoles, they faced no competition and people were ready to buy another console after they'd had a PS2 or GC for awhile. I wouldn't even call those "TWO wars" console wars either. Those release with nintendo vs. sony are going to be nothing in comparison, everyone is checking complete specs and os functions for this one and alot more is on the table, more rounded capabilities, these aren't just game machines, they do alot more now, and alot more is expected of them.

1316.5.2005 13:57

I have been a sony user for about 6 years now.I think sony is THE BEST .I WILL STAY FAITHFUL *****GO SPURS GO******* SPURS IN 6

1416.5.2005 14:25

Oh, of course the Xbox 360 will be competition to the PS3. Its a total sell out to a bunch of people who only care for pretty graphics, "innovative" live features, sports games, they dont care if the console has the same types of games over and over again, they'll play it because it has the best commercials. Yes boys and girls, your sterotypical casual gamer. All this is an Xbox 1.5. Name one thing thats dramatically different than the first Xbox. Silent? thought so, there is nothing. Bah, I hope Nintendo really blows the minds out of everyone at E3 tomorrow. Give us a show, something new, not the same console with 2 more processors.

1516.5.2005 15:35

the new xbox is dramtically different. don't get me wrong i'm sony all the way. the new xbox however has a 500MHz graphics card (not even found on computer cards for less the ~$600 i think? or mostly at all, they're all 400Mhz aren't they?), a three core processor performing three processes at once each at 3.2Ghz. Wirless A/B/G card. Wireless controllers (up to 4). Removable/upgradable 20GB hard drive. CD ripper, and possibly a burner too. Connects to computer to stream any video or pictures music etc. to your tv and if you hook it up you surround sound system. The list goes on, the xbox 360 is revolutionary for games and computer technology, the PS3 will be even better...

1617.5.2005 9:40

i yoused to be a nintendo fan but after reading about ps3 and seeing screenshots i think i will have to convert sorry nintendo i had some great times but i youst dont see the name nintendo in the future.

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