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PSP UMD disc protection cracked?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 06 May 2005 7:18 User comments (55)

PSP UMD disc protection cracked? It is being reported that crackers have managed to compromise copy protection on Sony PSP games. A few days ago, several PSP games appeared on the Internet in the form of ISO images. However, there is no way for somebody to play these copies of the games on their PSP device just yet because you cannot burn UMD discs. The PSP has only been on the market in the U.S. for a couple of months but already several hacks and tweaks have appeared for it.
Sony is trying to get more deals with content providers to offer their content in UMD format for consumers to view on the PSP console. While some content providers may be less likely to sign a deal with Sony if they think UMD discs are unsafe, existing partners have nothing really to worry about as Sony has touted UMD's DVD-like region coding, unique per-disc ID number and AES-based content encryption system as suitable protection for UMD-stored content.

UMD discs can hold about 1.8GB of data. But even though you couldn't burn a UMD disc, one major possibility is that one day games might be loaded directly from a MemoryStick. You can get pretty high capacity MemorySticks now that you can use with the PSP and some of the PSP games floating around the net now are quite small in size for games; one of them being just 133MB. So a MemoryStick is a complicated but maybe possible method; more possible than actually making direct copies to UMD discs for now.

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55 user comments

16.5.2005 10:05

This is crazy, that they have found ways to do this already considering that this device has only been out for a couple months, does anyone have a life anymore? Why do people try to rip off the sony company after making a wonderful handheld that everybody likes? Think about it.

26.5.2005 12:42

because for some people this is their way of life just like how you want to come here and complain that people don't have lives. besides don't you think sony is ripping us off. they have a machine that is 250 dollars with only 4-5 hours of battery life. you wanna buy more batteries its gonna cost you 50 bucks. 32mb memory stick is only big enough to save some games and 4-6 mp3 so you want to get a bigger memory stick gonna cost you anywhere between 50 to 150 bucks. oh and your gonna need games for your psp and there 40-50 dollars. and movies are more expensive than dvd and all they have is just the movie.

36.5.2005 13:55

yeah, just because they don't have a "traditional" life, doesn't mean anything bad. and some people actually do backup their games to protect their investment.

46.5.2005 21:19

I must admit i am am just sitting waiting on the first 5 gig hard drive that may plug in through either the usb port or memory stick port allowing games to be downloaded and played in the same manner as done with the hard drives for the ps2. I have seen the 1 gig stics and i know it has got to be possible to make a small devie about the size of the rechargable battery for the psp that will hold several memory sticks at once allowing someone to plug in maybe say 5 i gig sticks at once. HAA haaa!!! Just an idea but i am sure something similiar will soon arise.

58.5.2005 19:36

Dude there is already a 4 gig memory stick out, it will only cost you about 500 bucks.

68.5.2005 21:50

damn 4 gigs that would fit a lot of games on it.

79.5.2005 5:58

well just think if a small device allow you to access more than 1 card even if just 2 memory sticks at once in little slots and connect to thet psp. How would 8 or gigs sound. Plus 500 bucks is a lot to pay so i am hoping someone will come up with a cheaper option with comparable memory. Most people are probably not going to come up with 500 bucks to spend on a stick but if you could house 4 in a small device you could buy a new stick whenever you got the money to upgrade your memory giving you more flexibility on your options or memory and cost.

89.5.2005 6:20

I agree 500 bucks is too much, like all technology give it about a six monthes to a year and the prices should come down.

99.5.2005 16:37

products are made to be altered. If sony didnt want people playing burnt ps2 games they wouldnt make dvd burner, dvd blanks. They Freaking Want Us TO HACK THEM SO THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO MAKE MONEY OVER BY SUEING THE PEOPLE THAT USED SONY'S PRODUCTS TO DO WHAT THEY SHOULDN'T

109.5.2005 18:03

I think it's fricken awesome. "Theres a place for a everyone", like the song sez. The consumers, players, hackers, coders and so on. Sony will get over it, a empire like that, theres plenty of money to still be made by them for them. Besides if u think about it from a mass point of view. In manufacturing terms, the consumer (us)gets the tail end of the deal. Nice product, shiny, prettily boxed with promised tacky gadgets and a walloping $$$$$ to buy it, and $$$$ to upgrade. So, the blackhats keep things in perspective, by finding flaws in there picture perfect commodities. The news rolls down hill to us and we take the ball and run.

119.5.2005 23:38

heche a perder mi programa de copiar mis pel hoy tengo que rentar o gastar mas dinero tirando mi hermoso y costoso dinero

1210.5.2005 16:57

english dumbass. LOL

1310.5.2005 22:05


1411.5.2005 7:32

Hey campead, what language are you speaking? Really would have like to read your comments.

1512.5.2005 14:05

He's speaking Spanish, and translated, he said - heche to lose my program to copy my pel today I must rent or spend but money throwing my beautiful and expensive money. If that makes much sense.. lol :S -Mike - Guides written by me. - Join us Live on IRC!

(Kudos to Ripper For The Beautiful Sig!)

167.6.2005 0:52

Sony Etc... can't get too upset, as it's people that are capable of cracking the codes etc... that will probably end up working for them some day, developing their next products and earning them a fortune.

1719.7.2005 9:31

Sony is doing the same like Microsoft(windows).. Sony is getting the absolute power in the world of making consoles!! They ask now 250$ for just 1 console when we'll be 1 year later it will cost meaby only 100$ anymore what does that mean? now, they make a profit of 150$ that is all for the big people of the Sony co.! It MUST stop! meaby about 5 years we'll have to pay 1000$ for the newest console! So i hope Microsoft wil compete with Sony(Xbox vs. PlayStation). Meaby then the prices of the consoles and games will fall... let's cross the fingers :D

1820.7.2005 4:57

Sony is not making $150 off the PSP evertime it sells a unit. The reason they are able to drop the price after being on the market after a while is they come up with ways to make the system using less money by doing things like finding ways to produce certain parts more efficiently with less cost. Then they are able to lower the prices for the consumers. They actualy are taking a loss on every PSP sold. PS2 did the same at first and so did Xbox. I dont think they will ever charge $1000 for a video system either unless the inflation has gone up high enough to allow job salaries to match that mark up on the video system. Just like the inflation from back in the day until present day. Bill Gates is the richest man living but because of inflation, J.D Rockerfeller(man who caused the making of the monopoly law) still holds ther title as the richest man to ever live even though he had less money back in the day than Bill gates does today. J.D. 's profits was valued at more back then than Gates has today.

1930.7.2005 14:05

what ever... you still have to be very rich if you want to get some games, movies,... almost evryone downloads illegal, imagen you pay for all ur 1000 songs you've downloaded! now if you won't be able to download illegal, only buy them what would you do? pay 1000$ to get ur songs? It's the same with the sony, xbox,... games but with the psp you can't download the games and put them on UMD's so you'll have to buy them, 10-20$ each game/movie isn't a realy low price and the money will go again to the big guys from the sony, xbox,... co. Now, the only thing i want to say is that the sony co. Xbox,... are ripping us, not the hackers that rip them(check baconbob's comment)! imagen you should pay for all those things! impossible to pay it! so guys, keep downloading!! ^^

2019.8.2005 13:05

I've read alot of stuff about what companies have said and what people have said about companies and cracker/hackers. Some people just believe that when somebody cracks a game.. they go and tell their friends.. and they go out and by the game. So thats.. 1 person who got it free.. and 2 people who paid for the program. Seriously.. i dont really kno how good PSP is.. and i dont even kno how fun it is.. because not all my friends have it and they friends that do have it.. dont even talk about it. Yes there places where they give out ISOs.. but probley nobody gets it becaue they cant even burn it anyways.. Its probley possible in someways.. but rare.

2123.8.2005 8:53

now, about the iso's i think there'll be some people who can built a hardware for burning umd's but indeed, very rare... now, i'm just going to wait until the ps3 is at a lower price, if you want something like a psp (but not that good) just buy yourself a nintendo game boy, much lesser price ^^

2225.8.2005 7:07

Whatever. The gameboy is not able to function as a portable NES, SNES, Genesis, uhhhhh oh yeah gameboy, gameboy sp and a nintendo ds emulator is already in the works. The PSP is able to play so many diff games for so many diff systems with all the emulators and homebrew. If i tried to list all of the systems the PSP can mimic by playing that systems games with emulators i would be here for a while. That is so many games you would never get bored of the same old game and that is not including the PSP titles that sony releases themeselves and the other uses that the PSP can be used for (MP3, movies, browse net, etc....). So how the hell can you be dumb enough to say the gameboy is like the PSP but just cheaper price. That is like comparing apples and oranges or are you too stupid or broke to know the difference.

2325.8.2005 16:50

"Why do people try to rip off the sony company after making a wonderful handheld that everybody likes?" Um... Remember a little thing called the Walkman (invented by Andreas Pavel and ripped off by Sony) ...had Sony acted morally they would most likely not even exist today. The problem with UMD is they are doing exactly what always gets them into trouble...tying people down to their technology which means two things. 1. There are fewer choices 2. it slows the progress of technology.

2426.8.2005 14:42

yes, lxhotboy, ur right, the psp is something totaly diffrent then the Gameboy are nintendo DS but it's way to much when you have to buy a psp and some games, movies(, music),... Anyway, i'm gonna buy myself a psp, some 512mb memory sticks and put games and movies on it! Cmon, it's crazy when you pay for each game/movie 25-50! I'm not going to spend all my pocket money for just 1 game evry month but if you want to do pay that many, i don't care! It's you're money, but i prefer to buy some other things for my pc, mobile,...

2527.8.2005 8:30

I agree with you totally so dont get me wrong. I just dont want to pay the money for a 512 or 1 gig stick right now. I am waiting on a 4 gig hard drive. I have seen it on a website. Some one just needs to put it on the market and then we can all enjoy the benefits. I mean.... uh those pirates can all enjoy the benefits. LOL

2627.8.2005 12:01

how you mean?? a 4 gig hard drive?? is sony going to make a psp with a hard drive? ow, i just watched some crack sites and you can already download the games but for the moment they are above 1 gig (more are less 1.4GB) but they are still working to make them fit on a 1GB memory card, meaby they'll once can make it fit on a 512Mb, what should be much cheaper! but, tell me more about the 4gig hard drive!! :D that would be awesome!!^^

2729.8.2005 17:43

On PSP updates a sight that always post reliable information about psp and new hacks, a guy figured out how to place a small hard drive to his psp. It showed it hooked up and playing and all of the psp iso games, music, emulator and other homebrew. Let me look and see if i can find the exact webpage and i will post it for you to check out. Some guys have even placed windows 95 on their PSPs.

2829.8.2005 17:54

Ok i found the link. Now i was mistaken it was not a 4 gig hard drive. It is a 4 gig memroy stick adapter.

2929.8.2005 17:56

It is a prototype but hey it works. Just have to wait b.c some company soon will be taking that idea and putting it on the store shelves for us to buy.

3024.9.2005 13:18

hey, i'v bought myself a psp! finaly ^^ They realy rock!! sweetest console i'v ever saw :D but, i was a bit unlucky, there was already a firmware 2.0 version installed on it so i can't play downloaded games for the moment :( i'll just wait a week are something until they've hacked that version and i can play my games :D ow yeah, about the 4GB memory stick thing, it's cool :D i hope it'll be cheap, my 1gig memorystick was 125 :s now guys... PSP Rules!! :p

3124.9.2005 13:58 has a story on how 2.00 is pretty much cracked we just now need some homebrews for 2.00, becuase the apps have to be separate.

3225.9.2005 22:24

Is UMD disc cracked yet?

3326.9.2005 8:09

lol ^^ it's cracked already 2-3 months!! check out the news servers are

3426.9.2005 8:20

whatever 0

3526.9.2005 8:20

whatever 0

3626.9.2005 8:20

whatever 0

3726.9.2005 8:27

man, you don't love sony?? (and the hackers) ow guys, i'v bought my psp for 250, pro duo memorycard = 125 and 1 game for 50 (so games are realy expensive) just to tell you the prices at shop, you can get them for less to if you want, there are memory cards for 80 and psp's for 180!

3826.9.2005 8:27

@ snotragg If you don't have anythiung worthwhile to say - Don't Say Anything! -Mike

3926.9.2005 13:05

2.00 is cracked, read the story at

4026.9.2005 14:04

I meant the PSP UMD games.

4126.9.2005 14:18

was that responce towards me or someone else rihgt?

4226.9.2005 15:06

"Sony is trying to get more deals with content providers to offer their content in UMD format for consumers to view on the PSP console. While some content providers may be less likely to sign a deal with Sony if they think UMD discs are unsafe" Okay, that's not true, it can't be. Seriously, DVD is completely cracked everytime a new encrytion comes along. And yet DVD keeps coming with every content imaginable. So why care about UMD, it won't make a difference.

4326.9.2005 21:22

hey, firware 2.0 isn't cracked yet, they tought they did. (the title on is "2.00 cracked?")


4427.9.2005 14:58

that was before it was tested, we tested it and it works, theres already a pong game for 2.00, we were the first to test it but all the big sites dont give us no credit.

4527.9.2005 22:19

ow, cool, din't know :) i guess they'll post it on, not? when you think i'll be able to play games on my psp 2.00??


4628.9.2005 9:58

Where can we get PSP games if it's crack? Do i have to get a memory card that's more then 1g to fit the game?

4728.9.2005 10:05

you can download the games (like downloading movies, apps,...). You'll also need a 1GB memory duo stick (are more). If you want to know how you can install the games on you're psp, just get a look at


4827.8.2006 11:55

hey, it has been a long time ;) Well, i still have my cracked PSP and i'm still happy that i've cracked him. I don't play it that much anymore but i was looking for a 2.0 emulator to play 2.0 firmwire games (etc.GTA) but haven't found it that far (i think they haven't made one yet, if anyone knows one, let me know!!). Ow yeah, i've also found a few cool FREE games for PSP etc. one of the classics: Transport Tycoon. Realy had alot of fun with it, quite crazy that they can put a PC game on the PSP (you need the same files to install it on ur PC). you can download the game on You need some files of the installation file for windows xp, if you can't find them, just ask me by mail, i'll send them to you ;) Well, i hope you guys like Transport Tycoon :p

4927.8.2006 12:41

@ Razorke The thing your looking for is Devhook, but the installation is not for the faint hearted. Do NOT goto and search "Devhook" because that would be illegal, lol.

5027.8.2006 13:19

oO illegal, sorry don't do that kind of stuff :p thx, i'll give it a try

5127.8.2006 14:57

downloading it from ts is better becasue its pre installed so theres no need to have 2 psp's, plus with devhook you can emulate up to version 2.71.

5227.8.2006 23:52

jep, i have it now and it works great, thx! now i'm going to try if GTA works on it AND LOCO ROCO!! i realy want that game :p

5315.2.2007 6:04

can uu plzzzz help me I have a psp and i have a bunch of psp games i downloaded fromt the net hwo do i upload them into my psp and i want to put windows into my psp hwo do i do that please help me I just wnat my psp 2 have all thsi in it its my dream =(

5415.4.2007 6:51

Originally posted by ruffryda:
can uu plzzzz help me I have a psp and i have a bunch of psp games i downloaded fromt the net hwo do i upload them into my psp and i want to put windows into my psp hwo do i do that please help me I just wnat my psp 2 have all thsi in it its my dream =(

5517.7.2010 11:27
Unverified new user

Originally posted by ilioupoli:
Originally posted by ruffryda:
can uu plzzzz help me I have a psp and i have a bunch of psp games i downloaded fromt the net hwo do i upload them into my psp and i want to put windows into my psp hwo do i do that please help me I just wnat my psp 2 have all thsi in it its my dream =(

simply put those games in memory stick-ISO folder

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