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CyberLink Demonstrates Blu-ray Disc Burning and Playback

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 May 2005 6:46 User comments (2)

CyberLink Demonstrates Blu-ray Disc Burning and Playback At the Blu-ray Disc Association's member seminar and information meeting in Tokyo, Japan, CyberLink Corp. demonstrated the burning and playback of video content on Blu-ray Rewritable (BD-RE) discs. Cyberlink is a world leader and pioneer in providing integrated solutions for the Digital Home, and a contributing member of the Blu-Ray Disc Association. The demonstrated the burning using CyberLink Power2Go, then played it back using PowerDVD with a Blu-ray drive featuring MediaTek's chipset technology.
"For years CyberLink has been the world's leading company in the field of digital video playback on the PC, and we are pleased to see their expansion into the field of Blu-ray Disc (BD) products," said Mr. Alex Chen, Director of Sales and Marketing Division, MediaTek Inc. "CyberLink's successful demonstration of BD video Authoring and playback via a MediaTek solution illustrates the extent to which both companies are taking the lead in delivering High-Definition video solutions."

"Blu-ray technology is emerging as a powerful medium for video storage and playback," said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. "CyberLink’s ongoing development of key technologies for video burning, playback, and navigation, ensures that our OEM customers are ready for this major shift in the market." Last month CyberLink demonstrated navigation of BD-RE video content at a seminar in the US, providing a glimpse of the image quality and creative potential for home-movie entertainment.


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2 user comments

116.5.2005 7:39

Re-Writable Blu-Ray discs. Sweet. I figured they were coming, but I haven't heard anything about them yet. "Creative potential for home-movie entertainment." Haha. I like that. Now if they could only get "creative" with the TV series release titles they've been coming out with. I swear they're not putting any budget money into those. (Getting off-topic...) I think it's absolutely pathetic when you start shipping a TV series in multi-slim cases in a cardboard box, and with no inside slip cover to show you individual chapters. No money, no effort, quick buck, and far from what I consider professional-grade. (Slightly back on topic:) This goes to show you that you can't say the movie industry has never been given options. Go Blu-Ray!

217.5.2005 5:23

Yeah, I'm getting kind of "itchy" for the BluRay discs to go mainstream myself, SG. You can bet, both the players and in particular the discs, are going to be damned pricey at first. And of course, be prepared to be heavily gouged by Hollywood as well. Still...... we won't make it to affordable discs and players until sometime after all the "early adoption" stuff is out of the way. Frankly, I won't be the first on my block to adopt the new system like I did with DVD (I paid $1500 for my first DVD player which had less capability than today's $100 players), and the $20 blank discs now cost .50c. ( !!! ) And of course, we're ALL going to have to run out and buy those new, expensive 16:9 TV sets now....... [sigh] I'll be pouring through these AfterDawn pages I can tell you just as soon as this stuff hits the retail shelves. << Blu-Ray "rippers" anyone? >> That's certainly going to take a while ! Perhaps we could all start taking up an advance collection for Jon Johannsen ? <sp>. And don't hesitate to pick up on your favourite TV shows on regular DVD *right now* if you can find them, SG. All of our most valued TV shows - the ones we have watched and loved for years and years, were never filmed/taped in Hi-Def anyway. You will not lose *anything* in terms of video quality by purchasing them on standard DVD. All that BluRay can do for us here, would be to allow us to put a whole lot MORE content (shows) on each disc, but the video quality would be the same. I'd go easy on new (standard) dvd *movie* purchases though. What do you want to bet that many (most?) of today's releases will be re-re-re-re-issued in the new Hi-Def format? Interesting times ahead !

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