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Toshiba brings LightScribe to laptops

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 30 May 2005 11:37 User comments (12)

In case you are not familiar with LightScribe, it is a labeling technology which allows you to print labels on special LightScribe media using your LightScribe enabled drive. No additional equipment required - just burn, lightscribe and you are done.
Now Toshiba's new slim line drive makes this feature mobile. In addition the drive comes with good traditional recording features.
Toshiba Storage Device Division announced enhancements to its optical lineup with four new products, including the SD-R6572M, a slimline optical drive equipped with the LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling technology that now includes DVD+R double-layer capability. The SD-R6572M builds on Toshiba's previously announced LightScribe drive by adding double layer media capabilities. Developed by HP, LightScribe technology enables computer users to easily burn silk-screen quality labels onto CD and DVD discs directly from the drive, eliminating added steps for creating labels or using pens to identify disc content.
The LightScribe is developed by Hewlett-Packard and they are putting a lot of effort to make it a standard solution for end user disc labeling. So far they have made progress on several fronts, and it looks like that their technology is catching on.

Source: EMediaLive

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12 user comments

130.5.2005 17:38

light scribe is peice of garbage mine dosent burn shit no dvds or anything its supposedly a dual layer dvd burner bu t htins peice of shit only burns cdrs!!!

230.5.2005 19:08

does it do color labels? if not, i'm not interested.

330.5.2005 22:53

"light scribe is peice of garbage mine dosent burn shit no dvds or anything its supposedly a dual layer dvd burner bu t htins peice of shit only burns cdrs!!" Thats very biased :-). Have you tried returning it under warranty? or is it stolen? --mynd

431.5.2005 8:01

got lightscribe but never tried it and prolly never will, the discs cost more and iv heard if you try and scribe anything more than text it can take forever, so its basically an overpriced and slow sharpie.

531.5.2005 8:12

My lightscribe works pretty good, yes the cdr,s run $20.00 for a spindle of 30 and a 10 pak of dvds, which are finally out for sale run $17.99 at best buy stores, and on the web,It has a military green color, which could look better, and it takes about 30 minutes to do a cd or dvd with text and pictures, but its something new to play with, for dvd movies I still buy the cheap dvd-r, but for things like dvd ghost image backups it makes for a neater looking disk.

631.5.2005 17:04

yeah man wut he said above, and no i havent tried warranty but itrying tech support as i write

72.6.2005 18:05

laptop burners are already slow enough, now add an over rated lightscribe. REAL SMART TOSHIBA.

82.6.2005 20:59

i use the lightscribe and i like it. its better then nothing. it takes abot 1/2 hour to burn in grey scale (kinda tan scale) you can burn any image you want it would be great if it had billions of colors but i guess thats next

924.6.2005 9:09

Man, nothing pleases you guys. How do you ever get anything new if everything that comes out sucks? I work as a DJ for formal events like weddings. I use lightscribe to present the client with a professional-looking CD containing the the important music and/or speeches from their event. It's time consuming now, but it's FIRST generation. They're also planning a color version for the future.

1012.8.2005 13:27

will this software work with any dvd burner, or do i have to buy a special lightscribe dvd burner?

1112.8.2005 15:13

well unless u hav a colour cartridge conected do ur drive...

1220.8.2005 14:49

why would i need a color cartidge connected to my dvd drive? lightscribe has no color, the lightscribe disc has a special coating on it. the software will in fact work on any dvd burner, but, the software is not available by itself.

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