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Sony demonstrating Sci-Fi technology

Written by Jari Ketola @ 09 Jun 2005 2:43 User comments (11)

Sony demonstrating Sci-Fi technology This is already a bit "old news", but I thought our readers would still be interested in a video showing some very cool technology from Sony. The video shows a modular user interface consisting of pieces that look almost like glass squares that are laid on a table and then interact with each other.
I was quite impressed by it myself. Reminded me of technology seen only in science fiction movies ten years ago.

The video can be seen at:

Update: The video shows DataTiles in action. The DataTiles were presented already in 2001.

The DataTiles system integrates the benefits of two major interaction paradigms: graphical and physical user interfaces. Tagged transparent tiles are used as modular construction units. These tiles are augmented by dynamic graphical information when they are placed on a sensor-enhanced flat panel display. They can be used independently or can be combined into more complex configurations, similar to the way language can express complex concepts through a sequence of simple words.

So this is definitely old news, but still interesting and cool to look at. =)

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11 user comments

19.6.2005 03:19

oh my....i want em some of that. Dan x

29.6.2005 05:36

I have no clue to what that thing is but it look's very interesting...kinda

39.6.2005 07:14

wow that is some cool stuff I have to get me one of those

49.6.2005 09:33

WOW! great potential that has.

59.6.2005 13:28

Well I checked this out. and i was amazed, but!!! i saw this like the other user said bout actually in the 80's watchin "Back 2 the future 2" but i really liked the shopin feature. but they still have a lot of glitches to fix by the looks of things. but i love how technology is goin Ace

69.6.2005 15:01


79.6.2005 15:06

:0 !!! how good is that! i want one..

89.6.2005 17:09

Sony does it again...just amazing.

910.6.2005 06:00

very nice

1015.6.2005 06:51

Don't see MS doing anything near as innovative as this and the cell. Why all the anti-sony? I don't know, I guess there's just alot of stupid people out there.

1115.6.2005 07:46

very true. sony is a phenominal company

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