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Problems with servers

Written by Jari Ketola @ 21 Jun 2005 7:54 User comments (4)

Problems with servers We have had severe problems with some of the servers during the last couple of days and as a result they need to be taken offline for re-installation. We are trying to minimize the inconvenience caused by the downtime by re-allocating services.
In addition to slower response times on the forums and main site, software and MP3 ( downloads may be unavailable for a period of time.

We will keep you updated.

Thank you for your patience and sorry about the inconvenience caused.

Jari Ketola

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4 user comments

121.6.2005 11:14

what happened to the new servers, hardware failure? software failure?

221.6.2005 11:19

Acronis Server True Image 8 RULES. Make an Image....bud! - It will image Raid 5 & normal backups...u would not need to re-install. Just a thought.... good luck. I know the feeling....all too well. Your site RULES. Keep up the good work. As u know, its not IF you go WHEN ?

321.6.2005 12:38

Software failure. So to speak. Actually re-installing the servers isn't that huge a task. Everything is pretty much scripted and replicated. Of course it takes manual labour, but it's just a matter of hours getting a server online and serving from (virtually) scratch. We don't maintain the servers ourselves, so using a third party image software isn't really practical, or even possible. Please report to this (comment) thread if you experience problems using any of our sites (, etc.).'s song downloads are expected to go down for a while tomorrow. Due to the huge amount of data on the service it will take a while to bring it back online.

422.6.2005 16:35

Great site!! Sorry to hear about the Servers going down. Sure hope u have a HP for a computer, cuz they suck big time...Good Luck and Keep up the good work. Do u take donations????

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