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Verbatim 4x DVD-R Dual Layer reviewed by CDR-Zone

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 27 Jun 2005 12:11 User comments (5)

Verbatim 4x DVD-R Dual Layer reviewed by CDR-Zone The CDR-Zone has published an interesting media review of the Verbatim 4x DVD-R DL disc. Based on this review it seems that Mitsubishi and Verbatim have been able to maintain their excellent quality. Here is a quote from the conclusions of the review:
The reported Pi Error and PI Failure results in our Quality tests section showed very low error levels with generally very good beta/Jitter/TA and peak shifts results at a 4x recording speed. The exception to this was the Liteon 1693S with firmware KS04 which seemed to have very even beta although this disc was perfectly playable in our DVD standalone players capable of reading this media.
Most of our review recording devices saw the Verbatim 4x DVD-R Dual Layer media as having a maximum recording speed of 6x and we hope to bring you some overspeeding results via our Media forum as we manage to source some more pieces. Judging by the very good Quality tests results we are happy to predict that 6x recording should not be an issue for this media on any of the drives supporting 6x recording.Read the review at CDR-Zone.COM

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5 user comments

127.6.2005 14:54

This dosent surpise me as to Verbatim has always been know to produce high quality media, the prices are still a little high for me to start using them yet, but I will continue to use their other media

227.6.2005 19:33

sweeet! go verbatim! :)

328.6.2005 22:34

While this is very good, I do hope it reads from the inside to the out on the second layer. Meaning hopefully us PS2 owners can backup GT4 and Xenosaga without the extra hassle lol.

43.7.2005 22:19

I have been using Verbatim Media for quite a while now and have, not once, experienced any problems withDVD+ or -R's. Though the dual layers are tempting they are toooo expensive to use. Looking forward to the day when they're not such a rip off! Regards, Hendrik

54.7.2005 12:08

Have found verbatim 2.5x dual layer discs to be excellent ( and they burn at 4x ). They will not play on some new dvd players though. Looking forward to trying the new 4x discs.

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