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EU Parliament moves closer to patent law rejection

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 05 Jul 2005 15:50 User comments (4)

EU Parliament moves closer to patent law rejection The EU Parliament moved towards rejecting a proposed law that would make a single way of patenting software throughout the European Union. The move effectively would kill the legislation since lawmakers have no plans to set forth another version. The vote is set for Wednesday on the so-called patent directive that would give software companies EU-wide software patent protection for computerized inventions.
"It seems the momentum is growing for the rejection of the proposal," said Federico de Girolamo, spokesman for the parliament's legislative committee. Some major companies located in the European Union including Nokia are fighting hard for the adoption of the bill citing a need to invest in research and development whereas open source activists are fighting hard against the bill saying it will hurt innovation.

"We'd miss a golden opportunity if the bill got rejected," said Marc MacGann, director general of EICTA, a group representing 10,000 companies including Nokia and Alcatel SA. "Currently there are 25 ways of interpreting patent. This law would bring harmonization and simplify things." Protestors gathered outside parliament on Tuesday wearing yellow vests with a "No to software patents" logo and holding banners saying "Software patents kill innovation" and "U.S. patents go out,".


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4 user comments

15.7.2005 18:40

I know they wanna reject a law they are trying to pass but!!! what is this all bout i did not understand the article??? can some one shed some light on wats doin??

25.7.2005 23:28

It depends upon which way you look at it really. Basically, the EU want to pass a law that would allow software to be patented across the EU, with just one single patent. Some people believe that this will stifle the growth of Open Source software, whilst others feel that the bill is needed to protect the copyrights of proprietary software.

36.7.2005 5:32

More info at Personaly I agree with the rejection of s/w patents

46.7.2005 5:34

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