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Firefox browser updated to v1.0.5

Written by James Delahunty @ 13 Jul 2005 8:35 User comments (21)

Firefox browser updated to v1.0.5 Following the discovery lately of several security vulnerabilities, Mozilla's next generation open source web browser, Firefox, has been updated to v1.0.5 and all Firefox users are being urged to update now. Along with the security fixes, the update also promises better stability. According to Mozilla, nine security bugs in total were targeted in this update. Secunia, a security notification service has rated the update as "highly critical".
Firefox has been the receiver of a lot of praise since it was released. It quickly became a challenger to the dominance of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, even managing to take a big portion of IE's users. It has been recommended by experts as a replacement for IE as it falls victim to much less spyware problems and is just as easy to use. Firefox's features include a popup blocker, tabbed browsing, a smarter search, better security and privacy options, hassle-free download manager and much, much more.

The Mozilla Foundation has also promised it will release a related set of patches for its email client, Thunderbird.

You can download Firefox v1.0.5 from:

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21 user comments

113.7.2005 09:43

finally, FireFox kicks IE ass. no doubt

213.7.2005 13:47

...and Opera kicks Firefox's ass, no doubt

313.7.2005 13:59

awesome and free, or awesome and not free? i'll take awesome and free, thank you.

413.7.2005 17:46

I agree i have used Opera its ok but not as good as FireFox, hopefully they add the bittorrent thing to FireFox :)

513.7.2005 17:51

if they do add a bit torrent that would be the bomb, but that would probably add up to legal issues so thats probably not gonna happen.

613.7.2005 18:19

I was automatically updated, and lost all my bookmarks! Google this problem and you will find that it is not uncommon. I like FF, but IE never lost ALL my bookmarks.

713.7.2005 18:24

solargame, yeah, it probably won't officially happen, but remember that FF is opensource, so many people make their own developments. i wouldn't be surprised if someone released some kind of hack to allow FireFox to play with torrents. bassrider, stuff like that is one reason many people around here stress backing up your stuff. before you do updates of any kind, you really need to back up whatever's being updated, if not your whole system.

813.7.2005 18:26

Yeah. When you add new bookmarks go to Bookmarks>Manage Bookmarks>File>Export. :)

913.7.2005 18:27

Im not 100% sure it was caused by an update, but i opened FF and was greated with a user option, (default or create new user). All bookmarks vanished. I know you should backup, and system restore may bring them back, but a clean out isnt the worst thing. Still i thought FF was solid. Guess its not as solid as i thought.

1013.7.2005 18:27

I do agree that that Opera is faster based on the way it loads compared to FireFox. Overall I feel FireFox much better because it's uh, free! I just didn't like the idea of those crappy little adds at the top of free Opera version. IE is the like the old dog. why wont someone just shoot that damn thing.!!

1113.7.2005 18:29

i like operah better than FireFox, but when i DL stuffs with opera it sucks.

stop hoping, start loving.

1213.7.2005 19:26

OPERA IS FREE It also kicks-ass. Much faster load times than Firefox. Officially "The Fastest Browser On Earth". Officially the most secure browser to date. Unlike Firefox, Opera doesn't cheat to get better rankings as having more market share. Firefox loads pages the user didn't want, but the site counts it as a visitor using FireFox. [/rant]

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1314.7.2005 03:35

Thank you! I will update my FireFox immediately. The last update was painless, and installed slick-as-a-whistle. I'm very happy FireFox is being kept up to date. Screw I.E.

1414.7.2005 06:23

when i go on FF, i get NO POPUPS, but when i switch to IE for a minute, and get BOMBARDED with POPUPS.

1514.7.2005 15:59

I don't understand why everyone is going against IE. IE and FF are practically the same, the FF dev. probally just ripped off IEs stuff and put different templating around it, and features, duh. First asnwer me this, Why FF? Is it non-conformity and dissent? There has been ~28 holes discovered in FF since Jan. 1st. That isn't any better than IE. A recent one used Java to go through FF and into your un-updated un-fixed and un-used IE, to go frickin nuts all over the poor user who was ever so smug with FF. (Most just got kicked in hind end with pop-ups, but other who really didn't update IE for a long long time got screwed :0 ) I'm sorry but alternative browsers have problems too, lots and lots of them (Mozilla 27 holes, the list goes on...). So what is it then?

1614.7.2005 16:04

I forgot, the pop-ups thing. I have no problems at all with pop-ups. It's a matter of overall system security. I have had this computer I'm typing on since 2003. I had one crash in 2003, completely fatal. Since then (2004, 2005...), I have done a scrutinizing job with system and networking security. My computer hasn't even frozen up (I do have to force quit some programs through the WTM once in a rare while) or hour-glassed excessively (10 seconds is excessive for me) for two years :) or an unwanted pop-up in months :0

1714.7.2005 16:13

FF and IE the Same..? HAH! FireFox sure has it's loopholes just as anything else but the fact the it has open source code by far kicks IE in the balls. I mean who better to stop a hack than the combined forces of the internet...? And as far as updating IE if your computer is set to receive auto updates all the criticals for IE should install anyway even if you have uninstalled it, from my experience anyway...FireFox Rox!!!!

1814.7.2005 16:52

I use FF too, because it seems faster. But, let's not get all fanboy over it.

1915.7.2005 12:27

Updater beware! FireFox v1.0.5 will crash if you are using the RoboForm extension. An update to the RoboForm extension is NOT available yet.

2017.7.2005 05:39

It is now: roboform-FireFox-1.0.5.xpi supports FireFox 1.0.5 FireFox-1.0.5.xpi" class="korostus" target="_blank">

2122.7.2005 19:00

Just to elet you all know, FireFox 1.0.6 is now out, and the extensions problems are apparently fixed.

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