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Hot Coffee leaves San Andreas with AO rating

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 22 Jul 2005 8:11 User comments (58)

Hot Coffee leaves San Andreas with AO rating As I'm sure most of you already know, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been rerated to AO (for Adult Only). Previously the game had been rated M, which means Mature (suitable for persons 17 and older). Now it is rated AO for "Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, [and] Use of Drugs." This is all a result of the "hot coffee" mod that unlocked sex minigames which could be played after girlfriend missions.
The decision for the rerating of the title is the result of an investigation by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB). The biggest difference now is that many huge retailers refuse to sell AO rated videogames. Target and Best Buy already issued press releases saying they are removing the game from the shelves. Take-Two interactive issued a statement about the AO rating.

"Rockstar Games has ceased manufacturing of the current version of the title and will begin working on a version of the game with enhanced security to prevent the 'hot coffee' modifications," the statement reads. "This version will retain the original ESRB M-rating and is expected to be available during the Company's fourth fiscal quarter." The company will also release patches for the existing copies of the game that will lock the sex minigames and prevent the patch from making them playable.


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58 user comments

122.7.2005 8:26

What a load of bs. Any other game this big would draw hackers to mess with the game too. Any game can have the character's clothes removed, if anyone cared to do it. Who ever started the "hot coffee" mod is going to get a 10mm lead present if they ever run into me.

222.7.2005 8:37

I remember in Tomb Raider 1 (i think) you could enter a cheat that removed Lara's clothes and that never got re rated still a 15 to this day. At lest R* only get hit with this could have been a lot worse

322.7.2005 9:19

At stores all over Canada they are taking GTA: San Andreas of the shelves...Saw on the news last night...

422.7.2005 9:41

Beheading are ok, squirting blood all over the screen is ok, beating women is ok, gunning down hundreds of people, running over them with a car and having crunch noises is great...but please, don't show a boob, even if it is a cartoon boob! You'll get the bad rating for that one! This country has some messed up priorities!

522.7.2005 9:52

well now it was the game companys own fault for releassing the game with the mini game in it to the public... and really I can say its not hot coffees fault its rock stars.... but modes have lenghtned the game play for all sorts of games Medal of Honour to name one.. so modes arnt the problem its the intent of the mini game in the first place.. so if your mom, wife, girl freind came into the room would you show her the mini game ? nope we all know its wrong but someone at rockstar just gave hillery clinton a soap box to stand on right next to tipper gore and the ESRB thanks for nothing... I for one will boycot any and all rockstar games due to them stirring up the sex police and the software patrol who are now making choices for me and what I should play ...its bad enough that I have to go to the back of the video rental store to find movies(just kidding) eyes wide shut was in the front.. but now they will make me feel like I have to order my software off line........again thanks alot Rockstar for making it hard to play a game that might have been fun.......

622.7.2005 10:02

Can this minigame be unlocked on the PS2 version of the game or was it only put the PC version or did someone make a mod for the PC version. I'm just curios. I haven't played San Andreas in ages so i'm behind on whats been happening.

722.7.2005 10:06

Reasons? i think you dont understand it right. Rockstar made the sex mini game, however at the last minute, took it out because it would go over the rating, however they didnt delete it, they just made it so you cant acess it, however the mod unlocks so you can play the orginal sex mini game. p4_tt, last i heard that cheat was just a big rumor, unless it was on the pc, which could of been a mod. I think they could of done this alot better by making it a "M-Ao" rating, in which it is only Ao if you get the mod. Because once it gets rated Ao , you still wont be able to play the sex game until you download the mod.

822.7.2005 10:26

and lets really talk about whats what... the mini... last time so much emfacess was placed on a mini it was in the Italian Job...really having sex or the repersentation of it on a video game that is being sold to children is sick someone at Rockstar should be fired.. they'll have a black eye to the world till they do . that being said what kind of freak hunts down the code string in a game to find some thing like a bit of hiden code thats locked just to see and share with everyone... he's got issues as well , so who's to blame ? Rockstar for even making it and for leaving it.... sad but true...

922.7.2005 10:33

It's a shame that our lawmakers want to focus on ways to restrict our freedom, again. If they really paid any attention to what is going on around them they would realize that 2 out of 3 of todays video game players are over the age of 18. If "We the people..." really had any say in the governing of ourselves, then you would see far less of the legeslation that is being passed today to effectively remove what few real freedoms we do have left. I wish the lawmakers would put at least half as much energy into say, finding ways to prevent terrorism. Obviously this is just another "can't lose" political proposition in the eyes of our lawmakers. These are the people who are making the concept of freedom virtually extinct. What a shame for the other 99 percent of US.

1022.7.2005 10:40

your right freshguy and its a sad day when congress ordered the patrict act for another 10 years .. 10 years that right this country will suck untill its repealled on grounds of oppression or infringing on the rights of its citizens and we all know as long as idots like Bush gets in the drivers seat we are all done.. so heres my deepes appology to the world for what my country is about to do.... our political system didnt need another reason but hey beware countrys where they manufacture video games might be the next terrorestic nations we attack with out proveracation....

1122.7.2005 10:56

I think all the publicity over this is way over the top. There are other games out there with topless sex scenes where the game only gets an M rating. Eventually the public will realize that games are just as popular (or even more so) than movies. Game developers should be able to have the same freedom of expression as does anyone making a film.

1222.7.2005 10:57

mystic, I don't think you understand buisiness / basic understanding of video games. #1 - The mini game was just a mini game that ADULTS thought up and made it. Reason, they thought it up because would appeal to ADULTS. At no point has this game ever been advertised as a childs game. It has never been marketed to children either. It was always their intention to sell it to ADULTS. #2 - Any PARENT that buys this game for their CHILD should be the one who is punished. It is their duty to protect their child from whatever they choose. If they choose to buy a game for their 13 year old when its a MA rating, then thats their decision. #3 - The mini was LOCKED away due to what ever reasons. At FACE value (non-hacked), the game is still a MA game. I believe that their instruction manual etc etc would contain a Conditions of Use statement saying no one may change or modifiy ANY of their code. ANY means ANY! IE, It's like trying to sue Ford because a person MODDED a 2005 Mustang to go 200+ MPH when the governor on it prevents it from going over 130mph (or whatever is currently is) Did Ford make a fast car? Yea. Did they allow it be purchased while it was not street legal? No. #4 - You better believe that RS is hunting down the author of the mod and will slap a suite (or worse) on them bigger than the pyle of crap we have in washington. #5 - Who's to blame you say? PARENTS and the Hot Coffee modder. People need to take responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming others.

1322.7.2005 10:57

All I have to say now is that Rockstar* was not very smart...

1422.7.2005 11:00

@Liez4Love am pretty sure i saw someone do it way back coz i remember the graphics being rubbish.

1522.7.2005 11:08

So basicly this game is getting an even worse rating than and NC-17 Movie.. You would think the whole game was full of Porn for an Adults Only Rating... Granted I'll never play it (not my type of game anyways) and I sure won't let my kids see it but that's not the point if the game was already rated for 17 + then what's the big deal... I mean 17 you're what 1 year off from being 18 and considered an adult anyways.. What's Leisure Suit Larry Rated? :) (haven't played the new ver of that either but the old school ver was bad enough in some spots)

1622.7.2005 11:12

sorry, nicknjess ,first a blow job is diffrent then a toppless image.. so incuoraging someone to get a cartoon (game)player off is just sick... second we all being adults might buy a game for our children (mines 15)who bug the crap out of us because their friend has djgizmo I know about the industry im working on two games right now and adding something like this to a game only is asking to get caught with your pants down, so Rockstar got caught . I was very suprised that they even admitted it to the world that they get off having a mini porn game out under everyones nose and they(the consumers) didnt even know it ,they had to have a laugh or two about it when the game first came out or why even build it. i will say Rockstar did admit its their fault and that it should and could have been removed without effecting the game. and abot the moder hes a putts for sharing we didnt need to know it was there and hes some kind of perv for getting others to download it so they could join in where I come from we call that a circle jerk..... so now the ESRB will be on every game to show all coding and any content and yes modes will change things but they also let us play a game more with better graphic and content then some of the origonal game just look at connter strike to name one......stallengade for medal of honour as another...

1722.7.2005 11:52

All this RANTING IS GREAT!! 1. Why does Rockstar make this game with such PISS POOR graphics? Becaues the illict content sells the game!! I hate GTA the graphics SUCK!! Targeting SUCKS!! They must spell it as CRAPHICS!! The BIG thing that Clinton is missing is that it is a M rated game. ANY PARENT THAT BUYS THIS FOR A KID IS A FRAKING FOOL!!!!!! Anyways, there is a rating and I think stores should check I.D.s before selling a game. I would love more illict content in games. Sell games to the proper age range. No different than checking for R rated movies or Beer. I would play them NOT my kid. I am 33 years old and have been gaming for years. My kid is 13 and I preview all games and movies before he gets them. If it is too much NO GO!! But the problem is LAZY or uninformed parents!!

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1822.7.2005 12:10

That's just crazy. Not that they changed the rating to AO(it should have been that in the first place), but the reasoning for it. The politicians use our children as their reasoning, saying that the game sends a bad message to children. But my question is, what kind of message does it send when this games rating is changed not due to the fact that you can sneak up behind people and stab them in the neck with a knife, or kill a hooker stomp her to death, then peel out on her body, but due to the fact that there's some hidden game where you can have sex with someone in the code? Am I missing something? Is someone having sex somehow worse then mass murder? Because that's the message i'm getting here.

1922.7.2005 12:27

Mature (suitable for persons 17 and older) Rarted R (suitable for persons 17 or older unless with an adult) yeah hot coffee is no worse than a rated r movie... AO is equivalent to NC17 so...this is bs and..btw...Hot Coffee can be accessed through the ps2 version. You can read about that here

2022.7.2005 12:56

The problem resides solidly with the parents, not the game makers. Parents these days have no idea what they get for their kids and most don't care unless it shows nudity. They just want something they can buy or rent, pop into whatever system their kid has, and let it babysit for them so they can have five minutes of peace and quiet. I work in a well-known (but undisclosed) video rental store and see this kind of thing every day. Parents come in with their kids, pick up a few things, let the kids get whatever they want, and come to me. The last time this happened was with a ten-to-eleven year old kid and his mom. I looked at the game title (GTA:SA, coincidentally) and having watched my brother play through parts of it knew that it wasn't something suited for kids, so I politely asked her who the game was for and she happily informed me it was for the child so she and her husband could watch random-crappy-movie without interruption. I then, also politely, informed her of the game's rating and asked her if she was aware of its content (which I rattled off a short list of off the top of my head). She informed me that she did not care, paid for her rentals, promptly handed the kid the game when he started whining about it, and then left. Like I said, I see this every day. People don't look at or care about ratings, content, or anything else half the time--they seem to expect the game makers to build all games kid-friendly or something. There's a rating on it FOR A REASON PEOPLE. *ahem* Part two of what has turned into a page-long rant... Game developers and film studios don't make AO games and NC-17 movies often for two reasons: Wal-Mart won't carry either, and theatres won't show NC-17 movies, regardless of the fact that if they did, it WOULD make money. How do you think the porn industry has survived since like the dawn of mankind? Americans with their force-fed-from-birth Wholesome Moral Values(TM) have this unnatural aversion to watching/showing anything with nudity or depicting the act of sex. We, as a society, are taught that nudity is taboo, sex is bad, and we should be ashamed of our bodies. This in turn leads to repression of physical wants and desires, which eventually need an outlet--be it "dirty movies/magazines," violent games, or more destructive things.. Sex and violence sell movies, games, tv, and literature. When was the last time you watched a movie or show that didn't have some sort of sexual content, be it subtle references or overt displays of sexuality? Despite what some of you may want to belive, it's not just out there, it's everywhere. It has pervaded our culture because we've repressed it to the point that it has nowhere left to go but out. Think of it this way... two children, one raised in the typical manner of sexual repression and one raised aware of sexuality. Now if you could, sit both of these children at age 16 or so in front of a tv and show a recording of the last superbowl (you know the one). Their reactions might go something like this: Teen1: "OMFG MAN DID YOU SEE THAT?!? HER BOOB POPPED OUT! HOLY POOP" Teen2: "...And your point is? It was just a breast, get over it." And that sums it up I think. In closing: sex brought you into the world, you see nudity every time you bathe, and some of you are unfortunate enough to see and hear violence, racial slurrs, and drug use on a regular basis in your own homes. Why is it such a big deal when you see more on tv, in the theatre, or in a game? Closing your eyes, covering your ears, and loudly yelling that it doesn't exist will not make it go away, will not make you un-naked in the shower, and will not keep you from experienceing something "taboo" at least once in your life. ...Unless of course you're a Tibetan monk.. and an eunuch.

2122.7.2005 13:16

@Billyfett "My kid is 13 and I preview all games and movies before he gets them. If it is too much NO GO!!" Thats a bit extreme, I can see if you kid was 11 or so but 13--come on, they should have some freedom by now.

2222.7.2005 13:31

Some may think this goes back to the government trying to watch out for its citizens and protect them because we are incapable or unwilling to take care of ourselves(i.e. parents buying mature and adult games for children). However, it really about power. As long as the government uses their power for what most believe to be good and right already, they can create a sense of security and begin to tell us what is right. A totalitarian society won't work unless the people believe there government is in the right. This begins with controlling the media. Now, though it is indeed a stretch to call San Andreas influential media, the government still wants the power to controll it. Its not about sex or violence: the government doesn't really care about those things, but if it pretends to care and looks like it is busy controlling evil and protecting us (i.e. "War" on Terror), we will feel better and slowly give away FREEDOMS as opposed to the generic "freedom" Bush and his goons speak of (sorry if I sound partisan but the democrats are much more subtle when taking away liberties). While freedom can be defined by the government and is an abstract concept freedoms are actual standards we can look to and judge how our government and society with. That is why the government talks of freedom, not freedoms. It is quite ironic that these opinions of mine come mostly from the literature I have read in school, paid for by taxes controlled by the goverment (but don't worry, book censorship is exponentially on the rise). Take, for example, a sequence in Whites THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING in which the boy King Arthur learns of the corruptability of power: "There is nothing except the which you pretend to seek: power to grind and power to digest, power to seek and power to find, power to await and power to claim...Love is a trick played on us by the forces of evolution. Pleasure is a bait laid down by the same...In the end only Might is Right." Or in 1984 when Winston is told that the Party isn't even trying to help the people with its superior intellect, but that power is the only reason they want to rule. But, in a way, you can't totally fault the government for their desires. All humans, whether by nature or evolution desire some form of power. For that matter, almost every form of animal life does. Even if it is as simple as your dog obeying you when you command it, and then your dog showing its power over other dogs by pissing on their piss. Even if power is born out of good intentions for all (i.e. Lenin) the power corrupts and the leaders realize they can get away with a little more...a little more...a little more until they have absolute power and we Proletariat know no different. So I suppose those in power will continue to want more of it and we as a global society are doomed to repeated revolution until we all die of nuclear holocauste or the sun explodes. What a lovely thought. But in the mean while, fight the power and always try to keep the government in check, but most importantly, keep your own mind in check.

2322.7.2005 13:41

first off if your old enough to buy the game then your old enought to play it thats why they have these esrb ratings if the stores are selling them to kids younger than that thats there problem

2422.7.2005 13:59

@Jasper44 By all I meant all R or M rated stuff. If that is extreme so be it. I am a teacher and not in the stuffy fuddy duddy sense. I own my own studio where I do private instruction in guitar and I teach at a school. I like most of the stuff kids are into ie music and games ect.. My students look at me as more of a peer than an authority figure to hide their true selves from. I've got alot students who are overexposed. No monitoring the internet, no restrictions on movies or games. Some of them understand that it is entertainment. While others show signs of disturbing behavior. I just take my role as a parent and role model to herat and lookout.

2522.7.2005 14:02

@ hijaf "first off if your old enough to buy the game then your old enought to play" That's silly. A ten year old can mow lawns and get the money gor GTA. Is that OK. If it is for you, than good luck raising kids.

2622.7.2005 14:51

@ Billyfett I think you misunderstood him. He said "If you're old enough to buy the game then you're old enough to play it", right? Do you REALLY think that stores will sell GTA:SA to a 10 year old? Use common sense. He means that if you're old enough to buy it (meaning over the age of 17 and can prove it) then you are old enough to play it.

2722.7.2005 15:02

I have yet to understand why everyone makes it such a big deal that kids play mature rated games. Im not talking about like 8 year olds but more like 11 and up or so. When GTA 3 came out I was 12 or 13 or something and I was playing the game and I never thought I could go out and shoot somebody for the hell of it. Kids aren't that stupid and the ones that are that stupid should be locked up somewhere with just Barney to watch or some crap because no one in there right mind even as young as 10 should think that what they see in games and movies is alright to do in real life. My parents took me to "R" rated movies that had too much "violence"--OH NO--when I was like 10 or so and I turned out fine. I never stole a car cuz I saw it in a movie or a game. People are just too damn worried about nothing--like seeing a cartoon boob--whats that going to do to me????-Umm, nothing. People are just way too worried about NOTHING.

2822.7.2005 15:04

A lot of interesting comments here. Well.. firstly, I'm only 15 years old. I got the game when I was 14 and I've been playing the GTA series for years. I have heard a lot of people critisizing it, and saying that it should not be given to children. I agree with this to an extent.. sure some stuff is pretty violent and stuff, but it's nothing worse than what they hear in the playground, or discuss with their friends. I personally feel it all comes down to the parents. If you TRULY believe that your child is responsible and mature enough, to play this game, then so be it. It takes a responsible person to play this game, I mean.. msot of my friends own this game, and they don't exactly go out killing people etc. I think my parents know SOME of the stuff that goes on in the game, but I think they only know of the violence, thats it. As for the Hot Coffee games.. I don't exaclty approve of them, but I am puzzled by one thing. It is legal to to have sex when you are 16. Yet when a movie/game is released containing sexual scene's.. you are required to be 18 to view them. My 2 cents. -Mike

2922.7.2005 17:11

heh your right...

3022.7.2005 18:00

U can see better porn on tv at 8pm then the nasty graphics hot coffee.

3122.7.2005 18:02

Is the hot coffee mod available on xbox?

3222.7.2005 18:16

It's all just bull to take your eyes off of what's REALLY going on.. <BS> The creators/discovers/hackers who found the 'hot coffee' mini didn't really HAVE to modify code to do it; in the PS2 version you can use a few cheats and unlock the HC mini. And modifing code that one 'owns' is a different story. If you pay for something it's yours, you made a sale/agreement/contract for a phyical item (arranged electrons or what have you) and you can do what ever you want with that code as long as it doesn't infringe on anyone elses' rights. They didn't sell it, heck they didn't even create a overlay mod and sell it as a new game. (GTA: ROTS...) </END BS> Hillary wants your vote, but she has to stay in the spotlight and how will she do that? By being a right-winged communist. If Hillary can get enough people to think of her and talk about her and help remind people of 'The Complete Hillary Package Meal Deal Biggie-Sized 99 cent Value' then she can get re-elected to whatever office she wants or elected to a new office like Vice Pres. (in theroy at least). It's nothing more than advertisement. Don't forget, this is the same woman who's husband whored the American public and forced parents to explain what 'fellatio' was to thier children who happend be exposed to THE 5:00 NEWS (AO). Oh, yeah, and don't forget the cigar and the adultery of course... Polygons having sex and the President banging someone other then his wife with a cigar in the Oval freaking office- God bless America. So, where's Bill now? Tucked quietly away while Hillary rules with her iron, commie pinko fist. ____________________________________________________ "Some day a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets." -Taxi Driver

3322.7.2005 18:25

tell me how to do this "hot coffee mod" PM me with it if ur not allowed to say :-D !!thecraigc!!

3422.7.2005 18:40

This is starting to be funny!! I post a bunch of parent adult blah blah. Then some very thought full retorts. Then "Please tell me hoe to watch very poorly produced polygons do it with their clothes on!!" Mik3h You make a very good point, about some teens being able to handle the mature content. I am guilty of palying and watching mature stuff as a kid. Some can handle it and some can't. I have not done the cheat but have seen pics and they are extremly POOR!

3522.7.2005 18:44

Well, my 2 cents. And isn't that what out little forums are for? But anyway... Rated M - Not "recommended" for anyone under 17. AO - Basically anyone over 18 right. So everyone one with an "agenda" needs to take a deep breath, step back, look at the world we live in and just shut up. Let's think about some real issues that aren't so easy to point a finger at or get up on a soap box about. To all parents out there. Take an active roll in your kids lives. You can't blame retailers or video game makers if something falls into you kids hands that was never meant to. An to expound, if you have a child or young adult they perpetrate some horrible or stupid act and you think it is because of a video game then you are an idiot and you raised and idiot! Personaly, I think GTA sucks. It's just a crappy game for some many reasons. Rockstar created a market for something that really wans't there. And regardless of there end result of that, good for them. I think reality TV is a bigger social ill than video games could ever be. But we live in a country where the populace sees a flash of Janet Jackson's nipple and never one loser their bloody minds. But it's perfectly OK to auction off marriage on reality TV, it is completely OK to gut and mutilate women with plastic surgery and then watch them suffer for "entertainment." No matter what the outcome of any game I have played. It was never a real persons pain, humiliation, shame or embarrassment. But hey that is my 2 cents....

3622.7.2005 22:49

the people in our country should keep their eyes open and remember what the Congress and the Senate soul when the next election comes up they should get out there and vote I have lost a brother in the war that we are fighting now so to all the other people they had brothers like I have lost maybe everybody should keep their eyes open and ears and remember what is happening now because it seems like every time won election comes around everybody forgets about the past thank God George W. cannot get back into office again the way this is keeping up with the war somebody should look into how many casualties and we actually lost and people got hurt then match it with Vietnam so people think about what we do before we do it and we should think about what we say to people before we speak it so goodbye for now

3722.7.2005 22:51

Whats the difference between the hot coffee mod and the nude patch for DOA alive extreme beach volleyball? I mean both were created by a 3rd party who illeagaly modified the software. SO does that mena DOA extreme beach volleyball should be AO to? I think not because niether of the to games companies intended there games to be used that way even if it was originaly in the source code it was still locked and not intended for anyone to see. I dont think they should make rockstar change the rating I think they should just enforce more strict ID polocies when underage people are buying games. Thats my opinion and Im 15 years old.

3823.7.2005 3:26

My 5 year old plays it, he doesnt know nor do I how to do the "cheat", he knows it is just a game and he knows just like movies itis not real. As for a the talking heck his mother says more than that to me. He see's more killing on the news than in the game!! He just like's the driving around and the police chasing him. Anyone parent wanting to get rid of the game seen it to me.

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3923.7.2005 3:48

Read The Forum Rules Before Posting. Now everyone has access to your email.. -Mike

4023.7.2005 3:51

billyfet, Jasper, I agree there are many lazy parents. but there are some of us parents who are not lazy. ratings systems are far from perfect, but I dont think it is a scandal that gta sa has been changed to ao

4123.7.2005 3:56

LOL @ this thread.

4223.7.2005 4:33

My email is public as it is a business so I dont hide it!

4323.7.2005 5:04

@hyper11 keep digging then mate, the hole is getting bigger if its a business then your advertising on Afterdawn which costs money, so i think you should remove it before a mod removes you :) and if you want the whole universe of spammers to have your email leave it there, the usual penis enlargement emails will be on there way to you very soon

4423.7.2005 5:40

Rockstar got what they deserved. I lvove GTA so am in full support of them makign the games. But to undermime the ratings system takes a damn stupid decision or two. What did they think would happne? Its not a question of whihc age group can handle the content, or what amoutn of computer knowledge one needs to access teh mod, but a question of: Theres a body out there who tries to let everyone know what they are buying by giving it a rating based on teh games content, which is told to them by the game producer. This body has become a standard for doing this, and poeple appreciate ratings. Rockstar ignored this standard and thought themselves above the ratings system on this one. They're rediculously stupid, and i'm glad they've been made an example of. IN this case, Rockstar are theones who spoilt it for everyone. (especially denying the accusation in the first place!) Dan x

4523.7.2005 8:29

Good point jpp01uk, I dont need a penis enlarger so I took your advice. thanks again

beginner, but fast learner!

4623.7.2005 14:34

Well im 14 and i live in holland Nobody cares about the children here Exept for couple of parents my mother cares about me she explaint me all about sex and stuff i dont worry i can play gta sa if i want when shes near she even plays gta with me my point is at my school the most kids smoke weed some drinking alcohol i know some kids that are not virgin and they can stay outside like 1 hour night and those parents doesnt know or do anything about it kids that smoke from 11 their parents know and doesnt say a thing my friends always say fuck and all im not like that anyways but what i wanna try to say is that there are even parents who know about this but doesnt do ANYTHING about it nothing changes if its AO or not

4723.7.2005 15:10

It seems the time to be a child is gone. There is no barrier between childhood and adulthood. OK kid you not crapping in your shorts anymore, here's a dvd player, a game console NOW get out of my face I was much happier when I was not a parent.

4823.7.2005 18:32

I understand the AO restriction...but that doesnt stop parents for buying it for the kids...i WILL reduce sales...but some parents will buy it, and also get an adult on the street to buy it, i mean kids do it with cigarettes, they ask adults to buy it for them, now its against the law, but not with games it isnt, i think making a rating doesnt do anything, i dont even look at ratings when renting games, i pick it up and rent it and thats it. AND parents should know how their kids act by the same they start getting into video games, i mean come on, if your a parent, you should know your kid, if your one of the parents that neglict their kid and bribe then with video games, then your child could probably be one of the kids on the street shooting. If you know your kid acts a little crazy and immates gun shooting and like toy guns, DONT buy the game for the kid! if you know your child is responible and wont go out killing, then buy them the game, its a form of entertainment, not to get kids to kill, almost EVERY game has violence, even those, E rated games, what does it say on the back? Animated violence or whatever, violence is violence no matter how you put it, doesnt video games keep kids from outside? dont they get games like GTA when their mad and take it out on the innocent people IN THE GAME? and oh yeah, and didnt child crime rate drop in the past few years? Dont blame rockstar and such game makers, blame the modders, rockstar has NO power whatsoever to what happens to their games, it is not a cheat MADE by the game makers, they is done entirely from someone else! This is the stupid just like the lawyer trying to put the ban on The Sims 2 because when modded, they can take away the destorted bars on the sims bodies.

4923.7.2005 18:36

Oh yeah and for the "hot coffee" patch/mod, dont they have their clothes on? i've seen pictures of it, and they had their clothes on having sex, i mean come on, they're not even naked!!!

5023.7.2005 23:37

Still, some kids still play it. My cousin who's 10 plays it (it's his favorite game) and he learned so many cuss words from it. One time he called me his b*tch. Man, did i get mad! First I lectured him and then I threatened him then I punished him (I made him exercise XP ). and he also thinks that killing a police will solve any problem and also stealing a car is as easy as it is in that game. I tried to tell him but he won't listen to be because "I'm a girl". His sexist uncle taught him that girls are pathetic. GOSH, he's the pathetic 30+ year old uncle who has no job, lives with his mom, and has an online gf who is countries away. Video games do influence kids. It should get banned b/c it can still be downloaded off the net and given to kids!

5124.7.2005 7:08

It is sad to hear that your Uncle lives like he is 17 years old. He needs to mature. Noticed how I said MATURE. Some kids are mature enough to play GTA, but a loser who lets a 10 year old play is an fool. I know of more stories like this. People like Clinton are trying to stop this from happening. For the most part I disagree with Hillary but some attention needs to happen with this area of entertainment. The Gaming Industry needs to police it self better or the goverment will step in. Parents really need to pay attention. Political figures see this as an opprotunity to : 1. Do something for the country. 2. Get attention to further their career. I think most people do not realize that most laws passed to protect the weakest section of the population. Again, if Parents paid attention to their childerns behavior things may be different.

5224.7.2005 14:39

Even so, some parents don't need to monitor their behaviour so much, because they can be mature enough to look after themselves to an extent, AND play the game without thinking anything of it. -Mike

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5324.7.2005 23:39

im 28 and have a 3 and 4 year old. i like to have fun and i have friends that are around 18 19. but my kids come first. i know what i did when i was younger and i know my kids will do there thing. but its all about how the childern are raised. i have these games and my childern are not aloud to play them. or watch movies that i have. i believe people are waiting to long before they have childern. say late thirtys and fourtys. and they just dont want to take the time to take a bigger part in there childerns lifes. we as parents need to say what are kids watch and play not the goverment. they should be taking care of other things. and as for the rerating what is the differnts in the ages of 17 and 18. nothing but 365 days.

5425.7.2005 8:03

@lazibratt sounds like you cousin needs diciplin from an adult (ie. his obviously ineffective parents) not a little rating sticker from the ESRB on his computer games (which was probably brought for him by the afore mentioned adult figurehead). I personally do not see the need for someone else to tell me what is and isnt good for my children (probably because I take an active roll in educating my children and play an active part in my childrens lives) there is no way I could possibly monitor them all the time and can just hope that they have learned by my example (which is the best any parent can do short of locking them in the basement) now tell me how exactly that little rating sticker helps my child???

5525.7.2005 10:53

jizzmopr- "...a right-winged communist." That's a new one! "Polygons having sex..." Dude, you have the gift. Oh, and don't get caught out in the rain. ;-)

5626.7.2005 5:14

post removed due to stupidity of content...

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5727.7.2005 17:28

bound to happen: NEW YORK (AP) -- A woman upset that she bought the video game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" for her 14-year-old grandson without knowing it contained hidden, sexually explicit scenes sued the manufacturer Wednesday on behalf of consumers nationwide.

5829.7.2005 2:41

There is a post by Achilles3 , I think he has a good point there.

Umm first of all, the game is not uncensored out of the box. You need to find the patch, like the article says and apply it to remove the censor. I seriously think the ESRB was over-reacting. And the old woman needs to die already. How dumb is she? The game is rated "M" and she bought it for her 14 year old grandson? Rated M means 17+.. now how responsible is she? Dumb b*tch. I guess she failed at trying to make a quick buck off Michael Jackson so now she's trying with Rockstar. Sorry, this article really upsets me.
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