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NeroLINUX and Reloaded updated

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 26 Jul 2005 11:57 User comments (4)

NeroLINUX and Reloaded updated Nero approached us with an email telling about the updated NeroLINUX version, which comes with some interesting changes.
We are happy to announce the release of NeroLINUX This upgraded version of Nero's Linux OS solution for CD/DVD Burning features Layer-Jump Recording (LJR), DVD-Video and miniDVD mastering, user interface improvements like selectable ISO track recording options and assignable sounds that alert the user to the burn process results.
The NeroLINUX is offered free for the retail customers of Nero 6 Reloaded.
Also we can spot from the Nero website that the Nero Reloaded installation packages have been updated to v6.6.0.15a. As usual, they have not released a list of changes.

Both of these updated versions can be founf at Nero website.

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4 user comments

126.7.2005 12:55

This is a GOOD thing to see, although you have to buy Nero 6 Reloaded to get it free. Oh well, I bet most people who run Linux have at least one Windows somewhere that could use Nero as it is probably the best program out there.

227.7.2005 4:07

There is another way to get it... If you have a version6 of Nero, you can upgrade to reloaded free on the Nero website. You can buy a version 6 of Nero at some places for around just 2 or $3 or so... or it comes free with some burners. I got mine for 1.50 and upgraded to Nero reloaded free instead of paying around 35 or so... it's worth looking around sometimes.

327.7.2005 4:13

Actually..price has gone up a bit now...but still damn cheap! For those of you in the UK... use this link... and by the way it's an oem version and you have to buy a peripheral device with an oen product.. but you can buy a mouse or something for about in total around 8..then just link to the Nero website and download the updates to Nero reloaded. Bear in mind that the updates are going to be quite big, so would be better on a broadband connection.

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