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Napster teams up with XM

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 28 Jul 2005 20:43 User comments (2)

Napster teams up with XM Online music store Napster has teamed up with pay-radio station XM to offer a service that will allow users to "bookmark" songs currently playing for purchase online later. Both companies are hoping to take advantage of next generation MP3 players which can also receive satellite radio stations. Analysts have long said that one day both would be merged to create services like this and Napster was eager to be first to offer something.
Apple is not far behind however, having had discussions with Sirius Satellite Radio IncB in February about adding its service to iPod music players. This is another step towards the upcoming services that will allow users to purchase songs simply with the push of a button while listening to radio. All major digital music businesses are frying their brains trying to think of more and more ways they can offer digital music; some even want to make "music vending machines" (in the UK and some other places, such a machine already exist and are in use).

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2 user comments

128.7.2005 23:33

Im all for tech movin the way it is and i love all aspects. but.... one question remains to b of wonder what happens to security when it is just a click or a push of a button.

229.7.2005 7:14

i guess stuff like that we will just have to wait and see, but ye id fear haing "the button" too on my system that could be pushed 100 times by a kid or something lol

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