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Blockbuster being hurt by rivals

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Aug 2005 20:46 User comments (102)

Blockbuster being hurt by rivals Blockbuster is being increasingly hurt by online movie rental services. Today the company announced a disappointing $57M loss in the second quarter largely due to the company's "no late fees" policy. Blockbuster scrapped the late fee's for movie rentals in order to compete more with online rental services. In the U.S., Blockbuster customers can keep a rental free of charge for seven days after the movies return date. However, if a movie is returned later than this, then the customer is obliged to purchase it minus the cost of renting it.
The company is now revising its full year financial targets. Shares in the company fell by 11% following the news. The company is finding it hard to compete with services online including Netflix which are gathering thousands of more users weekly. Blockbuster also admitted that some of the 9,000 stores worldwide may have to be closed. "As the decline in store-based video rental industry continues, stores will have to close," chief executive John Antioco said.

In the same quarter last year, Blockbuster announced a $48.6M profit. However the company has insisted it will return to profitability in 2006.

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102 user comments

110.8.2005 22:06

How dumb can the corporate mind be? Want to compete? Offer the exact same service, in exactly the same manner, add the ability to drop off mailed-in rentals at local stores and a lower price for more rentals.! Duh!!!

210.8.2005 22:11

Oh yeah! Scrap your late fee policy and adopt one like Netflix. Maybe, just maybe, you'll get the $57M in revenue back! I swear the bigger the company, the smaller the brain, the narrow-er the vision.

310.8.2005 22:51

well.. just today got a email from bbuster... 2 dollars more a month. but hey, they gave me a free previously viewed movie for free!!! a choice of 1 out of 30 that are all horrid. only... ONLY.. reason i am with bbuster not netflix is because of the 2 free rentals a month instore.. that i can use for a video game that usually costs 7 bucks... and i can keep it 2 weeks with the no late fee policy :) as soon as they cut out the 2 monthly passes, im going to netflix.

410.8.2005 23:13

Funny thing is this. I always wonder why they say they took a cut to compete with Netflix, when There cheaper in price, have been for a while, and shocks are better as well. It's like comparing apples with oranges, since Online services are a totally different subsiderary with the retail stores. No connection at all other then the name itself. However, i've talked with some that work there, and not saying they don't roll out some plans that don't take too well, and quite them after. I personally love them, and have had very bad success with Netflix. They started sending me movies slower and slower a time period, till i was at most averaging about 16 movies top's a month. I get about 45-50 a movie with 2 pass deal at the store. EVen friends of mine get at least 30 with the online service. Who's really getting screwed here? Not the customer, that's for sure. That's customer service with taking a hit just to please the customer. Going out of buisiness you ask? Like saying Walmarts in jeopardy against online services. Yeah right!!!

510.8.2005 23:19

Another funny thing is, if i rented a car, and brought it back late and bitched about a $20 dollar fine, you think they would say "Ehh, no prob. Keep it an extra week even" That would happen, right!!! People just get more and more lazy and don't want to have to pay for there laziness. Plain and simple. My friend that works there says people just get more and more lazy, or try to work the system even more, then bitch more about why it's "Not Fair" to have any reprocussions. Very amusing, yet so understandably true.

611.8.2005 4:14

Yeah, Blockbuster's great. That's why they're losing millions, considering closing stores and unable to compete with Netflix.

711.8.2005 4:31

I have got NetFlix and my friend has BB, I have a better selection and get them faster. We usually compare to see who has what movies and NetFlix has a larger selection. One British miniseries that he has had at the number one position for 2 months still hasn't come, and is on a long wait.

811.8.2005 4:39

I used both BB and Netflix and recently dropped BB. My biggest gripe with BB is the order in which the movies in your queue get shipped and the availability of titles. They seem to send whatever they want, no matter where it is on your list. They must have a smaller pool of movies to pull from because after a while there was a long wait on every title in my list, so I was forced to cancel.

911.8.2005 4:40

I almost forgot...Netflix rules!!!

1011.8.2005 4:52

I guess it depends on where you live... I live in burke, VA and i have both netflix and bb. BB movies get here really fast. I get 3 movies each week from them. Netflix takes more time. But you are right LOCOENG, they seem to send whatever they want. I've had for months like 15 movies on top of my queue, and at least 5 of them said "available now" and yet they keep sending me movies from the bottom of my queue man... and then, by the time I send them back, the ones I wanted are not available anymore. But like kaosX said, the only reason I'm keeping BB is because of the 2 free rentals a month. I use them for games, too.

1111.8.2005 5:28

Blockbuster I think is also loosing alot of $ with their "PASS" System.. Game Passes are $20 a month 1 game at a time but it's worth it if you're going to rent alot of games especially when one rental is like $7-$8 so once you've rented 2 or 3 you've paid for the pass... and if you get it home and don't like it right away you return it and get another.... Same thing with the Movie Pass $25 a month I wait till I'm behind on movies go in there and rent a new one every day.... so for $25 it's less than $1 a day for a new release and they wonder why they loose $ because people like me are smart..

1211.8.2005 6:09

I see Blockbuster's commercials featuring arrogant idiots who think they have a right to keep movies as long as they want, and then shouldn't have to pay a late fee. Screw the rest of us who are waiting for these movies to be returned so that we can see them. Blockbuster should cater to their responsible renters, not to the selfish ones. The other problem I have with Blockbuster is that they don't carry many TV shows. For instance, if you want to watch a TV series such as Alias or 24 by waiting for it to come out on DVD (then you can see each episode without waiting a week in between).

1311.8.2005 6:34

I'll have to agree if Blockbuster Carried more TV Shows and Sports Videos (Mainly Wrestling for me) I think they could make alot of $ off the rentals of those....

1411.8.2005 7:47

I have used both BB and Netflix, and Netflix is far better than BB. BB ships what ever they want. And I have to wait at least a week before I get a movie. where as with Netflix I average 5-6 movie a week. I can also put a movie that just came out in theaters in my queue and BB you cant. I only hope Netflix starts to ofer game rentals and you will see how fast BB goes under. Bottom line if you want snail serve go with BB. If you want a far superior company go with netflix.

1511.8.2005 8:37

I agree with YOBUZZB, whenever a "big" guy (BB) has swallowed a "little" guy, it's been by offering more for less; like it or not, consider it "fair" or not, that's capitalism. Thanks to all of you that compared Netflix to BB, I was considering canceling Netflix, and joining BB, now I'll wait a little longer and see...

1611.8.2005 8:38

I had a nexflix about a month ago for 3months. I loved it for two month. It always comes fast (1day) and always avaible. I never had wait. Also let's say the new relase comes out torrow they sent it today.Only thing that i didn't like was that once in a while they would sent a broken dvds. I had to cancle because no good movies is out. I want to bb since it was free for 2month. It's slow (2days) Never get the dvds that i want. Netflix and BB is both in settle. Also i still didin't get my free dvd yet.

1711.8.2005 8:41

Oh yeah netflix rules!!! I don't care about 2free game or moive in store rental crap. Because i borrow the game from a friend and burn it. You have no idea how far bb is from my house it's like 15miles.

1811.8.2005 9:44

EH, I work for Blockbuster, and honestly, most customers are jackass about the "no late fee". BEFORE the no late fees, we would charge you for another rental of the product on the day after the due date. So keep a 2 day rental for more than a week, and your out $16 bucks extra in late fees. NOW you can keep it for 7 days pass the due date FOR NOTHING, and if you go pass the 7 days, we charge you a $1.25 Restocking fee. YET!, Customers STILL complain about the 1.25. I dont know how many times ive heard "Theres no more late fees, why do I owe $1.25" Only to explain to them about the policy. and get teh responce of "THeres no mroe late fees, im not paying that" Its $1.25!!! Its not gonna break your bank! and if it is, you shouldnt be wasting money on a movie rental anyway! As for the online, we offer the same price for 3 on-line rental and 2 in-store rentals, as Netflix. But its preference I guess.

1911.8.2005 10:09

bb takes away the late fees and subtitutes with another fee that obviously people do not realize it until they return the movie and you bb people spring it on them, like surprise there are no more late fees but we still want $1.25 for our lazy employees to restock them( which is their job anyway) i would complain too!! im a netflix guy and always will be. they are the best by far. i once had a movie out for close to 30 days and was never charged some ridiculous "restock fee" . bb is a joke now that netflix came to the rescue and it'll be just a matter of time before bb is no more. cant wait!

2011.8.2005 10:58

after 2days i got my dvd today. I got the wrong dvds. thoese SOB. (Son of B) Now i have to wait 3more days till i watch movie. STupid BB

2111.8.2005 11:27

The only reasons I use BB is because A) it's not far from my House B) I always have Free Rental Coupons that I either get in the mail or Online for Movies C)I Get a Game Pass for $20 and rent all the games I want and if I don't like them I bring them back and get new ones the SAME DAY D) When I'm behind on movies I haven't seen I get a Movie Pass and rent a different New Release or movie I haven't seen EVERY DAY... I tried to Both BB online and netflix both are to slow for my likeing ... I don't want to have to wait and see what I'm going to be shipped and then discover it's something that I'm not in the mood for or the totally wrong movie not even from my list... I'd rather spend $20 on games every 3 or 4 months to rent and $25 on Movies every 3 months catch up on things I've missed or use the coupons then pay even $15 a month and have to wait to see what I get... Netflix is great for obscure stuff that you can't find in BB or your neighborhood Video Store.. So If I go back to Netflix for a month or too it would be for the hard to find stuff...

2211.8.2005 12:17

Well,recently they were one place I sought employment to no avail.So its very satisfying news to hear that they are facing financial doom.May you all go broke and die.

2311.8.2005 12:50

Hehe...this was only a matter of time. BB is going to be a thing of the past cause of their shady business practices and not much of a selection. The only reason as to why they even cut the late fees was to get customers back from Netflix...that wasn't going to happen. Not to say that BB is going away anytime soon, but it is going to hurt more and more as Netflix grows and grows. Long live Netflix!!! Damn, which reminds me...have to return my movies back and get more, hehe :P Catch you all later. BTW...another reason as to why that Netflix is holding ownership over mail in movie rentals is LARGELY due to the fact that they are ever increasingly adding new distribution centers all the time. My distribution center is only an hour away, and more and more are getting added every so often. So when I place an order for a new movie, I get it the next day. I guess I am very lucky, cause I know of some people who don't get theirs for at least 2 or so days, but that will change soon enough.

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2411.8.2005 13:21

let's hope that BB dosn't go out of bussness because we alreeady have enough unemployed people. However this is a good example of what is gradually happeningto the world, we are digitillizing more and more things to the point that there will be no real store left. They might even turn food nto buy-it-online type

2511.8.2005 13:26

Well, actually for one thing, about the comment of SURPRISING the $1.25 FEE. 1) It's posted in BIG letters exactly how it works, and in very legally detailed when you walk IN the building 2)Explained as you walk OUT of the building.Same size 3)Explained on a sign posted inside the stores 4)Explained what happens on the receipt. In all fairness to BB, NOTHING IS HIDDEN. It's not bad buis. practice. It Stupid F*ckin idiots that can't read, and then want to blame the company for them being retarded. Thats just as stupdi as people that break the law, then try to say "Well, i didn't know!" or "Well, no one told me i couldn't steal or speed!". Gimme a break. Also about the comment. Lazy employee's for the $1.25 restocking fee, it's there job!??? That's funny. I'd LOVE to see your boss one day start giving you more job duties on top of everything else, and tell you "We're not going to pay you more, cause IT'S YOUR JOB". Everything bad reaction you cause in life costs SOMEONE money somehow. Because you were such a lazy a** MF and couldn't follow a simple request to bring it back within 7 DAYS past the 'DUE DATE', and respect other customers wanting to also rent it, then expect the employee to have to pay for it??!??!????!!!?? You don't realize the labor involved every time someone wants to do that. Nothing is FREE. Just like when you buy something at Best Buy or another retail, and get charged 15% restocking fee (i guess that should REALLY be a late fee too huh?) Because it COSTS LABOR for someone to have to check it out and make sure it's ok, reprice it, fix the inventory. That sh*t isn't free, and it's not the employee's job to have to do that for free either!!! I work at Best Buy, and that's why i use that as an example, since i know people that also work for BB, and it's the same thing. People get f*ckin lazy, and don't want to pay for there own laziness.

2611.8.2005 13:31

What can i say bout BB well its movin or tryin to keep up with the comp. But there is a thing about movin to fast without doing ur SWOT Analysis. I think if BB took a bit more time to perfect their online service then mayb they can move back to the profit side of things.

2711.8.2005 13:34

BB just needs to get a bigger Variety of DVD's for their online service.... Netflix blows them away when it comes to Variety of DVD's...

2811.8.2005 13:35

And yes, i'm pissed about this subject, as i'm never late to return my movies, as i'm not a f*ckin lazy a** that expects everything in the world to be free, and to tailor to me. And most of the time i'm wanting to rent a cool title, 90% of the time they look in the system for when there coming back for me, it's "Well, we've got about 10-30 copies (depending on total # they have) movies that were due back anywhere from 3-8 days ago." I personally think they SHOULD go back to LATE fee's and watch you people that don't care continue to rack up HUGE fee's AND still buy the titles after the same time period. At least people HAD incentive to try to bring them back in time. Now people just don't care, it works out 95% better ($1.25 at WORST compared to up to $36 a title i've seen happen to an x-room mate), and NOW people really want to bitch about that.

2911.8.2005 13:36

blah blah blah!

3011.8.2005 13:37

cry a f**kin river

3111.8.2005 13:38

I have been using NetFlix for about 3 years now. I tried Blockbuster, and many other, on-line movie rentals using the Free Trial period to check them out. Some of them even seemed promising and I signed up for a regular subscription for a month. Lots of them seem great with the selection, until checking out ratio of the number of discs received in a month to the cost of the service. Others had good turn-around time, but poor selection. Too many would tell you they had everything you wanted, until you added it to your queue when they would deliver a warning that they don't actually have the movie but it is being "Specially Ordered Just For You". The thing that made me shift back to, and stick with NetFlix is the selection combined with a decent turn-around time. My entire family is seriously into Anime, and I have not found another service that provides a better selection than NetFlix. Especially if you are looking for the original version, and not the ones that have been edited for American TV.

3211.8.2005 13:39

Death to Blockbuster! Ballbusters that is....

3311.8.2005 13:41

oh yeah and some are not "lazy a**es! some people are extremely busy with family and work and so on , sometimes they dont have a chance to rush back a movie!

3411.8.2005 13:42

DJLAD -Yeah, look at all the posts crying about a $1.25 here though you idiot. Haven't seen an intelligent response yet!!!

3511.8.2005 13:42


3611.8.2005 13:42

When there was a Late Fee at BB did people honestly return movies 7 days late? I doubt it.. If they did they were pretty stupid to wanna pay the late fee for a movie they could've bought at Wal-mart for alot less then the late charges + the rental... So what's the excuse now? because BB says No Late Fees and Calls it a restocking fee does that give people the right to keep the movie for a week and then B*&Ch about the $1.25 compared to $4 for each day a movie is late...

3711.8.2005 13:44


3811.8.2005 13:46

whats with the name calling anyway? ...("idiot")

3911.8.2005 13:48

If there wasn't a $1.25 restocking fee people would be returning movies a month later... That's why I go with a Movie or Game pass when I want to use BB then I have no time frame to return anything... and if I come home watch the movie or play the game and don't like it.. I just go back and get another... When they 1st started with the Movie Pass. I rented 60 movies in one month.... it was $15 for 2 movies at a time when they first started with it... I got what I wanted and I got my $'s worth

4011.8.2005 13:49

No, i am pretty successfull actually, and i pay fee's all the time (Bank fee's, credit card transaction fee's, rental fee's, tax fee's), but i don't bitch about them saying i shouldn't be charged for them, as the emp0loyee's there should do that for free. That's all. Mayeb all the people complaining are welfare people, or people that only make like <$6 and hour. Else, this shouldn't even be such a big deal over $1.25, and was charged only because YOU didn't something you SHOULDN'T have done in the 1st place. That's a fact right there. Ok, i take back the idiot remark, but it was because of an unintelligent remark made. I'm sorry for that.

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4111.8.2005 13:52

so are you saying the majority of people posting on here are on welfare cause we are complaining??

4211.8.2005 13:53

quote... "Mayeb all the people complaining are welfare people, or people that only make like <$6 and hour."

4311.8.2005 14:06

I guess it must be ( I'm refering to the ones bitching about having to pay $1.25 that is), since i don't see why else someone would compaint about $1.25 for something they did and caused upon themselves, when every company in america has fee's much more then that, and those aren't even controllable. $12.5 is, just bring it back well within reason, and you don't even have to worry about $1.25. That's pretty simple and plain.

4411.8.2005 14:10

There's nothing wreong with having your own opinion. I just argue only with the reasoning behind ones that bitch about a REACTION caused (a fee) by a persons ACTION. You really can't argue with that. That's really what it's all about. Someone complaining about something that happened to them because of something they were at fault for doing from the start.

4511.8.2005 14:10

read previous post's for answers to all those remarks and ?s.

4611.8.2005 14:19

Ok, that made no sense at all. I made a factual observation, and you can only point out to re-read above which is exactly why i just made my recent remark. I miss the days of good debates. Now people just want to argue their opinions with facts. See ya. :-)

4711.8.2005 14:26

see ya!

4811.8.2005 15:06

BB just shot themselves in the foot again. Yesterday I got a msg. saying they are RAISING the monthly fee by about $3.00. The only advantage I saw over Netflix is/was the monthly 2 free movies you can get from a BB store. Increase the fees? I have been keeping track of delivery and return times. Delivery takes about 4 days - sometimes as many as 8 days. ALL returns are acknowledged no later than the 3rd day, frequently the 2nd. Sayonnara, BB.

4911.8.2005 16:14

Good For Them................... SCREW EM HE...HE............... Who needs them.........

5011.8.2005 16:51

Blockbuster can open their own online movie rental and purchase store. That would work. Oh, yes some stores will have to be closed.

5111.8.2005 17:30

Interesting that out of worldrave's 29 posts to AD 18 of them are in one of two Blockbuster threads as a really, really militant BB fan. It's hilarious that someone would get that worked up over some stupid company that nearly everyone hates.

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5211.8.2005 18:00

BB is OK...I have no problem with them...have good relationships with store personnel

5311.8.2005 18:05 monthly fee with no late fees and can checkout ...downside--must picup 3 mvoies and keep as long as want..downside-must visit store...not a problem within 10 minutes..good reltionships with store personnel and can usually get the movies i want

5411.8.2005 18:25

I use BB on-line. Havent had any real problems. But the losing money dosent surprize me. Since they startes The Movie Pass and The Game Pass, I have stopped going to the BB stores. I mean trying to rent a game from them is nuts. I have 3 stores somewhat close. They NEVER have newer games in stock. Was trying to find Batman Begins to rent for more than 2 months after its release. All 3 stores never had it in. Went twice sometimes 3 times a week. I rent games before I buy them anymore since I have a butt load of purchased games that suck. So they have lost more than 100 to 200 bucks from me in the past year. Looking at on-line game renting. I think some has to do with Quality of movies now days. Nothing good has been coming out.

5511.8.2005 18:49

I have cancelled my account with I see no reason to pay the same price as Netflix when Netflix offers more movies(plus unrated versions...BB does not) and gets them to me faster. BB wasn't bad on the delivery times for me, but, I just reactivated my Netflix account yesterday and will have movies tomorrow. That's pretty good IMO. As for the blockbuster store I vowed to never set foot in one again after the horrifying treatment I received from them. I don't mind paying late fees when I return a movie late. It's their right to charge a late fee and my right to pay it for the privilege of returning a movie late. Sounds fair, right? Well, in my case, i returned a movie late and hadn't gone back in for 4 weeks to rent another movie, so, I had a late fee on my account. I WOULD have gladly paid the damn late charge as it was 4 bucks at the time. However, rather than sending me a bill or taking it off my credit card or waiting til I came in and rented another movie, after 4 weeks with no warning they sent my account to a collection agency!!! I got a threatening letter from a collection agency for a freaking 4 dollar late charge! Now, that to me was over the top. I gave their online service a try and was generally happy with it when they offered a price advantage. Now, there's absolutely NO advantage. If they want to stop losing customers, perhaps they can at least treat people with respect and decency. And to try to go toe to toe with an established player like Netflix with the same pricing stucture....well, um, good luck with that.

5611.8.2005 19:00

well I can't complain about blockbuster I've been renting from them on line now for about a year and shoot I get all the new movie on tuesdays every week and on the few time's I don't I get them the next day and with the price of gass now up to $2.65 here in Mich I sure dont miss driving to get them any more or take them back only thing I can bitc*#$ abotu them is that they no longer have a tab to click on to see whats going to be out in the next month or so so you can add them to your list but I always use another sit to see whats going to be out in the next few months and add them to my blockbuster list ;o)

5711.8.2005 19:10

Nephilim Maybe it is funny. As i said, i have friends that work there, and have been a good customer since aroun 1989. I would be just as respectfull to you as you should be to others CLAIMING that nearly everyone hates BB. Thats clearly your own opinion. Not very nice coming from a moderator. That's clearly untrue. I can come up with the same % of people that say 'Netflix Suck' from personal experience. Thats also a FACT. I'm not saying people are dumb for not liking them, that's there perrogative. However, i am saying it's very ignorant for all people that have a problem with $1.25 saying it's BB at fault. If you were an intelligent owner of a store (you pick), would give anyone an incentive to return that item for you if you knew NOTHING would happen EVER if you kept the item? When you get older (depending on your age) and own your own place (I own my own buisiness) and understand the just of making a profit, you'll notice that sometimes people will go to any extent to get something for free, and thats what people are bitching about. How many times i've went in to get a movie and didn't have it simply because since there new changes, 80% of the people are now keeping those titles for a lot longer now. So yeah, i have a right to be upset. Reason a lot of my posts are about BB, is because i'm not big into posting here. This subject i just find interesting because of the stupid mentality that a lot of people have sometimes. If you simply took away the part about 'Just bring your movie back in a reasonable time (either 9 days or 14 days- yes, doign the math, that is 3-5 times longer then you ever got before until the $14-30 charges are tacked on) None of this posts would exists. As there wouldn't be ANY charges at all to bitch about had those people not been lazy and did what there' supposed to do. I do have a sense of humor on some things. At my work (Best Buy) we get stuff freq. returned with a 15% restocking fee. Once in a while someone doesn't like it, but most seem to be fine, as it's also mentioned before the purchase even (same as BB) Yet i find this funny, as SO many people here complain about $1.25. Sure, i do find that very funny, and yet so hard to believe. Nuff said. :-)

5811.8.2005 21:35

Another industry that is very slow in the uptake of new technology. Like the record industry it will find hard times ahead. My prediction is within 5 years or less the video shop will cease to exist.

5911.8.2005 22:59

Here is the problem with blockbuster's service and why they are not making money: First of all, their online program sucks, their turn around time on movies is horrible. Netflix is so much faster that it is worth paying an extra 3 bucks for netflix because you will get many more movies. Second of all, blockbuster can't keep a store inventory. Whenever there is a time when I wanted a movie and couldn't wait for netflix, blockbuster didn't not have any copies of the movie in stock. Blockbuster has sold so many all you can rent movie and game passes that there are hardly any movies or games in the store to rent. What should blockbuster expect when their online movie turn around times are slow and then they carry a poor inventory in their stores. Does anyone else agree with the two points I just made? In my eyes, blockbuster is doing a horrible job at renting movies and games, which is all they do.

6012.8.2005 4:10

CLAIMING that nearly everyone hates BB. Thats clearly your own opinion.
It's based on simple numbers. This and the other BB thread are a legitimate microsm of movie fans and renters in general and it apprears you're the only one singing the praises of BB.

6112.8.2005 4:49

BB must be getting their disks for about $10 if they are selling the for $20+. They rent them our for about $500 then sell them for $10-15 used. How can they be losing money????? I suspect the loss is the investments made to start their own internet co not a real loss. I rate their as not quite as good as Netflix but the bonus coupons make it comparable but different.

6212.8.2005 5:13

yeah... those 2 coupons are the reason i use BB. Another interesting thing is that I like the envelope BB uses better than the one netflix uses. It looks to me that is more "solid". When I grab the netflix envelope feels like the DVD is not gonna make it back. And yet, having both services for more than a year, i've had 3 dvds arrive at my home broken from BB, and not a single one from netflix broken. Has anyone had this problem from either service? When it happens i just felk like going to the mail guy and kicking his ass. I think Gamefly does a better job by using that protective cover for the DVD/CD. All the online rental stores should use that. Don't you think?

6312.8.2005 7:00

Well, they just sent me a post card telling me that they are raising my unlimited, 1 dvd-at-a-time in-store membership from $15 to $20 per month. That's a 33% increase in one shot. So they'll take it out on their in-store customers

6412.8.2005 8:08

following is a copied quote: Netflix when Netflix offers more movies(plus unrated versions...BB does not) sorry I dont' knwo how to add the fancy quotes. this quote is plain false here is a link to an unrated version of a movie available at BB The controversy over which is better BB or Netflix is moot. They both had advnatages and disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage to Netflix is that the more you rent form them the lower on thier priority list you go, which in turn increases the turn around time on movies, I go tthe to admit it to me in email after I hassled them for the reduction in sefvice. I immediately switched to BB (7 months ago) while initially turn around was a bit slower then Netflix at peak it was simialr to turn around after Netflix started slowing me down. Lately the turn around at BB has gotten better and I expect to see it improve more. BB has also brought back guaranteed in stock which has improved store selection in my area. E ven at $20 the inline service would be a good value, I get 20 discs on average a month using 3 at a time, plus the two in store rentals. That's less then a buck a rental, who can complain about that. (I'm sure someone will find a reason/way to complain)

6512.8.2005 10:52

Netflix is the better way to go.If you havent tried you should.

6612.8.2005 14:01

Go figure- This is a company who had it together and then thru it all away. The No Late Fee and not enough stock destroyed their market share. I use to use them quite often via mail and store. Everything I requested online was a very long wait so you went to the store and they were out of stock. I switched to Netflix and have been very happy with their level of service. Of course, how much did they spend on SUPERBOWL advertising...what a lame ad to debut during the pinacle of interesting advertisement campaigns.

6712.8.2005 14:48

Ok, I'll admit, they have *SOME* unrated versions of movies. So I was wrong to say they didn't have any. However, try to RENT the unrated version of Team America. Good luck with that. Even if they had the exact same titles as Netflix I'd STILL prefer Netflix over Blockbuster UNLESS there was a price difference. I will concede one point, though...whoever it was that said Blockbuster had the better envelopes was definitely correct about that. However, I don't care all that much about that. I care about watching the movies I want and to get them as soon as possible with as much convenience as possible. That's it. Netflix does that better than Blockbuster *IN _MY_ OPINION*...

6812.8.2005 18:42

The biggest disadvantage to Netflix is that the more you rent form them the lower on thier priority list you go
I've been with them over a year and my sis is going on two years with no slowing in the turnaround. We send three back and get three more the day after next - without fail.

6912.8.2005 21:23

Well, I don't have a BB membership, but my dad has one. We don't rent movies much, but I'll tell you one thing, now that there aren't any late fees, I tend to keep a movie a couple weeks before I return it. Here in Canada (maybe just Alberta?) it's return it within 30 days or they charge you for it. Not bad, but it was bound to cost them something...I heard that they had to stop the late fees because in the US a court ruled that the late fees were illegal or somesuch. Could anyone clear that one up?

7013.8.2005 1:12

I rent from both Netflix and BB online and they each have their upsides and downsides. Now if the best of both could be put together no one would have any complaints. lol. I have gotten broken DVDs from both but you can't hold them responsible for the postal service. As far as the envelopes go, it's a mystery to me how as flimsy as Netflix's are, they manage to get to me with a lot less damage than the sturdier ones from Blockbuster do. Go figure. I do remember reading somewhere on the Netflix site that lower volume renters do get priority over those who rent a whole lot. Another thing I didn't see anyone mention as a drawback to Netflix is that where there are special editions of movies that have 2 DVDs, one with the movie and one with the special features, Netflix does not give you access to the second disc at all whereas with Blockbuster you do have the option to rent it or not. As far as movie selection goes, each has a few that the other doesn't and Netflix seems to have more copies of the movies they have so that there's seldom a time when you have to wait for them. I know there have been times when I could get a new release faster from netflix than I could from the local Blockbuster storefront. I know that Blockbuster has said that they plan on opening more new shipping centers for their online venture.. wonder if the stock for those will be coming from the storefronts that they end up closing? Kinda seems like turn about is fair play. I've seen some pretty good mom and pop video rental stores who were run out of business by Blockbuster placing not one, but 2 stores in such close proximity to each other that the little guy in between didn't have a prayer.

7113.8.2005 2:51

Thats unfortunate.I did like the convience of BB.I have one about 6 blocks or so down the street,and a 2nd within a 1.5 mile raduis,but that don't stop me from going to the library.They rent 3 dvd for 1.50,the last time I went to BB I paid nearly 10.00 for three.I like the library prices better but selection isnt as good as a video shop and fierce competition make some hard to get.

7213.8.2005 23:38

bb-online just is no good.. much happier with netflix

7314.8.2005 8:40

Hopefully we'll have Netflix around for a while.Especially when the days of "RIP N RETURN" for Blu-Ray get here.

7414.8.2005 9:13

I have had Netflix since it's beginning. I was able to turn around three movies a week, when their nearest shipping point was 300 miles away. Now that their here in town, I have turned as many as six movies a week. I do occassionally get a damaged disc, but you report it online, and they ship a replacement before they receive the damaged one.

7514.8.2005 20:11

I've been using BB Online for about 5 months, averaging around close to 20 rentals/month plus two instore freebies and one more "Favorite" ($9.95 annual for 12 rentals). The turnaround time probably depends on mail sorting/batching schedules as well as one's proximity to the shipping center and the quality of USPS service in the area. My returned titles usually register in my quere the next business day if I get it to the P.O. before the day's mail is sent to the regional hub at 5:00 pm. At 15 bucks a month, a good deal. However, they just raised the price to $18, effective next cycle. Has anyone else seen this increase, are they putting the squeeze on high volume users,or is it universal?

7614.8.2005 22:00

they ship a replacement before they receive the damaged one
Not when i was in netflix. Also i found something good for once about bb. 1.They ship M-s, (netflix sents M-f,Last time i checked) 2.You don't have to wait 7days to report dvd missing. They sent you a replacement right away.
BB don't have that much unrated movies.

7715.8.2005 1:22

I imagine that blockbuster USA is very different from BB UK. Here in the UK the online rental is a joke...started of OK 6 months ago and is now terrible. - takes them 5 days to acknowledge you return a movie - another 5 days to send the next one out - my top 50 dvds have been sitting on the list for over 4 months as "temporarily unavailable" - they never answer customer emails - often send wrong dvds or badly damaged (scratched) titles stay away from them if you are in the UK...they are poison !!!

7815.8.2005 13:51

Good! F'em.. I remember going to the VERY FIRST Blockbuster back in '86 when it opened off Sunrise Blvd., in Ft. Lauderdale. Wayne Huizenga purchased the company in 1989 before selling it to Viacom in '94. He has owned the Florida Marlins and Florida Panthers and currently owns the Miami Dolphins. At one point, Huizenga was the first person to own three major-league sports franchises at once. So.. I really don't feel sorry for Viacom and it's losses due to unreasonably high rates and surcharges for late fees. They started small and they'll end small... I love irony. It's just a matter of time before a sleeping giant awakens and pummels Wal-mart into the ground. I live for that day.

7915.8.2005 18:47


8015.8.2005 18:53


I couldn't have said it better... :)
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"the mediocre teacher tells. the good teacher explains. the superior teacher demonstrates. the great teacher inspires."- William Aruthur Ward

8116.8.2005 14:56

I live about 30 miles from nearest rental place so i do on line rentals i was doing both netflex 5 out at a time and bb 3 at a time i kept bb 2 months it sucked . netflex i got 7-8 movies a week block busters i was lucky to get them 2 a week i had the service 2 months and counting the free time had 17 movies also the postlady at the post office showed me what was wrong block busters stick a code on there envelopes its a code with your zip and stuff a line at the bottom and it goes in a circle comes to you you send it back it comes back again then your post office sends it back i was finally marking a line threw it and that help them recceive them faster also they said not enough avalable in my q and i kept 40 and most was avaliable they also never go down your q like netflex i no which ones im getting from net flex in a glance cause they go down the line. netflex in the 15 months i been with them had one cracked disc that is it..

8216.8.2005 15:58

Now that i have BB. It's not that bad. ONly one day later than nerflix. But i'm a netflix guy. anyway i'm glad that netflix have comption. cause the price will be outrages if there was no bb. my 2cent

8316.8.2005 19:23

If blockbuster wasnt such a rip off to rent at maybe i would still go there. Its like $5 to rent a game there when i can rent one for about $2 at a smaller less established place called family video. You can also rent movies at family video for around 1 or 2 dollars compared to 3 or 4 at blockbuster. Then blockbuster has the nerve to sell previously viewed dvds that they rented out god knows how many times. And do they sell it for cheap, no they sell it for like $10 when u can get the same movie BRAND NEW for like $15. I feel so bad for blockbuster losing $50 million profit. NOT

8416.8.2005 19:44

i go to family video sometimes to on weekdays tue,wed,thur, you rent a new release for 2.00 or 2.50 and get a dollar movie free works for me.)

8519.8.2005 10:01

I've had both services going on about a year now. I've really had no problems with either of them. Blockbuster has a little faster turnaround for me because the nearest location is closer than Netflix. The only realy problem I have with BB is that they don't have near enough compies of some of the titles. I've had five OLDER (1998-2000) movies in my queue for 6 months and they are still on "short wait" I just recently removed them from BB and put them at the top of my Netfilx list. Now I've already seen and returned them. Netflix is still a better deal for me. As for damaged discs, I've had about the same number of bad ones from both. So there's no difference there for me.

8619.8.2005 11:40

Just found this thread. Lots of interesting posts and opinions. I recently sent an informal email to the BlockBuster stockholders/investment website "Contact Us" link. I sent it there because, after searching, I couldn't find a BB link anywhere which allowed me to send an email to corporate officers who actually run the bloody company! (don't call us, we'll call you; we're too busy loosing money right now) Online rentals is a newish, novel idea and netflix hasn't had the time to "bloat-out" yet. This too will pass. In the end I believe people would rather visit a storefront. But I've been over to the Netflix Los Gatos, CA headquarters and they ARE running much leaner than BlockBuster. So they appear more successful to investors. They invest more in inventory and execution of function than in Corporate structure and internal comfort. Anyone seen the amount of revenue generated monthly by Blockbuster?!!! If they are not reinvesting the revenues in a way that grows the company then they must just be spending the revenues on internal comfort & saleries for their suits, fancy offices and perks, wild expensive "dreamscape" marketing plans ... when all they really need is more inventory and a website that better directs people to their stores and (again) INVENTORY investment to please the renters once they arrive at the store. Typical, over-bloated attitude that crashes empires. This is not just an American business attitude, any large international company can fall victim to a corporate staff who think more of them selves than the well-being of the company. Legally, a Corporation is a person; so treat and nurture it like a person's parent. Best regards, Whisperer ---------------------------------------------------- Following is a paste of that email: For lack of any other obvious link to provide feedback to the Blockbuster orgainization, I am sending this to you. Please forward this email to the Executive Assistant to the CEO of Blockbuster. You announced a $57M loss in the second quarter. Analysts say it is largely due to the company's "no late fees" policy and that you can't compete with online rentals. Baloney! You are a great company, you've just fallen into a static, comfortable corporate methodology that could become your quicksand ... quarter by quarter. I believe the people who are making the important decisions inside BB don't really love movies. But you ARE in the movie business. You should require your suits to prove that their enthusiasm for movie-based entertainment before hiring them. Hire older people to mix with the young hotshots. Create a movie loving diversity that will pick up the energy level in an effort to reach a critical mass of rebirth. You need an internal "Pumping-Up"! Cut deadwood ... stockholders like this. Spend that money on inventory. And you need more creative thought. Freshen the design of your logo. Use a new eye-catching shade of blue in your stores. And, I say again, you need to spend your money were it is needed ... DVD movie inventory. BB stores have, mostly, the bland, safe choices. Make deals with the major studios for non-retail packaging, plain grey DVD disks if necessary to afford more inventory for reasonable cost. You have to provide the multi-disk "Special Editions". In other words you have too little to offer in selection and you are not keeping up with special re-releases of original "vanilla" movie releases. Movies are hot! Get SuperBit versions. Get DTS versions. Movie lovers will come into a BB store because it provides HOT! You own the perfect business: There IS no agegroup segment ... all ages were raised on and movies. Americans remember moments in their lives, concepts of beauty, morality, preferences, excitments and courage based on movies that they have seen. Young people will rent just as many Special Extended Edition Johnny Depp movies with DTS sound as babyboomers will rent Director's Cut, 2-Disk Edition Grace Kelly movies in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen. ...but you've got to have the movies ... and the hot. That's what makes people of all ages get in their cars and drive to blockbuster. The reason why the bulk of my rentals come from netflix is because they DO HAVE the movies! They could do better but your stores only provide the "safe" movie choices for rent based upon some suit's charts and graphs and cost analysis feasibility reports. There is no diversity or variety in your stores. You stock only a fraction of the movies you should be providing to DVD renters. True, your online service has more choice but: 1. BB's advantage is that we can just run down to the corner BB store and return to our homes with movies ... now ... not when the mail arrives. We get out of the house and mingle, in the store's aisles, with a broad, diverse cross section of people. But you are unwilling to invest in the inventory that attracts and every store has the same, uniform movie catagory shelves. Let your store managers order their own movies instead of ordering package #3. Invest heavily in older movie Favorites. New releases are fine but don't forget that Hollywood is having trouble selling tickets to newer movies because they are over-calculated, special effect dependent, no-risk bland and predictable rehash remakes with L.A. children playing the parts of seasoned adults. Let your managers create their own community's Favorite individual catagories like westerns, gothic horror, romance, classic drama, period drama, mystery, Hitchcock, film noir, bible stories etc. ... Instead of uniform categories enforced by corporate-suit-robots who don't even like movies and who's motivation is control and stiffleing of a local store manager's creativity or local community enthusiasms. Somehow, people like this always take root and flourish in large corporations. Customers would visit multiple BB stores because one might be better in the classics but another has a great Special Edition new release action section etc. Put back some sizzle and individuality, Americans are a free thinking people who want to discover what a BB store has to offer. Create a managers-only website-forum where store managers can share their successes and ideas. Creativity and unpredictability is exciting; "normal" status quo and uniform is boring. American movie lovers will respond. That's what I mean by hot; that's what sizzles ... it's an environment, not some career-making marketing plan. 2. Your online service only provides a 3-out at a time program. I can blast through 3 measely movies in one afternoon. I live in San Jose; you ship from Sacremento ... two days to reach my house ... two days to return ... a day or more for you to process my next shipment. I get 3 crumby movies in 5-6 day period! Not good! I can get 8 movies every 3 days from netflix because they ship out of Los Gatos. Actually, that's still not enough; so I pay for two netflix memberships. Why not just expand your website into a massive database of all movies ever made. Knock IMDb right out of the picture! Even if a movie has never been released on DVD, the number of "hits" on a title's page would help the movie studios decide which pictures to release on DVD. And such an undertaking would "prove" to the public, Blockbuster's true corporate purpose: Enthusiasm for, and love and enrichment of movie entertainment. I suggest you either dump BB's online service or expand your shipping center locations. I prefer dumping online services in favor of expanding inventory in your stores. The staff and management at both your Santa Clara (El Camino & Bowers) and Mountanview (Grant Rd) stores made my visits fun. There are others like me. People crazy to watch rented movies. We play movies in the background like other people play music. We buy expensive home entertainment centers. We seldom go to movie theatres because they are too expensive in admission price, snack price and parking fees. Just a big, fat marketing trap. In our own livingrooms, we can control the picture quality, surround-sound separation, volume and we have a pause button instead of being hustled out of a theatre in X.X minutes. We are the cu$tomer base Blockbuster needs to $urvive. But your limited selection limits our participation ... you had us once, but you haven't got us now. Bring us back! Cut back on your expensive, "don't care about movies" suits and invest your money in inventory! I want to walk into your store and rent 10 DVDs on my gold card membership and come back in two days and rent 10 more. But your selection is TOO limited. Open SuperStores or, if the real estate proves too expensive, get better shelving with hinged flip-binder holders for packing more inventory into your present size stores. Don't forget ... You are in the movie busness. So provide us with movies ... tens of thousands of movies! You've got to make a hot, sizzling market push to get back the American tradition of the video rental store. Best regards and forgive the informal nature of this communication, Eric Furrer Blockbuster Rewards Gold Card Member PS: Look me up. See my rental record since I joined you. You ran out of movies for me to watch! PPS: May I also suggest that $4 per movie for 7 days is a false market value. Let me be blunt, it's too much bloody money! Add another "plan" that allows for $2 per movie and we don't need 7 days, only 1 or 2 days. The "pay for one; get one free" gold card terms was the only reason I kept renting "Favorites" from BB. You need the same plan for New Releases. Call it the Platinum Membership.

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8719.8.2005 14:11

Don't think it's as much the fee(restock) itself, rather the way they come across when presenting it to you- like your some kinda dumb @ss. Netflix is the only way to go, without question. Yea, once in a while we'll get one that won't play(scratched), receive the wrong one, but over the many years we've been with them that's happened only a few times. Get ours next day and are received next day after mailed. Have even lost one- sent it back via mail and they claim it didn't arrive, they didn't charge us a thing. When you(as in BB & nflx) have a queue to put your movie list in, give you the option to put them in the order you want, you should get them that way. Nflx does that without fail, BB??? N O T !!!!! How can you put a product in place(with options) and then not feel responsible when it doesn't perform as advertised. I D I O T S ! ! !

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8819.8.2005 15:35

When I first decided to get an online movie rental service. I pulled bb and netflix up side by side and chosose bb based on what I believed to be my advantage. I agree, that, how they select from the queue is a mystery, however, I get all the movies I can watch and return, plus the two in store ones. So far, I'm happy with bb. Why anyone would keep a movie long enough to even require a restocking fee is beyond me?

8919.8.2005 19:08

My .02 It seems from what I am reading that we have possible legal action against BB. Here is my brief stay with BB: 1. When I first signed up I got 3 movies at a time plus 2 store rentals. 2. They were very eager to please. Shipments were real fast, usually 2 day turnaround, i.e, I mail, 1 day, they mail, arrives 1 day later. 3. Many titles began to be listed as a few days wait as opposed to available now every single time (in the beginning). 4."Long wait" began appearing. 5. The titles I order on not in demand, trust me, I usually order music dvd, if it shows short wait, I don't order it, if it shows "available now" I order it (add to my queue) then it gets renamed short wait) 6. I was paying a special rate through some marketing code of Ticketmaster, (who now deals with netflix) for 3 movies a time , & 2 store rentals. Price fixed at 9.99 a month for one year. That was the deal, guess what, we don't need to be lawyers (although I bet lawyerws would like to hear about this) to know we had a one year contract that they breached. 7. After about 4 months, they stopped sending movies; I called and said WTF? They told me my 9.99 fee was now only good for there 1 movie at time plan. (I was holding on to one movie for a friend) The kicker is, they bumbed my monthly payment up to about 16.15 (with taxes and garbage) per month. 8. What happened to 9.99? 9. What happened to my three at a time. I'm just guessing here people, but did they warn you? We all know we can't find contracts like these with big ass companies, but guess what? Weren't you always warned that you were about to be screwed from other companies? That's the law they broke. It's called DISCLOSURE and they failed to do it. I hate attorneys, and it's unlikely any attorney will take the case, b/c no one really died or lost an arm in this deal. I only know a little bit about the law b3ecuase I worked in a` CPA practice who shared space with an attorney. That guy would have taken the case, but he would have asked us tp pay the costs first. Go find a good rich atty, who is willing to pay the costs of the law suit. That means`s/he knows can win this case, and make a tidy profit. 10. I'm switching to Netflix tonight, as I already told BB to FO last week. I hope netflix has a lot of Music DVDs. You know, bands in concert. U2 Live at Red Rocks. Plus I'm a die hard Stones fan and I'vew b een trying to get "let's`spend the night together" DVD (Stones) BB never had it. 11. Anybody have or seen a DVD by Adam Sandler where he was in Concert, it was like half music concert, and half comedy...lots of beach bqalls being kicked around. Anyone know of it? I can't even buy it from Amazon. It's Like gone. 12. Also looking for the Best of the Alarm. The only one I have is the story of the alarm. That's just vthe lead singer, not the band.

When in doubt, use a hammer. When further in doubt, find a bigger hammer.

9019.8.2005 20:05

Netflix is faster and has a better selection...BUT...if your movies are delayed or lost in the mail they acuse you of stealing it/them and drop you as a customer! AND...when the movie they acuse you of stealing turns up they don't say so much as a "sorry about that" or anything. BB is slower, and has a few other faults, but they "somewhat" make up for it by giving you 2 "in-store" rentals as well as a few other things. I wish someone would start up a third, and better online service.

9119.8.2005 20:45

With Blockbuster the lag is in sending out movies once they've received what you sent back, with Netflix it's getting them checked in once you've sent them back. Either way, it's been my experience that I haven't been able to turn over more than one "set" a week with either service. Set being defined as the maximum number of movies your rental agreement is for. I've even sent the whole set back the same day I got them and still didn't get the next set till the following week. I too have noticed that some of the oldest titles, not something that every Tom, Dick, and Harry would be looking for are on a perpetual wait with Blockbuster. One such movie that comes to mind is "The Legend of 1900" It sat at the top of my Blockbuster queue for well over a month before I opened a Netflix account and got it as one of the first movies they sent in a couple of days. Not exactly what you would call a high demand movie for sure. I've also run into a situation where Blockbuster took a selection off my queue after it was on there for months. All I can assume is that they only had one copy of the movie and it got damaged before my turn came up to get it. That particular one, Netflix doesn't have either. On the subject of late fees versus restocking fees, it doesn't matter what you call it. To be realistic about it, they have to have some incentive for people to return rentals or they'd never get them back.. with mail order it's simple. If you don't send it back you don't get any more till you do. But you can't do that with the storefront operation so what are they supposed to do? I don't like the Netflix policy of having to wait for a week to report a movie as lost either. I think Blockbuster's policy of sending out a replacement as soon as you report it missing is much better. I've gotten an email that I wasn't happy about from Blockbuster questioning the number of lost and broken DVDs I've reported but there's no question that the broken ones were half as a matter of fact and I sent them back to them the same way I got them. Of the several movies I've reported as MIA, a couple of them did turn up in my mailbox... more than a week later and I sent them right back as well. After the first movie I reported to Netflix as not having received they jumped right on me about it.. got an email right after they sent the next ones out asking if I got them and when. I think I would like to see a third online rental option as well that incorporates the best of both Blockbuster and Netflix, but I don't think it's going to happen any time soon.

9220.8.2005 0:24

The whole issue will soon become irrelevant. When ADSL2+ or faster connections become the norm you can bet yer boots the major studios will bypass the retailer and stream movies on demand to the consumer. I even reckon that the type of movie made will also change to meet this future demand with production designed to suit the home more than the theatre. Independent movie productions will increase greatly as the distribution cost will be minimal. This change could easily be pushed into reality by social issues and personal security concerns. Unfortunately the owners of Video stores may end up ducks without water.

We all are clones so any copying should be legal

9320.8.2005 3:32

moocowgal: I know what you mean about movies in transit, to & fro, going walkabout and then sometimes reappearing. I don't know what Blockbuster DVD mailers look like but the Netflix mailer's adheasive could easily be opened and closed up again and appear to have never been tampered with. Could someone be watching your movies and then re-mailing them days later? Who would best be in a position to take a little sampling of movies for their viewing pleasure? Someone on the night shift perhaps(?) ... it's not really stealing if the most of the movies get returned ...eventually ... most of the time... is it ... ? whoozhe: I rent alot of movies. But I want to own a movie I like. If I can't buy it and put it on my shelf, I will be real unhappy. I am hoping streaming movies will be another way to see a movie in addition to disk availability. Best regards, Whisperer

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9420.8.2005 5:27

I agree, there is that possibility that movies are being borrowed or even taken permanenly out of the mail system. I have had a movie dissapear then reappear. The film industry should be using technology to keep their movies from being stolen rather than harassing the public about sharing. the money they spend on greedy politicians to impose dumb behind laws could be better spent to upgrade their technology in protecting their product. thanks!

9520.8.2005 15:47

Nothing is`free? It's free for me to tell you that you are one biased MF. Business is a dog eat dog world, and BB is`wearing milkbone underware. It's also free to steal a joke from Norm on Cheers. DVDShrink WAS free :-(

When in doubt, use a hammer. When further in doubt, find a bigger hammer.

9620.8.2005 16:02 late fees when returned when due!

9720.8.2005 16:04

plus.. no late fees when you sign-up for monthly rate.

9820.8.2005 16:10

To expand on that, I think pretty much putting "things" into "things" is pretty much over. I'm not an Ipod fan, but I hear they hold up to 60 gigs of storage on one little memory card? My niece and nephew do not even know what a CD is. (ages 8 and 10) They don't know how to stick a cd into a PC and install software. I ask them where they get the install files from, "we download them, btw, Uncle Nihz, what is that thingy on the front of your computer." He points to my floppy drive. Why even tell him. This is where I get confused though. Tivo, and the like, have a built in HD, so essentially movies could be sent to your device via sattelite, cable, whatever.(Not sticking "things into things," and we only have one good reason to that :-)"..) I'm not real clear on these memory cards though. Have we seen the end of HDD's too? I mean if you can get 10 DVD's on a 60 gig memory card, there goes DVD's and their horrid sensibility. I mean, a finger smudge will render a DVD inoperable. Come on we've all done it, burned a new DVD, "stuck it in their," it doesn't work b/c we failed to simply clean it. Those problems I hate with a passion. Any movement towards memory cards replacing DVD'S? and HDD'S?

The whole issue will soon become irrelevant. When ADSL2+ or faster connections become the norm you can bet yer boots the major studios will bypass the retailer and stream movies on demand to the consumer. I even reckon that the type of movie made will also change to meet this future demand with production designed to suit the home more than the theatre. Independent movie productions will increase greatly as the distribution cost will be minimal. This change could easily be pushed into reality by social issues and personal security concerns. Unfortunately the owners of Video stores may end up ducks without water.

When in doubt, use a hammer. When further in doubt, find a bigger hammer.

9920.8.2005 16:29

Nihilator..You nailed it..faster speeds mean bye bye to store and online rentals..the movie studios will stream directly to consumer.. Oh, bye bye movie theaters too..we will determine the future of the movie industry, not the courts.

10020.8.2005 16:53

Both mostly the same except that BB is slower to throttle and has games. Here's an analysis by someone who obviously has too much time on their hands.

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10121.8.2005 0:59

Well I just went to sign up for my free month at netflix courtesy of my special Ticketmaster discount, so I got 15 days free for 6 dollars more than they said. I know pretty much nobody reads those terms of service (By clicking here, you agree..." )Yeah kiss my ass, prove it was me who clicked anything. That really is a good defense if a judge actually held you to it. Anyways, here is what my 8 year old nephew agreed to when I told him the click the button: Right to Terminate We reserve the right to terminate or restrict your use of our service, without notice, for any or no reason whatsoever. I'm not leaving anything out of that sction. That's exactly what it says LOL. Doesn't it seem like my nephew also wrote their rules? I'm not kidding, go look for yourself. It's not even legal jargon! Claims of Copyright Infringement It is the policy of Netflix to respect the intellectual property rights of others. If you believe that content on the Netflix Web site constitutes a copyright infringement, please notify us of your concern by submitting a written notice to us at the following address: Netflix, Inc. 970 University Avenue Los Gatos, CA 95032 Attention: General Counsel Your notice must be signed and contain the following: (i) A physical or electronic signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright interest; (ii) Identification of the copyrighted work claimed to have been infringed; (iii) Identification of the material on the Netflix Web site that is claimed to be infringing, and information reasonably sufficient to permit us to locate the material; (iv) Information reasonably sufficient to permit us to contact you, such as your address, telephone number, and, if available, your e-mail address; (v) A statement that you have a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law; (vi) A statement that the above information is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that you are, or are authorized to act on behalf of, the owner of the copyright that is allegedly infringed. Our copyright notice hotline is (408) 317-3990 and the email address is Please note, however, that in order for your notice to us to be effective under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, your notice must be in writing and contain the elements described above. We will not be able to respond to any customer service or other issues through this phone number or email address. For queries that are not related to copyright matters, please see other ways to contact us. Okay tell me why that needs to be signed, but I don't need to sign when I EXPRESSLY agree to absolutely nothing. My cat walked across the keyboard you JO's. Disputes You and Netflix agree that the United States District Court for the Northern District of California and/or the California Superior Court for the County of Santa Clara shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute between you and Netflix relating in any way to the Netflix service or Web site or these Terms of Use. You and Netflix expressly and irrevocably consent to personal jurisdiction and venue in these courts. Nope. That's even illegal. Yes, they can bind us to a state, but not a particular venue, by that I mean they can't just choose Santa Clara b/c it'ws convenient for them! I have to find out if they even have a lawyer. Trust me guys, I'm not a lawyer, don't work for one, hate em all, b/c of crap like this. I read it to see how each company takes more and more rights away from you because even they know you aren't going to read it. Once that is established, that they know no one reads the crap, they have no basis for any claim whatsoever.

When in doubt, use a hammer. When further in doubt, find a bigger hammer.

10221.8.2005 1:59

Could someone be watching your movies and then re-mailing them days later?
Whisperer, Anything's possible around here. lol It doesn't even have to happen at the post office. We have cluster boxes here that serve a number of homes in one place instead of everyone having a mailbox in front of their houses and it's not an uncommon occurrence to get all of someone else's mail as well as your own. Each compartment locks but if the mailman can't read it doesn't help. One time all I got of my Blockbuster rental was the portion of the envelope that was addressed to me, no envelope, no DVD, just the address portion. Took it to the post office and they looked at me like I was crazy. It was so neatly torn on the perforations that to me it seemed that there was no way it was an accident. They wouldn't even give me a form to fill out to report it. It amazes me that with Netflix's envelopes being so much thinner and seemingly more likely to be damaged I've never gotten a mangled one. I've gotten Blockbuster movies in envelopes that looked as if they'd seen a war zone and come back. Maybe the thicker heavier envelopes get caught in the machinery more easily than the other ones do. I just don't know. lol

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