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Podcasts on your mobile

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 21 Aug 2005 23:50

Podcasts on your mobile A company that specialises in P2P software that allows mobile users to listen to music has released new software for podcasting with cell phones. Melodeo released Mobilcast, software that's designed to help users find and download podcasts for their mobiles. The success of podcasting, which started just with underground podcasting, has sparked interest with major companies across the world. Apple, of course, is looking to tap this resource a bit.
In the next iTunes software update, there will be the ability to create and distribute your own podcasts. Podcasts are used by everyone from underground techies to BusinessWeek. So far however, in order to enjoy podcasts, you either have to have a PC or a digital music player like an iPod but Melodeo believes that podcasts reach will grow by millions through cell phones.

"The mobile phone is the perfect tool for finding and listening to podcasts," Don Davidge, senior vice president of sales at Melodeo, said in a statement. "With Mobilcast, Melodeo applies the same software and user experience to podcasts that we have applied to other types of digital media." It makes perfect sense really; mobile phones are owned by far more people than digital audio players.


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