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iTunes Japan sells albums for 50 yen - Accidentally

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 Aug 2005 3:20 User comments (10)

iTunes Japan sells albums for 50 yen - Accidentally Apple's iTunes music store has a rep for offering quite expensive music downloads, a fact that even major record labels are getting fed up with. However, it emerged last Thursday that Apple was selling full albums in it's iTunes music store for less than all other music services available; just 50 yen (equivalent of about €0.36). The reason the price sounds far too good to be true... is because it was.
Apple immediately moved in to say that the price move, which as about 30 time less than it should have been, was simply a "terrible mistake". The company pointed out that the price change only hit a few dozen less popular albums. iTunes has already been popular in Japan, selling over 1 million tracks in just four days after the service launched in the country.

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10 user comments

125.8.2005 3:32

GG Apple.

225.8.2005 3:44

Hahahahaahahahah You Have To Laugh!!

325.8.2005 13:47

that is funny. If it was .36cent i would pay for my songs now.

425.8.2005 15:03

Wow. 2 bad i didnt catch that.

525.8.2005 16:01

how could you miss that lol

625.8.2005 16:02

oh i wasn't saying that to you jangalang sorry

726.8.2005 18:13

it's .36 euros

827.8.2005 18:01

Anyone who noticed that in Japan, got a ton of music for nothing.

928.8.2005 15:49

 Serves those greedy so-and-sos at Apple right ...

1030.8.2005 13:30

tru catfreak. everything they sell is stylish but never quite top-of-the-market

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