AfterDawn: Tech news closes due to legal pressure

Written by James Delahunty @ 25 Aug 2005 1:30 User comments (7) closes due to legal pressure A well known and much used eDonkey2000 listing site has closed its doors due to mounting legal pressure. The German site focused primarily on links to TV shows. It did not host any copyrighted files however, just ed2k link that can be used to find content easily on the eD2K network. Here is a message left on the homepage of the site.
TRW is under legal attack and forced offline for the time being.

For the legal defence TRW seriously needs your help. Please donate whatever you can via the paypal donation option below.
Even 1-2 Euros would help already and paypal offers secure payments via credit card as well as from your bank account in many countries.
If any donations might be left after this situation, they will be donated for a good cause like EFF or Oxfam.

Thank you very much for your help!
The Webmaster

Many of the sites users suspected that something was up as over the last few months several links to certain TV shows were disappearing from the site.


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7 user comments

125.8.2005 03:47

Farewell To One of the best Torrent sites around undoubtedely

22.9.2005 15:57

you think its going to comeback

33.9.2005 01:38

Nah They're Screwed. You Can Tell By How They Say It, It shows desperation

43.9.2005 12:10

lol that is so true

510.10.2005 20:56

this sucks. check because i hear they will be making a replacement for and even a little rememberance page for the legendary TRW. TRW was my favorite site and its retarded that people press for legal charges etc. I mean like everyone has cable tv so they can see all these shows, whats the diff in downloading a show so u can watch it after work instead of setting ur vcr up to record a show to watch after work.

67.11.2005 13:37

NOOOOOOOOO this was like the best site i use shareaza with. Ahh man, maybe theres another site

77.11.2005 13:49

Well, you cannot be missing it that much, seeing as it closed nearly 10 weeks ago! Hehe

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