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Nero to demonstrate software with Blu-Ray support

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 02 Sep 2005 2:27 User comments (19)

Nero to demonstrate software with Blu-Ray support Nero, leaders in digital media technology, will showcase software with support for the Blu-ray format the Philips booth at the IFA show in Berlin. The IFA Show takes place from September 2nd to September 7th. Nero 6 Reloaded, the all in one burning solution for CD/DVD/blur laser, has the ability to burn data with a blue laser onto Blu-Ray recordable media. Nero ShowTime 2 allows users to playback all digital recordings, including video recorded into Blu-Ray discs.
Blu-Ray is a competing format for next generation DVD technology being jointly developed and backed by the Blu-ray Disc Association. The Blu-ray disc association consists of a group of leading electronics and PC companies. The difference between the Blu-ray format and the current DVD recordable media available is that Blu-ray uses a blue laser instead of red. Blue lasers have shorter wavelength than red lasers allowing data storing at high densities.

This results in much higher available capacity on a disc the same size as a DVD disc which is needed for the emerging market for high definition material and next generation games that will be used with consoles like the upcoming Playstation 3. The high-definition (HD) movie features achieved by using Blu-ray single-layer media with Nero applications include six hours of HD movie playback, 11 hours of standard content playback, and Dolby Digital multichannel surround playback with 40 Mbps maximum bit rate for ultra high quality.

"Nero’s embrace of Blu-ray technology is integral to our mission to provide the most powerful and up-to-date recording solutions for our customers," says Nero’s Jim Corbett, Executive Director of Nero AG. "We encourage everyone who attends the IFA show to see it in action at the Philips booth, and to rely on Nero for applications that bring this new standard to life." Competing with Blu-ray is HD-DVD, which also has heavy support behind it. However, yesterday it emerged that Toshiba may delay the release of HD-DVD players until 2006, instead of its previous end of the year deadline.


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19 user comments

12.9.2005 3:09

welcome the future of digital software & burning

22.9.2005 4:33

The whole blu-ray and HD-DVD is a BIG MISTAKE! Think about the laser disc format, it was abonded not long after it's release the VHS appeared! Many people have had to get used to DVD players, (My Mum got a DVD player the other day, and she's have difficulty understanding it and she's 41) My point is, people are only just getting used to DVD players and the idea of releasing yet another format/machine is barbaric, It's just going to prove to be another mistake. -Mike

32.9.2005 5:08

Maybe with HD-DVDs... but I don't think your Mom is gonna be among the millions that will buy a PS3... you see, the thing is that if they were just coming up with new hd dvd players people would think twice... but the PS3 is different, because people will buy it for the games, but then they realize "oh... i got a blue ray dvd player also... i could get some movies".... so that's why i think is not a big mistake, but only time will tell...

42.9.2005 6:29

keep in mind that it is always about money..

52.9.2005 7:23

Everyone says they are tired of having to buy new equipment, and switch for,ats, right? Well, why are we switching this time? It's because DVD is not meeting the demands for capcity in HD and extra content (Like we want the extra crap). What happens when HD-DVD doesn't cut it? You'll need the capacity of Blu-ray, and eventually Blu-ray won't cut it, it's inevitable. Do you want to buy HD-DVD, the have to buy something else sooner than if you went Blu-ray? It's such a simple concept of how capacity is king. Prices will drop eventually, so don't waste your money on HD-DVD. You'll be buying Blu-ray or something like it down the line anyway.

62.9.2005 14:27

Mik3h is right, I mean people have to get used to the dvd player first. I had my dvd player about 4years ago and i didn't use it till 1 1/2 years ago cause i though VHS was better. (silly me) I also don't understand why we need that much room in Bly ray. I don't think we need to have bly ray right now, maby in couple of years.

72.9.2005 14:48

You think the transition to HD-DVD will be easier than Blu-ray? It's the same, new DVD media, new player, everything.

82.9.2005 17:54

Hey,what about backward compability? I read somewhere that you could play your dvd`s on an hd-dvd so you can have more time to change all your collection.

92.9.2005 18:41

I know for a fact that DVDs will play on Blu-ray. It is probally the same for HD-DVD, but I haven't seen it with my own eyes yet.

103.9.2005 0:08

Yes you can watch DVDs on HD-DVD players. Thats the main marketting and manufacturing points that the backers stress. Its not about which one will win. They will fight it out only when there is nomore money to be made from DVD sales. There are a couple format wars being raged right now. High fedlity entertanment formats like: DVD-Audio and SACD; the main people involved are Audio files and/or technology freaks (me). The proof; DVD-Audio is backwards compadible with DVD players yet people still won't adopt it because it is not mainstream. Since CD's sound good there is no reason to buy SACDs for most people. Lets not forget about the war between Analog tv and Digital tv. Most people don't understand why we are switching to digital. Becasuse its better (duh)! The government knows the general public won't convert on there own and is making them (americans, me) change! I sell both and must tell you that people will be skeptical untill you show them how much better the new stuff is. As far as DVD and Blue-Ray, there dominence will depend on how there brand is received (all the sony freaks are alreay saving up for Blue-Ray recorders and PS3s). Who ever offers the finest content and flexibility will when. I think that Nero siding with BLue-Ray is a giant leep, one that could prove fatal for HD-DVD. Doesn't mean HD-DVD is worse than Blue-Ray. Its just not as good for buisness.

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113.9.2005 6:02

HD-DVD and BLU-RAY isn't aimed at the 41 yr old grandmother market, it's aimed at the Home Theater buffs, techno-geeks, and the Got-to-have-it-crowd. Let’s not forget something here, it's not about which format can hold more, it's about CONTENT. Microsoft ( I think it was them) said most movies, even in High-Def, will not take use up even a single sided HD-DVD disk, much less use the full storage capacity of a duel layer, double sided Bluray disk. Now I know Microsoft isn’t the last word on the subject, but it brings up an interesting point. I've never seen someone pick a DVD based on the data storage capacity of a disk, or if that disk was single sided or double. People just don’t care. Whoever has the best movies out will win. Now this isn't as simple as it sounds, as both sides have major movie studios backing their format. This will boil down to movie support, and price. Just like VHS vs. Beta, Beta was a better format, but lost because of content. For me, I'll wait until there's a duel-format reader, or a clear winner. I hate that idea because I LOVE HI-DEF, and would be one of those guys that would buy a player on the release date if this stupid format war wasn’t happing.

123.9.2005 13:30

I just hope that this wont affect burning too much.

133.9.2005 20:30
Inactive yeah but will burned bluray disks work in set top boxes? personally ill take a hacked hd-dvd box made in china over a bluray box made by the MPAA!!! Cheers! "The Blu-ray camp is going two steps beyond AACS. First, it is requiring that Blu-ray disc manufacturers embed a globally unique identifier in the physical media through a process called ROM Mark. The identifier is embedded holographically and is not part of the data on the disc. This ensures that only legitimately manufactured discs will play on Blu-ray players. This process is very hard to duplicate and presumably involves digital signatures or other cryptographic devices that identify the hardware and software used in the manufacturing process. Second, the BDA is specifying the use of renewable encryption through a mechanism called BD+. If AACS (or some future protection scheme) is hacked, individual devices can be rendered inoperable until they download and implement a new scheme."

143.9.2005 20:56

153.9.2005 21:21

obviously you do, why else would you post? You would care if you had the capacity to understand anything besides world of warcraft, and trolling forums.

165.9.2005 1:01

lol, he couldnt care less about this issue hahaha poor fellow

176.9.2005 3:12

its too soon to introduce a new format! and the information i just read on blu-ray protection will keep me sticking with dvd for another good 2 years at least.

186.9.2005 5:10

How is it too soon? DVD has been around for 10+ years now, and can't hold the amount of data that's required for HD. The copy protection sucks, but that’s not going to last, as you know there will be a work around for it. There always is.....assuming Bluray wins that is.

196.9.2005 5:11

That's really gay gamepro1, very, what kind of a idiot goes around to forums saying "I don't give a damn", get out then. The new media isn't just about hi-def movies, it's about data storage, back-up, all sorts of stuff that the 25GB per layer will really come in handy. Do you want to buy one player for your TV and another for your computer? No, one format, lot's of storage.

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