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EA unveils games for Xbox 360 launch

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 Oct 2005 19:34 User comments (36)

EA unveils games for Xbox 360 launch Electronic Arts has announced five video game titles that will be released for the Xbox 360 when the console is released next month. Need for Speed Most Wanted, FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup, NBA Live 06, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 and Madden NFL 06 will be debuted by the world's biggest video game publisher at Microsoft's X05 event in Amsterdam on Tuesday and Wednesday.
The Godfather, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat and a new game from the Burnout Revenge franchise are all also under development for the new Xbox console, EA said, but the release dates for these games were not disclosed. The Xbox 360 is Microsoft's next generation gaming console and is set to be released on November 22nd this year.

Getting the early release ahead of Sony's PlayStation 3 console is vital for Microsoft considering the reputation and following that the "PlayStation" name has. Putting specs of the consoles aside is something that gamers will do pretty quickly, and then the judgment of which is better and which will take the #1 spot will come down to other factors such as the amount and quality of the games released for each console.


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36 user comments

13.10.2005 21:49

I can't wait for Need For Speed Most Wanted.

23.10.2005 23:00

360 is still using the soon to be outdated dvd-9's right? pretty stupid move if you ask me. The 360 will be the cool new console for about 6 months, then be completely blown out by the games for the ps3. Even if the cpu and memory is the same for each console, it still cant have as high definition of a picture with 1/5th the memory on a disc. i also heard that 360 was tryin to be hd-compatible, but i dont know if that was true, or ever is going to happen? or did happen?

34.10.2005 0:06

"i also heard that 360 was tryin to be hd-compatible, but i dont know if that was true, or ever is going to happen? or did happen?" damn dude, if you dont even know that then I doubt anyone who reads your comment will take you seriously. do a little research before you start mentioning specs and making comparisons. most of todays games take up less than 4 gigs of data. thats a single layer disc. Im sure MS will be using dl discs on the next gen, thats over 9 gigs. theres plenty of room for hd content. then again, it not ALL about the graphics. sony's games are going to be priced from $60-$90. I would never fucking pay $90 for a game, i dont give a shit how good it looks.

44.10.2005 1:42

I thought that x360 would have a HD-DVD drive, but it's just a regular dvd-drive which supports dl dvd's. Wow, that's one big mistake from microsoft. Ps3's bluray discs have alot more capacity, so videoscenes in games can easily be in hd format. I'm sure x360 will do just fine with DVD9 but in few years it will be a challenge to fit a game on DVD9. I'd rather watch final fantasy cut scenes in hd format rather than regular mpeg2 or similar crap.

54.10.2005 3:25

Obviously a bunch of twits in here. The drive is backwards compatible, and it plays HD-DVD Discs. Yes, they do not hold as much data as Blu-Ray. Have a good read... and just for the hell of it, both formats use the Microsoft Video codec 1 (aka VC1, WMV HD, etc.) Codecs... they both use the same codecs, so in reality, the quality will be the same for any given length of time (up until the limit of the HD-DVD discs that is.

64.10.2005 4:36 Storage:

* Detachable and upgradeable 20GB hard drive * 12x dual-layer DVD-ROM * Memory Unit support starting at 64 MB

74.10.2005 4:42

And you should read it too. It doesn't matter if hd-dvd drives are backwards compatible, if x360 doesn't have one. I know that even a regular cd can hold hd-quality video, but it takes helluva lot of space. Nice to pump up that DVD9 with hd-quality video, then you don't have enough space for the game.

84.10.2005 7:28

I think if you are interested in the 360, you should check out the 360 forum! -Mike

94.10.2005 8:22

enog29... could you show me the research that makes you believe that sony games will be price so high?? Sony is not that dumb to price that high or no one would buy any games. EA making games for the 360 comes as no surprise. EA will always make games for the top consoles. I agree it is crucial for the 360 to get EA's games. Could you imagine how many people would choose not to buy a 360 just because they did not have Madden and NBA live alone. Especially Madden.

104.10.2005 11:22

Ever since the event of dvd software house have struggled to use all the capacity of the disc. Most fill the dvd with pointless and drawn out cut scenes. It dont matter what format the disc is its about the quality of the game. There was some killer games out on the Amiga and such like with the whole capacity of 1.44MB disc And dont a band sound just as good on vinyl as they do on CD it aint about the quality so much as the music being played

114.10.2005 12:31

So my fellow AfterDawner's, what does any of this have to do with EA unveiling its launch lineup. NOTHING!

124.10.2005 15:33

Aye It does :S It tells you what they plan to release along with the console. -Mike

134.10.2005 16:02

I'm talking about everyone's comments. They have nothing to do with EA's launch lineup.

144.10.2005 18:07

Who the hell cares if the discs are not hd!!! games people,fun games thats what i want.

155.10.2005 0:27

Well it matters if games are in 1080i resolution and you can't use textures detailed enough if there's no disc space where to put it. So if console has the potential to run games at this resolution, then they should take the advantage of the whole capacity. And games will be much more expensive than on this generation consoles, since neo-gen consoles are many times faster than the old ones. So models have more polygons, higher resolution textures = more work = costs more money. And who pays all this? YOU dear consumers, you who play the games. And to the original topic: EA releases every damn year the same crappy games with shinier helmets and current year in the game's name. EA sport games suck bad. Burnout is ok, and I'm looking forward to that battlefield game.

165.10.2005 14:43

I think that M$ has made a big change from Xbox to Xbox 360. Besides all the improvemnets to the specs'n' all, but they have succeeded in : Being the first to come out with their next-gen system. Bringing some playstation developers to develop games for Xbox 360. And has the most media coverage on a system ever since playstation 2 came out. XBOX 360 IS GONNA ROCK.

176.10.2005 5:04

Hey Jason....Which developers did microsoft get to make games for the 360 that previously made games for the ps2?????? Are they going to get any of the games that have been exclusives for the ps2??? And if so do you mind listing a few. If they get some that i already liked i might try a xbox 360.

186.10.2005 5:45

Here you go lxhotboy. You should find out that developers are losing intrest in developing games for PS3, and moving to develop for Xbox 360 :

196.10.2005 5:50

Srry about not having it come up as a quick link. all u have to do is scroll over it, then press ctrl + c, then move it to the google bar and it comes up. If u dont have the google bar then ur gonna have to type the address out. Srry again

206.10.2005 9:33

im sorry Jason8 but i can't trust a website that is so obviously biased about stuff like that especially since the Playstation name will make so many developers a lot of money.

216.10.2005 13:38

i dont know about that, 360 looks like its on the downfall to me. they are making big mistakes and if they keep making subpar innovations they will be right next to nintendo. ps3 is going to be by far the better of the two. The only reason 360 will sell anything is because its coming out 6 months earlier.

226.10.2005 14:11

There r many other reasons y Xbox 360 will sell a lot, not just cause it comes out 6 months earlier!!!.

236.10.2005 21:44

What`s this? battle of the fanboys?

246.10.2005 22:00

Ya. Ill admit it. I am a fanboy of Xbox & Microsoft. Always have and always will be. I have played Xbox since I got it in 2002, along with PS2 and I have to say that Xbox whooped its ass in the graphics, but PS2 had better games. this time round, Xbox 360 has the better graphics and games over PS3. All PS3 has is the speed with 7x cores. They have no good games what-so-ever.

257.10.2005 4:43

LOL, Ok you cant actually know which system will have better graphics until they are both out and as far as the games go. Well sony is smarter than you think. I have a hunch that sony is holding its titles of great games so that microsoft will not be prepared when they finally do anounce them. Kinda like hitting them when their back is turned. Honestly i am thinking they may be doing the same for the PSP. They have not released a big second wave of games yet and GTA was originally suppose to be out by now. I think they are waiting for the 360 to release more PSP games to interrupt 360 sales and i have read they may also drop the ps2 to $99 dollars so if sony does both of those things it will slow the 360 down some on sales a bit. People are still going to buy the 360 though.

267.10.2005 18:34

The atari jaguar`s gonna rock man.

2710.10.2005 0:45

LOL.... Man what are you smoking dude??? Atari jaguar??? Man email me some of that twanky you smoking, its got to be some of that fire. LOL

2811.10.2005 10:48

i gotta agree with lxhotboy, the ps3 is to big to not have more news surrounding it so sony has got to be keeping things quiet so that they can have some big releases or big news to take away some thunder from the 360. someone else i think mentioned how much money sony has been losing lately and they need the ps3 to succeed big time. also the ps3 will have better graphics because it has more than twice the amount of gigflops that the 360 has gigaflops=power and graphics

2911.10.2005 10:56

I have to agree with the both of you because its true. PS3 will have better graphics and be the fastest machine out of all of them. The only thing that they r still missing is good Games. Microsoft keeps beating them in the good games department cause Sony only has games from the original developer teams. Microsoft has exclusive teams just for the Xbox 360. examples like : Epic Games - Gears of War Bungie - Halo 3 Rare - Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo,(more probably later) Ubisoft - Ghost Recon 3 and Splinter Cell 4 (even though they makie games for both systems, it just works better with Xbox and Xbox 360, according to Ubisoft Montreal) And thats just to name a few that will be making KICK ASS games for the 360, making it 10x better in the games department. Also no one else has online gaming like Xbox Live does. So pretty much PS3 and 360 are tied in the next gen-race. Sony better " Bring it On "

3011.10.2005 11:00

I think that is pretty fair except you forgot a little things called Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, and oh year Resident Evil. Also you have to pay for xbox live and we don't know yet if Sony will decide to start charging for internet gaming.

3111.10.2005 11:02

Ok . u also forgot sumthin. Final Fantasy and Resident Evil r all going to be on Xbox 360, Xbox Live Silver is Free and Gold is 49.99 a year and sony will have online, but itll be the same as PS2. and yes that will cost money.

3211.10.2005 11:06

were did you here about those games going to 360? ive allways wondered were people get all this news anyways.

3311.10.2005 11:09

If you bought the Xbox 360 Launch Guide Magazine, its got all the info on the system and the games. Youll find that Final Fantasy 11 and possibly 12 ( not anounced yet ) will be there. as well as ull see a little bit of Resident evil 5 near the end. ill try and find a site that u can got to for all the games.

3411.10.2005 11:17

ok. here you go. Go To : for final fantasy 11 for Resident Evil 5. Go to

3511.10.2005 11:28

well it looks like not even sony can offer these people enough money or microsoft offered so much to keep things exclusive. any ways though things will be getting interesting in the next couple months and we get closer to launch times for these two systems. :) either way you gotta say the consumers will win this war :D

3611.10.2005 11:48

And thats The TRUTH. :P

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