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Peter Jackson joins Halo movie team

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 04 Oct 2005 13:31 User comments (20)

Peter Jackson joins Halo movie team The creative team behind J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings movies, including award winning director Peter Jackson have jumped at the chance to work with Universal Studios and Fox on the upcoming Halo movie, based on the highly successful video game. Peter Jackson and wife, Fran Walsh, will be executive producers for the movie which is not expected for worldwide release until mid-2007. Universal will oversee the film's production and domestic distribution. Fox will handle international distribution.
It will be filmed in New Zealand at Wellington, using Jackson's production and post-production facilities. "I'm a huge fan of the game and look forward to helping it come alive on the cinema screen," Jackson said in a statement. Hints had been made when the game was announced originally that Peter Jackson would be somehow involved as Universal and Fox were looking for someone "as dedicated to Halo as Peter Jackson was to Tolkien's middle earth".

Screenwriter and novelist Alex Garland (28 Days Later, The Beach) wrote the original feature film adaptation of Halo, which is still without a named director, but an announcement is expected in the coming weeks. Peter Jackson is currently working on post-production of King Kong which is expected to come to theaters in December.


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20 user comments

14.10.2005 13:36

Thats good to know, so hopfully this movie will be prety decent.

24.10.2005 13:45

i don't think it's gonna be that good cuz i'm sure it's gonna be load it with computer animations. maybe another stealth.

34.10.2005 14:41

Hasn't this guy earned enough money from the Lord of The Rings movies He should have been retired by now.

44.10.2005 14:51

well now im gunna watch the movie

54.10.2005 14:52

You'd have to be pretty bad to make Stealth from Halo...

64.10.2005 15:09

Awesome Peter Jackson (no relation to Michael Jackson)Hes makes good movies I wanna see what this one will be like.

74.10.2005 15:52

I don't know why but I just think that this movie is really going to suck. Whose heard of a game becoming a good movie. ANd why not Zelda. Zelda, I believe, would make a great movie because it's an epic.

84.10.2005 17:01

I am assuming this will at least be better than the Doom movie. Now that is going to suck!

94.10.2005 22:21

I, cant wait to check out the King Kong demo in Dec, playstation mag.

105.10.2005 2:03

final fantasy 7:advent children is a good movie. although it never came out in the us, and most likely does have close to the production budget as halo will, i thought it was good. all computer animation

116.10.2005 13:15

Do you think they'll get Steve Downes to play the Master Chief? Or will they take a dive and use someone else... Michael Madsen, Matt Damon possibly, or what about putting A'Pie's "Stiffler" in the MJOLNIR armour? God, this could be bad!!

126.10.2005 13:49

i meants to say "doesnt".

1311.10.2005 6:13

matt damon would be good

Dont pick ur nose ur as will get jealous!!

149.2.2006 5:20

I think Orlando Bloom should play Master Chief

159.2.2006 5:21

matt damon should not play mc becuase matt damon sucks worth crap

169.2.2006 5:21

Chris Farrly should hehe

179.2.2006 5:23

Steve Downs should not cause he sucks

189.2.2006 5:23

if we do not see master chiefs face i think it should be vin deisel

199.2.2006 5:25

Ein Meckalim should play Captain Jacob Keyes

2010.2.2006 3:11

Steve Downes sucks?? That's a bit harsh don’t you think, he hasn't really done anything other than the Halo video games. He pops up on with 3 "filmography" hits, Halo's 1&2 & Septerra Core, along with his morning radio show, not really enough material there to justify "he sucks". As far as I'm concerned, he is the only guy for the job! It's his voice that matters - you only ever see the Chief's golden faceplate - his good looks, nice smile, anything cosmetic, it’s all totally irrelevant. In fact, the guy wouldn’t even need to go anywhere near the Halo set... stick a muscular stuntman in the armour, and get Steve Downes to read the script into a mic, job done. The same goes for everyone else too... Cortana, Johnson, Keyes (if he’s alive), even the Aussie marine “It’s Showtime” - since the game relied heavily on their voices for storytelling cut scenes and action sequences, it would be a shame to change them! ...oh, and why does Matt Damon ‘suck worth crap’?? Explain?

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