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Unified next-gen format standard still possible?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 04 Oct 2005 22:42 User comments (4)

Unified next-gen format standard still possible? After talks broke down between the HD-DVD camp and the Blu-Ray camp collapsed in June, fears began spreading about the possibility of a format war between the two. However, a unified standard is still a slight possibility according to Toshiba president Yoshihide Fujii who told the Japan Times that Toshiba has "no intention of giving up on creating a single format." He said the talks originally broke down because Blu-Ray supporters couldn't convince Toshiba that the format's disc structure was reliable.
He said however that Toshiba would be willing to come to a compromise because the company is "flexible." He said there is still time for new negotiations to happen but the deadline has been set for the end of the year which is when Toshiba plans to release HD-DVD players. This extra bit of hope comes just as the DVD format war is heating up.

We reported just days ago that Microsoft and Intel had pledged support for the HD-DVD format which drew much criticism from Blu-Ray supporters including Hewlett-Packard and Dell. "Every computer manufacturer in the Blu-Ray Disc Association carefully reviewed both formats and ultimately chose Blu-ray as the superior solution for meeting customer demands and providing the best possible end-user experience." said Hewlett Packard's Maureen Weber.

"It is surprising that announcement is not aligned with that of the vast majority of the computer industry and is contrary to our consumer research," she added referring to Microsoft and Intel's earlier announcement. Dell founder Michael Dell criticized Microsoft, questioning whether the company had any reason or right to even back a format. "Which version of Windows was the first to support DVD drives? The answer is none, because there is no DVD Codec in Windows, because manufacturers have always provided their own codecs," he said.


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4 user comments

15.10.2005 4:04

My theory of why microsoft has chosen a side in another companys war is becuase of the ps3 using blu-ray. If windows supports one and designs more software compatability then it will instantly become more widly used by us consumers. This once again aggresively forcing somebody out of the market (in theory anyway). Once again this is only theory and Beyond sketchy reports and internet rumour there is no real facts to back this up.

25.10.2005 7:56

What a shock it is that M$ is against Blu-Ray. I guess this means that the next-gen X-Box won't be using the technology developed by Sony, their main console competitor (PS, PS2, PS3). Whas it really even necessary for them to tell anyone this?

35.10.2005 8:57

I support HD-DVD, Blu-Ray is too flakey for me.

45.10.2005 12:12

i'm all for the sony's blue ray.

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