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Disposable DVDs from Microsoft - hoax

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 06 Oct 2005 20:47 User comments (5)

Disposable DVDs from Microsoft - hoax As many of our members picked up and alerted us about, the news circulating that Microsoft was planning to release a "play once," disposable DVD was a hoax. It originated on and continued to cause quite a stir. The Inquirer is reporting that Microsoft is not going to do this at all, and was confused over the news circulating sites about it.
Anyway, it's not the end of the world as marketing self-destructing DVDs has proven to be less of a success as hoped. Let's not forget that piles of disposable DVDs being thrown away by consumers would have sparked debates over its effect on the environment also.

Thanks to agent-k also for using our News Submission form to let us know about the article at The Inquirer.

The Inquirer

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5 user comments

16.10.2005 23:37

Nah, it was never a hoax in the first place. When the news leaked and Microsoft browsed the internet for opinion, they realised all the negative comments, pulled back and called it a hoax. Yup.

26.10.2005 23:57

I agree with ZeroTech, sounds exactly like the cowardly tactics Microsoft would use...they never admit to their own mistakes, but instead create B/S stories to cover them up!

37.10.2005 11:16

Oh yes, I'm sure it's an obvious conspiracy. And the government doesn't want you to know that aliens are reading your thoughts. Put on your tin foil hats!

47.10.2005 20:24

i always wear tinfoil underwear and hat, just in case microsoft or aliens wanna mess with my mind or sperms.

58.10.2005 10:28


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