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First Annual Peer-to-Peer Litigation Summit

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 06 Oct 2005 21:51 User comments (7)

First Annual Peer-to-Peer Litigation Summit The Recording Industry vs. The People is reporting on the First Annual Peer to Peer litigation summit that will take place on November 3rd 2005. Here is the information from the site...
First Annual Peer-to-Peer Litigation Summit

When: November 3, 2005

Where: Northwestern University Law School, Chicago, IL

In September 2003, members of the Recording Association of America filed the first wave of lawsuits against individual peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharers. Two years and 14,000 lawsuits later, both P2P file-sharing and file-sharing litigation continue unabated, and members of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) are now suing individual Internet users as well. It's time to step back and consider where this litigation has been, where it's going, and whether there is a better way.

This one-day conference brings together public and private defense attorneys, clients, investigators, advocates and academics to discuss the latest developments in peer-to-peer litigation. How do the RIAA and MPAA go about identifying plaintiffs? What are the most effective legal strategies
and tactics? Is it better to settle immediately, or fight it out in the courts? How is this impacting the individuals sued? What is the role of ISPs in this quagmire? Should Congress step in and, if so, what legislation is needed? Are there other ways to compensate authors for their works? Panelists will address these topics and more. Audience members will be strongly encouraged to share their experiences as well.

Recording Industry vs. The People

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7 user comments

16.10.2005 22:30

this is gonna be one compellin issue, but it's gonna be interesting anything happen.

27.10.2005 1:14

this isn't going to change anything thay can'y sur every 12 year old kid and i know that almost everyone had DLed at atleast one mp3 in there life time. but best of luck wasting more time and money

37.10.2005 10:40

sure here is a solution peerguardian!

48.10.2005 13:59

Thats what we need more meetings in the world that dont lead to anything. Action people thats what we need instead of thinking of stratgies of how to sue people why dont they get together and figure out what is the cause of pleople using p2p software in the first place... The main cause people do it this way is it is more cost effective... If they can make things cheaper and then people may think its worth while buying instead of downloading...

58.10.2005 14:24

I agree with you barhan9.The only way their going to slow down maybe not stop the downloading of movies is to reduce the movie ticket prices and also reduce the prices of the dvd's.

69.10.2005 4:45

I love p2p. I have been in the Scene for over 10 years now sense mIRC and newsgroups began. I can tell you there is no way it can die. Even if they sue every torrent site and file sharing program another pops right up in its place. The technology is out of the bag. I don't understand why these companies that are so greedy just come out with there own p2p software and charge for it. Give us tv downloads, movies, ultra fast connections with great material. They have to remember they are competing with "free". So they have to give the people something to pay for. Charge 19.95-29.95 a month. I would pay if there was something that gave me a good amount of material fpr the money. They let the major companies who own the material divide up the profits. Why fight the revolution, join it?

717.12.2005 15:58

Let's hope that this summit is biased in favour of P2P and not other way around. (I doubt that it could be completely unbiased.)

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