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Datel 4GB PSP Hard Drive

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 08 Oct 2005 11:35 User comments (42)

Datel 4GB PSP Hard Drive Want more room to store encoded video, photos and music to be played back on your PSP but don't want to spend money on an expensive 2GB Memory Stick Duo? Well now you have another option from Datel, a 4GB HDD and X2 battery combined. It's common knowledge that the 32MB memory stick provided with the PSP just isn't good enough storage space for the features offered by the PSP, but Memory Sticks are expensive.
The Datel HDD and battery is priced at 137.49 (roughly 200). It is claimed that the X2 battery will provide twice as much playing time as a standard battery. Also included is the Get Connected Media Cable and its media software. So it's a nice upgrade for anyone who wants to add a bit more power top their PSP. Dark Planets will begin shipping the item on October 20th

Dark Planets

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42 user comments

18.10.2005 11:56

omg that's freakin awsome but it's freakin overpriced 200euro = about 245dllar dude i could have get another psp. that's nut

28.10.2005 12:05

I think it's great that people are thinking along these lines, 32MB for a device thats capable of more than just games is crazy. 137.49 is a lot of cash, but seems a good price when you consider what you get with it and that a 2GB Memory Stick Duo costs around 160!!! Now thats a bad price!!

38.10.2005 12:18

It will be interesting to how they have done it. It must be a huge block. Since 2x batteries are bigger than standard batteries on psp (I think sony would have made 2x battery from the start if it were possible to fit it in the same space at this time). And there's also a 4gb hdd in same package. Damn that thing must be huge. I'm just thinking that how they will connect that hdd to psp. I'm sure it's not possible by just replacing your battery with that bump. And will it show just like normal memorystick? v1.0 and v1.5 owners will love this, since they can now carry more "backups" with them, if you know what I mean :p

48.10.2005 12:25

Heres some pics, might mean something to you, Ive never actually held a PSP so not sure what I'm looking at here :-) Only comment I can make is on the battery, I shouldn't imagine its physically bigger, just higher capacity. The X2 just refers to that. The sony one is 1800mah and the X2 one is in theory, twice your battery life.

58.10.2005 12:36


68.10.2005 12:55

Well duh, of course I know that 2x means it's capacity, not physical size :p But have you seen these "super-batteries" in other devices like cellphones and gameboy? They're always bigger. And if only the capacity would change, why not go with 4400mAh in the first place? Or even bigger? Because bigger capacity always means bigger size. But when technology improves, then bigger capacity can be fitted in to smaller space, but still the same rule applies (bigger capacity, bigger size). And if mAh is doubled it's not in direct relation with battery duration. Like you said that in theory battery life is doubled, but only the capacity is doubled, not battery life.

78.10.2005 13:11

Yeah I know what you mean, I had a long life battery on my old Samsung phone, but it wasn't really much bigger than the normal one....definate difference but not huge. Guess Im just reading wrong tonight, little tired, but I saw the words huge and bump in your post so I thought you were thinking 2 batteries :-D I know double won't give double length, hence the word theory, but I can only think of 2 viable resons why sony went with a smaller capacity (and again I am tired) 1. So they can release a long life version of their own at a later date and collect some more coin. or 2. They wanted these things as light and thin as possible. But, again I haven't even held one of these gadgets. I see from your sig you have one...are they light and thin?

88.10.2005 13:16

can someone else post the pics? They show up as red x for me.

98.10.2005 13:23

For some reason the edit icon isn't on my posts?? Wierd... Heres the links to the images for you and I've reposted them to see if they show. I'm having a bad night :-/ pid=1726

108.10.2005 13:49

Well quite light and thin, but I wouldn't carry one in my pocket. Quite comfortable to carry around if you have some sort of a bag with you.

118.10.2005 13:55

And about that size thing. Since this device is 2x capacity battery _with_ 4gb hdd, so I'm quite sure it'll be huge :p Looks like one huge bastard if you ask me.

128.10.2005 17:37

I think I'll personally wait and see how other people in PSP community get along with this new item. It's really tempting, and great value when you pit it against 2GB Memory Stick. You gotta love PSP :D which is why we all need much more storage capacity!

138.10.2005 19:54

i think its a great step in the right direction for storage of the psp--please sony watch it closely-- and to me if i knew about hacking anything i would figure out a way too hook up my ipod--or other big hard drive device---to the psp via a cable or card convertor thing caus as you know even though ipod -is 4 mp3 its still a hard drive first and can hold--any type files so at a price of 200 dollars for an 20 or 40 gig ipod it might be a kool acccesori again if i was a hacker(hint hint)

149.10.2005 8:10

wud be cool to hook PSP up to an iPod but im very skeptical of such a thing happening. It would gigve us all a reason to buy an iPod :P lol

159.10.2005 10:33

I hope that nobody will ever invent a way to hook psp and ipod :p It would just boost ipod sales and apple would have even stronger hold of the mp3-player market. Yeah yeah, it was a joke :p

169.10.2005 15:43

I need a memory stick for my brain. When I look around my home network plus various external storage devices I can store 650 gigabyte of data. 40% of that is currently used. Of that probably 90% is junk I keep because I can. What I would really love to have is more storage room to keep all these devices.

179.10.2005 16:40

...You see, this is just another product way over-priced to titillate the main-stream's wants. Why didn't they just realease the PSP for $300, but include a 20GB HDD and a secondary battery? I know they have that technology, but insist on making people pay over and over for products that will lose its edge a couple weeks later. I'm not buying into the PSP hype until I have a good enough reason to get one, like a $100 drop in price. That's what I did with PS1, PS2 and Game Cube.

1811.10.2005 1:32

In this image it looks like the battery and the hdd are separate. My conclusions are that the hard drive eats battery fast, thus 2x battery is needed.

1911.10.2005 2:46

Darkplanets have now raise the price to 149 bloody hell for a 4Gb HDD thats about the same price has a brand new 2GB from a Retailer. Anyone found any lower price i want to pre-order it now? I know Lik-sang has it for 141.99 but they will add tax to it. I am willint to import it from the US but some of them do tax if its with DHL amd not looking forward to the DHL shipping Charge just airmail will do. DanN7650

2021.10.2005 12:39


2121.10.2005 15:27

Got it now. Very comfortable like holding a PS2w controller not too bulky just right.

222.11.2005 3:29

Got mine today from Darkplanets! Only ordered it the last night, DP rock! I can't be doing with importing anything, last time I ordered from Liksnag I got stung for import tax and bloody DHL had 12.50 of me. Robbing gits! I think this HDD is well cool, I'm off to load it up. :D

232.11.2005 16:42

I hear that you can open it up and replace the CF Microdrive card. *drool* 200GB *drool* NOTE: M$ has been trying to unpopularize it. They say that the max you can get is 4GB, but this site tried it with a 32GB it worked.

I was told to change my sig so I did this.

243.11.2005 1:45

How can u replace it??? I wouldn't risk it if i had 2 i would. If it wouldn't damage and u can undo the changes then i would do it cos i am always after bigger spaces

255.11.2005 20:34

i have the regular 1gb n i turn it into 5gb. so i wouldnt buy the 4gb hard drive im fine with my 5gb. n i got me the 3600mh battery already so tht i dont need to worry about battery life

2624.11.2005 18:44

How did you turn your 1GB memory Stick into a 5GB memory stick?

2724.11.2005 18:58

my friends help me in making my 1gb into a 5gb. u have to open up the memory stick n tinker with the wire.

2824.11.2005 19:01

Did they have to add something into the memory stick? Or did they have to just stick the wire into a different part?

2924.11.2005 19:03

switch wires. this sacrifices speed for memory. it takes away a lot of speed when reading off the memory stick.

3024.11.2005 19:08

So will it make the games that you have saved to the memory stick run slower? Or will it just make it go slower when its finding the game on the memory stick?

3124.11.2005 19:13

the game saves a little bit slower, but reading off the memory stick is noticably slow. but not so slow tht it would kill u. i recommend not to do it, becuz ther is a high chance tht u would break it n waste $100.

3224.11.2005 19:17

Do you know where there might be a guide on how to do this?

3324.11.2005 19:20

me i dont know where to find a guide to do this. i dont even where my friend found how to change a 1gb into a 5gb.

3424.11.2005 19:34

If I mail you mine do you think your friend might do it for me to?

3524.11.2005 19:37

im not so sure, i live on guam n he is off island until next year. n i cant do it without him, he is the one the does most of the things.

3624.11.2005 19:54

ok, well thanks anyways!

3724.11.2005 19:56

sure no prob. maybe u might find it over the internet.

3826.11.2005 18:40

Yea maybe I will.

3928.12.2005 21:32

short-circuiting? great idea, but this only makes your PSP THINK it's 5GB.

4031.12.2005 17:26

actually no, i put more files into the memory stick n it went over 1gb. i filled my memory stick with a lot of music n videos, n it went beyond 1gb.

4131.12.2005 18:17

How fare beyond?

4231.12.2005 22:28

well instead of 1gb, i was able to put 1.3gb of file space in it. so pretty much the space does increase if u tinker with it.

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