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MPAA targets fake movie download sites

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 14 Oct 2005 16:44 User comments (12)

MPAA targets fake movie download sites The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is hunting again, but this time not for file sharers or BitTorrent sites. This time the group, which represents major movies studios in the United States, is aiming to eradicate fake film download sites. The group announced it is taking legal action against six websites that appear to offer movie downloads for a subscription fee. When a consumer is lured into this scam, they find out immediately that they simply get redirected to P2P networks to download their movies illegally.
The MPAA filed the suits in New York states courts. "We won't tolerate this scam premised on the illegal swapping of valuable movie content," said the MPAA. The subscription fee's charged do vary, but an example of one offer is $20 for a three month trial or $40 for a lifetime membership. P2P networks are usually free to use. The MPAA said the sites make an attempt to look legitimate by using copyrighted images from top movies.

"These scam businesses charge customers for facilitating illegal downloads of movies, which could lure innocent consumers into becoming lawbreakers," commented MPAA chairman, Dan Glickman. The MPAA has in the past targeted BitTorrent sites which didn't actually offer pirated files at all, just torrent files which were then used by file sharers to download and share content with each other.

This is the first action the MPAA has taken since the Grokster ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court. Dan Glickman said there are plenty of legal services online for movie downloads and these fake services and P2P networks are undermining their business.

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12 user comments

114.10.2005 17:47

nice 1. this is the kind of action that is good for everyone.

214.10.2005 18:44

At least their going after real criminals this time.

314.10.2005 21:04

I find this kind of funny, probably because of the scenario that is stirring in my head: MPAA Guy 1: So, what do you guys think our next move against movie piracy is? MPAA Guy 2: Hmm. Let me guess. Take down the fake websites that charge people money to download our movies off P2P Networks? MPAA Guy 1: Hazaa! That's correct, P2P should be free for everyone! MPAA Guy 3: Wait... aren't people still downloading our movies for free, regardless of whatever action we take against these scammers? MPAA Guy 1: I don't question your logic, so don't question mine!

414.10.2005 22:53


515.10.2005 5:17

I think they just want to look like they are doing something. They can't stop it, the cat is out of the bag. So instead of coming out with there own p2p services and charging and making money, they just go after random targets to put a dent into it. WHEN WILL THEY REALIZE THEIR BUISNESS MODEL IS OVER!

616.10.2005 15:00

hilarious, if you look at the first paragraph of this article, the word "download" is highlighted and it is a contextual advert which takes you of the scam sites that charges you and then tells you to go use edonkey and bit torrent ! maybe time to reassess your dodgy advertisers, afterdawn !

717.10.2005 7:57

I agree with j0j081 & nonoitall. At least in this case the MPAA is doing something logical for a change. I can't find much fault in them going after real scammers and those who are making money pirating movies. What gets me is that they make no distinction between real piracy and sharing, and there IS a big difference.

818.10.2005 8:40

wow its like government secrets or military intellegents, oxiymorons for everyone.... the people who have been ripping off the artist are now chasing the crooks.... theres alot of humour in this... but the underline issue is if they can close one site then they will start closing any site they want... wow ... I heard that the government hates it when other theivies take your money so now the biggest theivies are going to use the shut down the bad guys...... again wow... thats alot and as long as everyone is cheering remmber if you downloaded any music movie or software package some one has you on a list..... somewhere.... and it will be used sometime for some reason... trust no-one....why are the bad guys being good... to get the government to do something for them....... like giving them the right to close websites like bittorrents and p2ps... ..

918.10.2005 8:45

oh yeah and to then confiscate the logs off those computers to backtrack who downloaded what..... to bust more people.... who but a twisted lawyer would have thought that up...... something smells fishy ...

1018.10.2005 8:46

Good point mystic. I don't think you'll find any MPAA fanboys hanging out around AD. Lurking maybe... "...if they can close one site then they will start closing any site they want..." I hope you are wrong about this part. If you are not it is already WAY to late.

1118.10.2005 9:50

thats the sad point i think they are going to show that the havesting of data or personal info or even just the scam will get the unimformed behind them to rally their cause.. and that will play out even if the imformed beat the bushes to educate the masses it will be to late just look at who they elected and the mess that caused in the USA.....

1231.10.2005 3:13

The Pink Panther and Inspector Closeau at work together. I ZMELLL A PLOTT HERE!!!

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