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Soribada P2P service shuts down

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 08 Nov 2005 12:37 User comments (6)

Soribada P2P service shuts down The largest online music service in Korea, Soribada, has shut down its Soribada 3 file sharing service. Now the 22 million members will have to switch to alternative methods of getting their digital music, such as legal music stores or other P2P services. This is the result of a ruling by the Seoul Central District Court, which ordered the service to be shut down following a suit by the Korean Association of Phonogram Producers (KAPP).
The court also said that Soribada would be fined W10 million (US$10,000) per day if it insisted on keeping the service running. In September, Korea's largest music streaming site, Bugs Music, also gave into industry demands and started to charge subscription fees. KAPP is now in talks with other P2P services to persuade them to change to legal services or face legal action.

The organisation will also now take further civil and criminal action against Soribada for revenues losses in the past due to use of the file sharing service.

Digital Chosun Ilbo

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6 user comments

18.11.2005 16:51

P2P is goin down... but another one will pop up again they pretty much do on a daily baisis...

28.11.2005 23:24

Wow! been p2ping for ages, dloaded many files & yet, never heard of these - strange....

39.11.2005 2:35

BT + Reg. trackers.. :) -Mike

410.11.2005 4:57

8mbps + giganews (:P)

517.11.2005 5:56

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626.11.2005 18:42

yeah soribada was very good for me to find korean music files.. T_T theres FileGuri Lite.. but.. eh

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