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300,000 Xbox 360 consoles for European Launch

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 29 Nov 2005 0:18 User comments (6)

300,000 Xbox 360 consoles for European Launch It is speculated that 300,000 Xbox 360's will be available in Europe for the December 2nd launch. Chris Lewis, Microsoft's regional vice president (EMEA, Home and Entertainment Division), said the estimates "were not far removed from reality." He said it is likely the console will sell out on its launch date, like the November 22nd U.S. launch that saw all devices sold within two hours of stores opening.
In Ireland, retailers have been taking pre-orders for the new Xbox console for months. A spokesman for Microsoft Xbox in Ireland said that demand for the console there is huge and it is unlikely that there are any retailers left still taking pre-orders. He also doubts that anyone in Ireland who hasn't pre-ordered an Xbox 360, will have any luck in getting one until at least January.

"What consumers who haven't pre-ordered should do is maybe check out the smaller retailers like Peats and Toymaster, who may not have been running pre-order campaigns and could have a few on the day," he said. Steve Ballmer recently stated that the firm was "feeling pretty good" about the demand for the Xbox 360 in Ireland, where Sony has about 50% share of the games console market, followed by Microsoft's 28% share.

Some European gamers who have pre-ordered their consoles may be worried about the number of complaints particularly on gaming forums about bugs and glitches that North American owners are suffering. Nevertheless, it is most likely that it will sell out quickly in Europe as it is the first of the next generation of gaming consoles released.

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6 user comments

129.11.2005 7:42

wow i feel sorry for the european have to be bother with the shortness.

229.11.2005 12:56

Heheh, I'm leaving it 'till June. Till price drops :P -Mike

329.11.2005 14:23

:P by june you'll understand hwy the PS3 is superior and BEG for one at your local store instead of an xbox 360... lolol.

430.11.2005 8:22

It aint suprising about the pre-sell out in Ireland. Ireland has the most console to person ratio outside japan..i honestly dont know one person that doesnt have one of the consoles..most of us have all three current consoles

51.12.2005 3:00

Actually, it's good to wait till June. The price will drop, and we'll see how successful it will be. And see what the PS3 will be like.. [I pray they change the] -Mike

61.12.2005 8:25

The PS3 controller looks awesome, pick up a copy of the December Game Informer. The controller looks huge when it's by itself, but looks quite nice when in a players hands. Looks about 3 1/2 - 4 inches tall. that would be.... 8.75 - 10cm.. I think. Looks awesomely fragile.

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