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Illinois video game laws blocked

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 06 Dec 2005 12:03 User comments (7)

Illinois video game laws blocked A federal judge has blocked two laws in the U.S. state of Illinois that would have made it illegal to supply (sell or rent) violent or sexually explicit video games to minors. The judge found that the laws violate free speech rights. This is the latest event in an ongoing battle over the content in some video games. Some claim that these games have a terrible effect on the behavior of minors but so far there has been no solid proof of that.
Video games are a $10 billion industry in the United States, rivaling box office of Hollywood movies. The laws would have went into effect on January 1st, and would have fined retailers for any violations. U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly issued a permanent injunction blocking the restrictions, commenting it would have a "chilling effect" on vide game creation and distribution.

He said no evidence was provided that violent games have a lasting effect on aggressive thoughts and behavior and that the definition of "sexually explicit" was too vague. "The public itself has an interest in ensuring that the plaintiffs' First Amendment rights are protected to ensure the availability of various forms of expression, including video games, to the broader society," Kennelly said.

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has vowed to appeal the decision, saying, "This battle is not over."


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7 user comments

16.12.2005 12:08


26.12.2005 13:01

there was an interesting show on G4 TV about violence in games and their effects on kids and the judge is right, there is no connection except for this. ever since mortal kombat came out in the early '90s, violence in teens has gone down dramatically. coincidence?

36.12.2005 13:28

I remember when I was like 5 and I got Mortal Kombat on the Super NES, it was on a lot of shows for being violent. Then there came GTA3. Sure you can rob cars, but people were alrady stealing cars and doing other crimes you can do on the game way before it came out.

46.12.2005 14:22

just because i can kill a cop, hire a hooker, have sex with her and then run her down to get my money back on a video game, doesn't mean im going to go do it. Im also not sure why or how these games would have been sold to minors anyway.. bestbuy (here in illinois) carded me when i bought the halo 2 map pack.. that is voilent in no way since its only maps... not sure they thought that one through.. So i guess if it gets me through the checkout line faster, ill agree to it. Lastly i would like to agree with the other posts, voilence and video games is not related. if anything it gives kids an outlet to take out there agression in a non voilent manner that otherwise might have resulted badly.

57.12.2005 3:26

it falls on the video game stores to card for games just like convenience stores and such have to card for cigarettes and alcohol. when heavy metal fakk 2 came out i got carded and back then it wasn't even that big of a deal but people are not happy unless they have something to complain about

67.12.2005 8:02

A lot of the games are based on real criminal activity that has been around since the legal authorities were wearing diapers.

722.4.2006 1:51

this all goes back to that school shooting in colorado was it with the "Trench Coat Mafia" people cant accept what they dont want to accept and violent video games is one of them o know another GTA hits the market and parents freak out when little timmy is shootinga cop the older generation sorry if there is any that love video games no im talking about the parents and adults like my mom no sex no drugs no beer no nothing ya i know its sux and Rod Blagojevich thinks he is doing good people expesoley goverment needs to talk a big leep backwars and look at it froma 3rd person view ya timmy is playing GTA and killing ina VR world were no one gets hurt or you could give hime a real gun loaded with alot of ammo and tell him to go out into the real world and say ok timmy this is a game if you kill 100 people u get a treat LOL this violent video game debate is stupid o well we live in a world were ignerance is bliss

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