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Free German Wikipedia DVD

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Dec 2005 9:16 User comments (5)

Free German Wikipedia DVD German publisher Directmedia is taking thousands of Wikipedia entries and images and putting them on DVD and making them available in print. The DVD is available as a free download, a 7.5GB ISO image (which of course you can burn directly to DVD, if you have a dual layer burner and DL media). An earlier DVD version released in spring had just 2.7GB in comparison. That version however, was found to contain over 100 copyrighted articles; when noticed, Directmedia replaced the DVD image.
This new version has 200,000 - 300,000 entires (all in German) and over 100,000 images. Only content from writers known to be reliable is included. The print version will be sold for 9.90 to cover expenses. Wikipedia publishes everything under a GNU Free Documentation Licence, the same licence used by developers of open-source software; the publisher cannot claim copyright.

Anyway, I thought some of our German users would be interested to know that. The DVD ISO is available here. To burn ISO images, I recommend ImgBurn (freeware). Get it here.

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5 user comments

110.12.2005 9:33

If you go to the english version of the wikipedia site they've locked the Geore Bush page due to vandalism. Thought I might add this for people that didn't know. As for the DVD, articles are always being updated so won't it be pointless if they put a article on there which is not up to date or just inaccurate.

211.12.2005 9:29

Have never heard that you could get wikipedia work on a DVD-player. Does anyone know if it's possible to get it on some other languages also?

311.12.2005 9:37

if you have any acadeic backgound in a topic it is amazing hwo innacurate wikipedia can be. Absolutely everything to with history, culture, geography etc is a morrass of nationalism and absurd assertions.

412.12.2005 2:31

sounds cool but I'll pass...

512.12.2005 19:03

I totally disagree with S2K. Prove it with an entry you dispute.........

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