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Apple pondering release of 1GB iPod Nano

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 21 Dec 2005 14:02 User comments (42)

Apple pondering release of 1GB iPod Nano Apple Computer Inc. is pondering releasing a 1GB version of the iPod Nano music player. The company seems to have surprised even itself with the success of the model. Apple is currently shipping approximately 100,000 of the devices each day as the company struggles to keep up to demand for this holiday season. The Nano has proved a hit with consumers despite widely publicised concerns about the protective coating used on the model.
It comes in 2GB and 4GB models currently. AppleInsider cites sources that say the marketing team wrangled over the release of 1GB iPod Nano, which could appear as early as next year. According to some members, it would then occupy the same value space as the redesigned iPod Shuffle which is expected to be unveiled at the Macworld Expo in January.

The source say however that for Apple to make a 1GB Nano successful, it would have to be priced around $149.99, which brings the question of whether Apple can make a good profit from it. "I think the pricing may be tough at $149, but Apple has proven that customers are willing to pay for style over storage capacity," said one Wall Street analyst. "Apple's profitability should improve as the price of NAND flash has been falling and from what I understand, the recent $1.25 billion in deals with 5 [NAND flash] suppliers through 2010 are favorable for Apple. $149 for a 1 GB Nano sounds economically feasible and may in fact be very profitable."

Apple Insider

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42 user comments

121.12.2005 17:58

who cares, I'll stick with my 20 gb.

221.12.2005 21:37

hehe mines 30 gb ^_^ and its ipod video ^_^

322.12.2005 1:20

psssh you want a creative, ipod sucks lol

422.12.2005 1:24

creative neon bodgy :D

522.12.2005 7:40

Meh Gmini 402 Camcorder all the way! ^^

622.12.2005 10:16

i'll stick with my mp3 player too! ipods are way too overated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

722.12.2005 12:48

Not enough memory. I'm getting a 4gb black Nano

822.12.2005 13:02

no way its the best thing ive ever bought (ipod video 30 gig)

922.12.2005 13:54


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1022.12.2005 14:17

Creative is the way to go. ipod is over rated. I think one of the reasons they are so popular is because a lot off consumers don't know any better. It's whats happening, so they have to have one, not realizing there are other options. Go Creative, it's cheaper too.

1122.12.2005 15:03

Ummm I think "cheaper" its just enogh reason for something to be better than other assuming its the same or better quality wich i think the creative is comparing to ipod.And yes ipod its really over rated big time.In the time apple came out with something really useful(pointing at ipod video) I will have 2 years with my Gmini 402 and like maybe 1 year or more with my gmini camcorder.Now really Ipod video? Doesn't even read DivX!! WOW very useful.

All Life starts with Nu and ends with Nu....Belthasar guru of reason.

1222.12.2005 18:55

Regarding Creative, last I heard they were trying to sue Apple over some obscure alleged patent infringement. Let's face it, Creative is losing the product so they try to put their claes out and draw a little blood. Join the ranks of losers. About, a 1Gig Nano, if they can make a product with a quality product, launch it. I have a 1gig shuttle and a 4 gig nano. The Nano quality is far superior and I am using Shure earpods. I use an ipod every day on the treadmill and in the gym. Both great.

1323.12.2005 0:53

The creative has better sound quality, better battery life and it is at a better price. However it is a bit bigger and weighs a bit more which I am happy with. People buy ipods because of the look and because they think it is a better product without really doing any research. Creative is attempting to sue Apple over the layout of the firmware they use as Creative used it first or something like that.

1423.12.2005 2:14

HAHA fucking apple retards.. creative is much better. I have a creative zen micro , and an ipod mini. And the creative works much better. the ipod mini is only a gadget, like.. ooh everyone has one! i gotta have on too! that's lame :) And transfering data is much easier with the zen mirco, and it's battery can be replaced, lasts longer ( more playtime and so on ) and it plays wma. Well, the ipod can't beat that:) after all, creative is the best brand you can get for boxes or other things for your pc, so they beat apple fair and sqaure.

1523.12.2005 6:28

you all suck, and LOTR ROX!!!!, DO ANY OF U LIKE PINEAPPLES, CUZ IDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILOVERIMDONSEHFUNALWINRDS pppth :P P.S. Creatives break in like a month!!! Who would spend 200 bux for a month of music, NOT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

1623.12.2005 6:31

Oh and if you're wondering, im not gay. This is CartSunni, signing off! Chhhck

1723.12.2005 14:55

i do admit creatives are a piece of junk... i had mine for a month never droped it and had to get ti repaired 3 times ipod much better i have a video now i like it.........

1824.12.2005 11:59

ipod is not overrated you get what you pay for... i have an ipod and i had and heard of other mp3 players and they are ntohing compaired to an ipod... ipod are pretty good in quality and style... nothing can beat it i dont think... i think they should get rid of the shuffle tho i dont like it at all i had 3 of them they break to easy when you have it on a necklace... ihad it on a necklace and the thing fell off so many times... if they remove the shuffle and bring in the 1 gig nanos then that would be a good idea... i think they should also bring back the mini... those things sold alot too... but its their choices what they should and shouldnt have... the mini i guess would suck now unless they were in color.... but thats pretty much what the nano... the video is awesome too... what i dont like is the creative batter last longer in video mode than the ipod... and the creative can play different extention types rather than the ipod mp4... the video is pretty nice too and how itunes offers videos is great too... it all depends on what you are looking for...

1924.12.2005 19:16

i agree with factor the ipod is not overated i liek it i only got 20 gig lefton my 30 after 3 days i have liek 6 full length movies.... its fine once you get the right converter this ones free id never got back

2024.12.2005 21:20

creative will never come out with video because there too cheap and they dont want to risk it. Also I think half the people geting Ipod for christmas will return it because there to dumb to know how to use it, My grandma got my cousin one and he dont even own a computer, Sob

2125.12.2005 7:20

20gb iRiver iH120! -Mike

2225.12.2005 11:36

bwhaha im happy with my video *cough 30 gig cough better then 20 cough* lol bout it without evan ahveing a computer.... i thought every one had a computer :/

2325.12.2005 13:31

The IPOD is so dam crap!!! The sound half the time is either got 2 much treble and not enough bass or is just distorted and all fucked up

2425.12.2005 14:22

ahh prolli not

2525.12.2005 17:14

*cough I would change 10 gigs for DivX support,tv out,cammera,audio corder....oh wait i did Gmini 402 camcorder! cough* lol

2625.12.2005 18:44

wats so good about DivX?

2725.12.2005 19:12

I'll take that as a joke....

2825.12.2005 22:42

im seriouse i dont use DivX for nothin wats it good for?

2926.12.2005 4:16

Ignorance is bliss....haha you sure you have a computer?

3026.12.2005 6:29

DivX is a digital video compression format based on the MPEG-4 technology. DivX files can be downloaded over high-speed lines in a relatively short time without sacrificing the quality of the digital video. Often used on the Internet to exchange video files. It is real good because it can compress movies, from like 7gb all the way down to 700mb without noticing any difference in quality. -Mike

3126.12.2005 6:40

There you go.Thanks for the info Mike ;)

3226.12.2005 6:48

My Pleasure :P -Mike

3326.12.2005 21:20

hehe i didnt no that ..... wats the good points about .AVI files?

3426.12.2005 22:28

AVIs are the end effect of DivX, XviD etc. The file/s that are made after encoding are usually AVIs. -Mike

3527.12.2005 15:04

NINVIN21 (Member) 25 December 2005 2:20 creative will never come out with video because there too cheap and they dont want to risk it. Also I think half the people geting Ipod for christmas will return it because there to dumb to know how to use it, My grandma got my cousin one and he dont even own a computer, Sob
Don't post unless you know what you are talking about, please! I'll be buying one!

3627.12.2005 19:41

iPod is a fad, that's why it so popular. But because it got so popular Apple cranked some serious money into and made a nice product. I love my 6GB mini and am probably soon to get the video. The click wheel is addictive and a lovable and intuative interface for casual consumers. Let's face it, I woudl buy sony instead anyday, IF SOny supported AAC. Come on mp3 is legacy nowadays, unless you hate free drive space.

3728.12.2005 0:09

It doesen't help that iPod include that DRM crap. I also dislike the fact that you must use iTunes to transfer your tracks.. would be better to use Windows Explorer. Also don't like the fact that you can't share music with friends through their PC.. -Mike

3828.12.2005 8:35

You can, just open it up liek a USB mass storage device. ANd in the folder everyhting will be named super f'ed up with letter ocmbinations, but it doens't matter the ID3 tags are all intact and when you drag and drop the files to your program the program has all the tagging info.

3928.12.2005 10:51

My sister and I just got the iPod Video's 30GB in white and Black. I like it more than the creative because you can download music video's and other things from iTunes. The software is preferably easier to use. I've owned a Creative Zen Micro and wasn't happy with the interface.

4028.12.2005 11:05

The more I compare apple to creative, the more I want creative. I must admit the ipod video had me curious, kinda of a cool idea you could buy vids from apple. Then it dawned on me that it would only work with ipods and nothing else. The creative 30gig visions can use a whole bunch of different formats, insert memory cards and then to top it off you can play the output to your TV (don't know if I'd really do that, but damn). Thats a big plus for me since I was already using DVD2PPC. ipod has marketing behind it which gives them the edge, but I would like to see creative do some marketing of their own. I think at that point in time apple would face real competion in the market from the people that are easily influenced by advertising and not the informed.

4129.12.2005 15:35

@ rosedog, i agree, creative is better, and the player your talking about is the Creative Zen Vision. but my uncle just got a 60 gb video ipod. and its just so fuckin sexy ya know what i mean, everything else is just ugly compared to it. btw, anyone see the new Zen Vision:M, exact ipod interface and look, you can see it on the creative site. but i also have a beefed up pc and a notebook with only 60 gigs of storage, so a 60 gig ipod would be lovely. infact, they should make a little port in all notebooks where you can slide in an ipod and use it as your hdd. if your looking for alot of storage for a very good price, get the Creative Zen Xtra, good quality, i saw and were selling a 60 gig model for $170

4230.12.2005 10:58

Yes, I do like my Creative Zen Xtra, but it's not hot-pluggable, which is a downer. But, compared to most other players, it does have better audio output, thanks to EAX:). I also really like the uber-cool features that the Vision:M will supply, so when the pricing is lowered, I'll be thinking of getting one. So, all in all, the iPod is a pretty cool gadget, but my monotone ringtones on my out-of-date cellphone sound a lot better in comparison.

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