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Imation acquires Memorex

Written by James Delahunty @ 22 Jan 2006 6:34 User comments (15)

Imation acquires Memorex Imation, a well known manufacturer of blank media products and other data storage products, has agreed to purchase its competitor Memorex in a $330 million deal. Also, depending on future financial performance, additional payments of $5 million to $45 million may be paid. The acquisition would complete in the second quarter, and Memorex should be fully integrated with Imation by the end of the year, according to both of the companies.
The combined company would maintain Memorex's Cerritos, California headquarters. "Added to our technology expertise, strong B2B brand, global footprint, broad product portfolio and industry experience, we are creating a new global powerhouse in the data storage industry," said Imation chairman and CEO Bruce Henderson.

Earlier this month, Imation also announced it has begun its scale-up of manufacturing for HD DVD and Blu-Ray optical recordable media in preparation for product introduction in early 2006.


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15 user comments

122.1.2006 19:51

crappy company buys buy competitor.

222.1.2006 20:40

"Added to our technology expertise" it April 1st? Maybe they can put a link from their website to the Forums for any troubleshooting....

322.1.2006 21:32

Well,think of it this way...with Imation buying Memorex that's one LESS crappy company to worry about. And they are manufacturing Blu-ray and HD-DVD media? Oh boy...

423.1.2006 01:56

One crappy media co buying out another crappy media co.. Hmmm interesting..

523.1.2006 04:42

Obviously somebody is buying that crap. Everytime I see someone picking up Memorex or other cheap media I have to fight the urge to school them!!!!

623.1.2006 06:02

lol, I buy only memorex... what is a good product that you guys recommend?

723.1.2006 06:09

in regard to buyout: Memorex isn't my favorite, but have you tried the new smear and scratch resistant dvd and cd blanks? I've been able to copy copies made on the blank dvds, couldn't do the same with verbatim or any high grade brand.

823.1.2006 06:25 as you can see from the link there are very few decent coded memorex discs.. If you honestly have to buy Memorex look for "MADE IN JAPAN" IF you can even find them...

923.1.2006 06:46

Why resist the urge? I always tell people looking at crappy media to get the goods(TY). Maybe if everybody wised up imation would be buying a bankruptcy attorney instead.:)

1026.1.2006 12:22

This s a complete and total disaster!!! Memorex is the best cd companies in existance bar none. Practically all the game back up sites recommend Memorex Cd-R's for burning. In my own experience I have had the most luck burning Cd's with Memorex where others had failed.

1126.1.2006 15:02

I've tried just about every blank DVD on the market and I find Memorex the best of them all. From the most expensive to the cheapest blank DVD's I've never had a DUD with Memorex. I hope Imation doesn't mess up the company. Long Live Memorex.

1227.1.2006 10:53

Memorex is the crappiest disc I've ever tried. Their cd discs are unbelievable. I had 100 discs. Out of 100 I could only burn 70 correctly. I wrote and complained to Memorex. The apologized and sent me another 100 discs. This batch only had 50 burnable discs. I work in a big electronics chain. I advise my customers to buy anything but memorex.

1327.1.2006 11:44

As I stated earlier I stand by Memorex. Never had a bad burn short of when it was my fault using the wrong burn method for a protection. They worked where other brands failed. Recommend only Memorex to my friends. Bill

1410.1.2007 18:17

I have been burning for a year now and this site has been a great help. It took me a while to find the right dvds to use and Memorex was the best that I used. Nothing else even comparied. That is until a few months ago. I have not looked at number codes and such but Memorex had a change that I think that has gone down hill. I noticed it on the face of the discs. The ones that I love to use were pertty much blank except for the name. Now they have started putting little squares on the tops. At first I didn't think nothing of it until my burns were not comming out like they used to. I found some older Memorex without the little squares and they work great. I think that Memorex has down graded there discs and that just makes me sad for now I am on the hunt for high grade discs again. If anyone has some discs that they can think of that would compare would be great. I hope that the merge of these two companies don't produce poor products but from what I have seen doesn't look good.

1511.1.2007 08:11

This could be a total and complete disaster!!! Memorex always has been and still is the best in CD-r's and CD-RW's. I've hardly ever had a coaster in making game backups with them where other brands came nowhere close. I just hope Imation doesn't change the best blank CD's on the market bar none! Can't speak for the DVD's as I use Verbatim o advise form different sites.

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