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Apple launches 1GB iPod Nano - slashes Shuffle prices

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 07 Feb 2006 12:11 User comments (5)

Apple launches 1GB iPod Nano - slashes Shuffle prices Apple Computer Inc. has launched a new 1GB version of the popular iPod Nano music player. The Nano's size and design are key to its amazing success in the portable audio player market. Apple had indicated that it may release 1GB version of the Nano, to help provide a player for users who needed less capacity than the 2GB and 4GB models that are also available. The model is priced at $149. The popularity of the Nano is driving profits up for Apple and helping to extend the dominance of the iPod in the market.
In addition to the new player to the iPod line-up, the company also announced that iPod Shuffle players will now cost $69 for the 512MB version and $99 for the 1GB model. The company saw huge sales of iPods over the holiday season last year, and is attempting to boost profits again by introducing a new Nano which it claims can store 240 songs or 15,000 pictures. The price reduction for iPod Shuffle players will help it to compete more with other low capacity flash-based players.


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5 user comments

17.2.2006 13:10

149$ for 1gb........Nope.

27.2.2006 14:42

not a bad price for Nano. Still expensive for the amount of memory given. Wish I could find just the Nano without any accessories for $100. Could even be used/refurbished

37.2.2006 17:21

but they did lower the price for the Shuffle

48.2.2006 9:46

1 gb!!!!! man... im already dissappointed with my 2 gb nano (500 songs aint enough for me, i love music much more then that), oh well.... atleast i got it cheaper then what the 1 gig nano is selling for hehehehhehe!

510.2.2006 20:56

i hate ipods even tough i got one im starting to like them just a lil cause there a few members on this site with them

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