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iPod chip maker to add WiFi & Bluetooth support

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 08 Feb 2006 4:47 User comments (8)

iPod chip maker to add WiFi & Bluetooth support PortalPlayer, a chip-maker behind Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod music player, will be working with UK-based Bluetooth chip design pioneer Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR), to add WiFi and Bluetooth support to its products. PortalPlayer's PP5022 audio chip family will be integrated with CSR's UniFi Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controller to bring wireless support to PortalPlayer-based gadgets. For iPod fans, this is good news as it brings the possibility of a wireless iPod a step closer.
At the 3GSM show in Barcelona next week, the companies have said they will demonstrate a reference platform based on the combined technology. This would allow PortalPlayer-based gadgets to access music archives on computers, and connect directly to music download services through WiFi hotspots. It also adds the possibility of using Bluetooth stereo headsets.

Apple is also rumored to be hosting a "music event" only a week after the 3GSM show. Apparently the invite contains an image of an Airport Express Wi-Fi adapter's power light, suggesting it has something to do with wireless music distribution. However it is unlikely that Apple is preparing to unveil any wireless iPod's this early.


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8 user comments

18.2.2006 7:15

Will this chip be of any use to the 2 gig nano i already purchased? or only built in to the newer models? they wont be able to install this chip at any time am i correct?

28.2.2006 7:53

lol........ no what good would wi-fi be to an ipod?

38.2.2006 7:54

nah, they wont be able to install it, i know how u feel tho, and the massiuve amount of people who wud have waited if they knew this possibility was coming.

48.2.2006 8:31

Dela, That's like saying that you would have waited to buy a computer if you would have known they would keep getting faster. It's technology; there will always be something better in the future.

58.2.2006 13:57

i bought an ipod in december, least when i buy a computer i can upgrade it (depending on motherboard.... that is).

69.2.2006 11:32

Its not a massive deal though is it. I mean wifi ipods really the screen isn't big enough to enjoy surfing the internet and its not that much hassle to plug your ipod into a computer to get songs to and from. And nowadays if somebody has a picture or song you'd like bluetooth isn't a necessity you can buy/download the track and have them e-mail you the picture. Sorted!

710.2.2006 6:17

will you be able to use this with the ipod nano ?

810.2.2006 20:17

When will people get it? Just buy a damn PPC and a microdrive and be done with it. Come on people...where do you think apple is really headed with this?

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