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Motorola to offer Windows Media phones

Written by James Delahunty @ 15 Feb 2006 1:02 User comments (15)

Motorola to offer Windows Media phones It must come as somewhat of a small blow to Apple Computer Inc. that Motorola has announced it will soon offer a line up of music phones that are compatible with Windows Media DRM technology. Until now, Motorola made phones that were iTunes compatible only, such as the disappointing ROKR that was released alongside the iPod Nano last year or the slightly better SLVR handset. The one thing that both these models still lack however, is the ability to download music "over the air".
According to Motorola, this functionality will be available with its line-up of Windows Media based phones, which the company has stated will remain separate from the iTunes phone products. Operators would prefer that a music phone would feature over the air downloads as that would entitle them to a cut of the music sales. The downside of this delivery method is the cost.

The cost is possibly the reason why Apple didn't rush to support this method of music delivery to the iTunes phones released by Motorola. The question is whether or not consumers will buy enough songs through this delivery method, if they are in fact cheaper to get using a PC and Internet connection. Still though, music phones are just evolving so it is indeed time to take risks now.

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15 user comments

117.2.2006 14:37

Motorola phones, or rather any type of cellular phone causes brain cancer. Fair and simple. Why you ask? The microwaves emitted from the cellular phone causes DNA damage to the user. Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic energy. Hence, since this an unnatural energy introduced to the body, it has adverse reactions to human beings. One of which is suspected to be cancer. Personally, I believe it, since the military has patented microwave weapons that can fry your innards. So, f*ck motorola!

217.2.2006 15:16

Sunlight is a form of electromagnetic energy.

317.2.2006 21:01

Photons, im well aware of that.

417.2.2006 21:05

I only meant to say that it was produced in an unnatural fashion by the phones. Largely speculative, but I still believe it causes cancer.

518.2.2006 09:20

Dont u have one?? I have one motorola E1000 and its quite a multimedia phone... It known that it produçes microwaves but the latest tecnology dont do anny arm...

618.2.2006 12:52

No. I still use pay phones.

718.2.2006 22:03

You can even cook your egg with cellphones. I usually use handsfree equipment or put my phone on table and speak through (outer?)speaker.

819.2.2006 02:36

So hot_ice I guess you get sick alot after using all those pay phones and catching all those germs people leave behind on them.

919.2.2006 08:57

My immune system is pretty good, but thanks for the concern!

1019.2.2006 18:19

Miccowaves are a non-issue. Why waste your time with trivia? Here's a clue: We are all born to die. The issue is , why would you D/L tunes to a cell phone ? I want a cell phone for calls. Period. The convergence is still a ways off. If , and when , it is feasible , and affordable , and easy , it will work , and everyone will want one. Do you want to waste your money ? Go ahead. I own lots of stocks , and I'll profit from your desire to be first on the block , with the latest gaget.

1120.2.2006 05:06

Why are you guys arguing over microwaves? I thought the point of this was the phone capabilities. Here is my problem with multimedia phones. They combine, phone, mp3 player, camera, bluetooth, video, internet access, and other crappy add-ons. My stand is that I have a good digital camera that looks a load better than a cell, i have a internet access on my computer that is very fast and I have a big screeen. I have a decent mp3 player that has good sound and larger storage than a stupid phone. I understand it is a consumers world, but why...why would people want a crappy combination when they can just get separate devices that are a lot better and more versatile?

1220.2.2006 09:58

The reception for cellphones isn't that great! Why are they adding a million useless gadgets when they should be perfecting the reception of the signal instead???

1321.2.2006 08:49

i have to agree with hot_ice he has some very good points besides i waste enough brain cells playing video games cant afford to use a cell phone

1421.2.2006 09:25

besides i waste enough brain cells playing video games cant afford to use a cell phone
Actually you don't waste brain cells while playing video games. Playing games keep your mind young and in a good trim. :D ~ Peliohjelmointiopas yms. ~ Neonbits -pelitalo

1522.2.2006 04:13

i thought i was in school to keep my mind trim... games are a lot cheaper than this school thing...Time for a change :)

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