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DVD-length music videos at iTunes

Written by Jari Ketola @ 27 Mar 2006 4:05 User comments (5)

DVD-length music videos at iTunes Apple has started offering music videos in DVD-length bundles at their online media store iTunes. The first package offered is Tori Amos: Fade to Red - Video Collection, which contains 21 music tracks and a commentary track. The collection was originally released on DVD in February. Most of the videos in the package can be purchased separately at $1.99 per video. The complete bundle costs $24.99, and contains two videos and the commentary track, which cannot be purchased separately. In comparison the DVD is available at Amazon for $16.99 plus shipping.
In addition to the Tori Amos bundle, Apple is offering music video packages from other artists as well. Their full-length movie download service is expected to be launched in the near future. The first movie download was offered at iTunes earlier this month.

Apple will be facing some competition on the movie download field as Amazon is rumored to start offering a download service of its own sometime in the future. UK company will start offering its DVD/download hybrid service next month, when customers can purchase the latest King Kong remake for 20.00 (about $35). For that price they will receive the DVD media by mail plus two separate downloads for the movie -- one for desktop use, and another for portable devices. Unfortunately for all iPod users the Lovefilm service will use Windows Media DRM, so the downloadable versions will be completely useless to them.

Apple's proprietary and closed DRM has so far kept iPods and iTunes at the top as far as music download services are concerned. It remains to be seen whether or not Apple can maintain the same EDGE in video/movie downloads as well.

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5 user comments

127.3.2006 6:03

thats pathetic, a half resolution version (320x240) for about ten dollars more. Why buy it off itunes and only be able to watch it on a computer. I would rather wait a few days for the whole dvd and then just use a converter to put it on my Ipod

227.3.2006 11:41

Its a steal deal, meaning, they will swindled your buttocks with that crappy deal.

327.3.2006 13:44

10 dollars more, PLUS i dont get the original pressed copy?? LOL riiiiiiiiiiiiiight...

427.3.2006 14:55

Now they're making you pay EXTRA for DRM... Good one guys.

528.3.2006 15:37

Holy sh*t, this is retarded. But the sad thing is people will buy it. Dumb people just don't know any better.

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