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Apple puts volume limits on iPods

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 29 Mar 2006 15:15 User comments (24)

Apple puts volume limits on iPods Apple Computer Inc. has responded to increased attention around a possible link between high iPod volumes and irreversible hearing loss by including a "volume limit" on new firmware updates for the iPod Nano and video iPods. The update is available as a free download. This is particularly aimed at concerned parents who would prefer to set a volume limit on iPods belonged to their children. The volume limit can be locked with a combination code.
"We want to offer customers an easy to use option to set their own personal volume limit." said Greg Joswiak, Apple's iPod marketing vice president. The US National Institutes of Health said that further studies are needed to determine the effects of in-ear headphones. A US congressman had called for studies into the long term effects on hearing that high volume levels could cause.

Apple is already facing a lawsuit filed by John Kiel Patterson, of Louisiana. It was filed in the US District Court in San Jose, California. His complaint is that his iPod is capable of generating more than 115 decibels. This is considered a dangerous noise level for prolonged use.

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24 user comments

130.3.2006 3:06

If I cut myself while juggling some knives, can I sue someone for making them too sharp?

230.3.2006 4:32

It is about time. But how come they only let out firmwares for nano and video? Are the other moedels not able to reach dangerous high volume levels?

330.3.2006 5:33

Under the same thought...should cars not be limited to a speed limit then. Why make an automobile go 160 km/hr when the limit is 120. Choice...we all like choice. Some people are too stupid to make decisions. Can i sue the beach if i hold my head under the water too long? Can i sue McDonalds for making me Fat ?

430.3.2006 5:39

MightyOne - You can sue McDonalds for making coffee to hot, so anything is possible!!

530.3.2006 5:52

You actually set the limit yourself and lock it with a code so your kid doesn't blow his eardrums out. This is a welcome feature for this parent.

630.3.2006 7:47

well i think i like this feature if it's optional, because i hate it when my friends go wat cha listening to and pretend like they're looking at the song then suddenly turn it up to max. also Mcdonalds did get sue by two girls for making them fat but the girls lost the case. Haven't u seen Supersize me?

730.3.2006 9:14

Just a quick one for iPod enthusiasts. If you want info on how to uncap the volume of your iPod, PM me (it already has one "volume cap" written onto the firmware). Note mind, I will not be responsible if you damage your own hearing. ;-) New firmware version is v1.1.1 (for the video iPod/nano) - It's too early to establish any bugs. Cheers iPod Forums -

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830.3.2006 14:13

Can i sue McDonalds for making me Fat ?
Someone already did. I think this is stupid.

931.3.2006 1:23

Well, I'm glad they did this. Some people really are stupid and would play their iPod at their maximum volumes for extended periods of time and lose their hearing after several years. The download should come with a precaution: 'Hey Dumbass, its been decided you're too stupid to listen to this device properly. Install this to fix it. People of more intelligence can continue to listen to their iPod at healthy levels.'

1031.3.2006 4:36

but with the courts involment it shows how dumb some people are ... just because your car will do 120 mph are you going to sue the auto industry becuase you get a ticket for pushing on a long streach of road..... no so now more sound limits will be put on newwer products sold over the next few years.. kind of like social control hi were here from the government to help you...... sad when adults can set what is exceptable to all and then we lose our choice..... why do we waste so much time controlling what others do instead of fixing the real issues like our governments involment in a unprovocated war Iraq didnt attack the US so why go after them and not the Saudi government? this noncence just ties up the courts over self control isssue.see the way I call it their my ears back off....

1131.3.2006 11:02

well I just installed it for my iPod, it just adds a control on how loud u want the max volume to be. This is still cool because I can choose if i want to use the cap and how loud it should be.

1231.3.2006 14:04

i have an original mini, do I have the volume cap?

1331.3.2006 15:45

only one way to find out, just update ur iPod. It's not like you're gonna lose anything, its not like the old firmware will let u play snes games or anything. All the music stays on it even after u update the firmware so u don't have to put it back on there again.

1431.3.2006 21:34

This is great because when i went on a plane trip some idiots had it so loud i could her his music across the ile and he was 1(one) seat over from the ile. It does not bother me that he is dumb and ruins his earing, but me having to listen to the music is a distraction to me and all the people on the plane that are on business trips and are trying to do work.

151.4.2006 3:36

Volume too loud on my personal music player? should I sue the manufacturer or turn down the volume? Hmmm... let me see... {next idiot} ...unprovocated war Iraq didnt attack the US... If you protect the criminal that is harming me you are just as guilty. AND if we had invaded them a year and a half earlier, there would be 3000 more americians alive today... but we have our principals... Our leaders follow laws that allow criminals to run free until we can prove they are guilty. if you whining twisters of the truth don't agree with this you can go find yourself a country like pre-invasion Iraq that imprisons you on a whim, and tortures you until you would admit to being hitler's father just to stop the pain.

161.4.2006 7:52

sorry to burst your bubble pollution but you'll still have to be distracted by that person. The volume cap is optional and even then they choose the level they want to cap it off.

171.4.2006 8:24

That stinks.

181.4.2006 8:47

Lethal B Could you please e-mail me as how to change the firmware to icrease volume on mt iPod? Thanks, Andy

191.4.2006 10:24

Andym1115 & everyone. Could you please keep all iPod questions in the iPod forums ( ) Thanks.

202.4.2006 10:47

Hey! If I have a car accident because I didn't use the brakes..., Who should I sue, the auto companies or the breakes manufacturer?

212.4.2006 15:40

Iam listening iPOD almost every day,,,,,but to be honest i am sick of people who doin this on full volume in public...I dont giv a s*it what could happen to their hearing, but for evryone else its just really annoying. But who relly drives me nuts is the people, using they relly want just smash they players of they head. Just have a bit of respect to others....

222.4.2006 19:16

tranquash> sue both... and don't forget to sue the city, county, township, or state responsible for that poorly constructed road, after all... it did nothing to keep you from wrecking you beautiful, brand new car!

233.4.2006 4:37

Thanks qazquiz. I hadn't thought of that part of the equation. I'm going to be rich!!!! crippled, but rich!!!!

243.4.2006 4:38

lol :)

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