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Xbox 360 to get 65nm processor

Written by James Delahunty @ 25 Apr 2006 2:42 User comments (43)

Xbox 360 to get 65nm processor

Next year Microsoft's Xbox 360 console will switch to a 65nm Xenon CPU due to an agreement between Microsoft and Chartered Semiconductor in Singapore. This will provide a more powerful and less power hungry processor for the console. One of the biggest complaints about the console since it was launched is the heat it produces. Microsoft hopes that the change of processor will eradicate this problem in the coming years - also a CPU change might help it to compete with Sony's PS3.
"We look forward to working with Chartered on the production of such an important component of our Xbox 360 system," said Larry Yang, General Manager of Xbox console development at Microsoft in a prepared statement. "We plan to continue with our strategy of dual sourcing from Chartered and IBM's fabs, which are operationally aligned and compatible, to give us the consistent product quality and flexibility we will need."


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43 user comments

125.4.2006 04:29

still wont help when ps3 launches.

225.4.2006 06:46

Dont know about that... ps3 will be really expensive. if i had that kind of money i would buy REAL Computer not a toy that ps3, revolution and xbox are. Face it consoles are just primitive computers =).if you think about it consoles shouldn´t cost more than 700$ since you dont have to add mutch to that to get computer. which you can do everything and more than you can do with console. Seems to mee that ps3 is just going to be for those who are too "cool" to have real computer. well if someone is willing to pay same ammount for porche and lada.....

325.4.2006 07:06

When the PS3 goes down to 300$, I will consider purchasing it. But the Xbox 360, never. They would have to virtually plate it in gold and integrate a fully functional ice cream maker for even the slightest consideration of purchase on my part.

425.4.2006 07:31

oappi, I agree that the most powerful gaming machine can be built on a PC. But, who's developing games that take advantage of everthing a PC can do? Most PC games are not cutting edge because the majority of the public don't have the fastest processor, don't have the best graphics card, don't have the newest OS with the latest updates, etc., etc. Consoles are more fun for the simple fact their hardware is standardized. Therefore, the games can be developed to maximize the hardware. PC games are usually dragged down because they develop for the lowest common denominator, because there is no "standard" for PC hardware. Components are getting upgraded everyday, but not everyone is adopting them at the same time. For that reason, I don't understand what the writer of this article means by the new XBOX360 chip "keeping up with the PS3." They'll still have to develop games that work well with the old chip, which (by definition), would mean they can't maximize the potential of the new chip. Gaming consoles are still the best platform for gaming, not PCs. I'll be dropping whatever cash is necessary for the PS3. It will be worth every penny.

525.4.2006 09:52

PS3 is going to be the biggest piece of sh*t!!!!! Why is everyone so excited about this crap machine? They haven't even showned jacksh*t about real ingame gameplay footage. As always, it just hype!!!! Atleast The 360 has solid games and gameplay to back their machine.

625.4.2006 10:44

Wow, this is going to annoy those who have already purchased the premium edition! -Mike

725.4.2006 10:56

@vgaddict Solid games on Xbox360 like King Kong per say? LOLOLLL There isn't much going about with the xsucks 360. I am not excited in the least for the PS3, but I still think the games will be better than the Xbox360 like its predecessor. Haven't you heard, history is doomed to repeat itself!

825.4.2006 11:08

What? You mean people like me? Yes. It does. But there's a brighter side here. Most users who purchased one since launch had to work pretty hard for it. A large % are probably big fans of the original unit. And they probably remember a lot of the fun of it.... Namely the softmods. Groups are working hard to uncover new methods to softmod the 360. If they crack the current unit; I would have no issue re-purchasing an updated model with a little extra power for continued use on XBox Live, and just use the current system as a linux, etc. box. From the look of it; the ram wouldn't be all that difficult for someone with some soldering experience to upgrade, and then you'd have one really powerful system; and the drive which is standard laptop sata wouldn't be hard to upgrade at all. Realistically; this is a strong computer. For those of us willing to solder in more ram, it would be worthwhile. And I wouldn't regret purchasing two at all. I have loved my system thus far; and if the PS3 had launched on the same day; I wouldn't have considered buying it anyway. From my experiences with the PS2; I learned that Sony likes to blatantly lie about what their next gen systems will look like in game. [MGS2 video, anyone?] And Sony, after showing the killzone and MGS4 videos which were "Real Gameplay" later revealed that hardware was not yet set. Which means that those videos are completely useless for seeing the power of a PS3. The 4ghz mark once estimated, has now been blown away. And the whole bit of "True" HD resolutions has been dissemated too. It is coming out all over the place, that the system can't handle 1080p for games. Not that the hardware isn't amazing; it's that that is simply too high resolution for current gen games to be run at good details. Before I get flamed; and all that fun stuff, please check this link; as I've already gone through the fun of actually citing proof of all this information. I don't make things up, I've looked it up; and I always bring proof. The bottom line here; is that even if the 360 changes; I am 100% pleased with my purchase. It has been worth it, and no part of the PS3 makes me think otherwise, not the hardware, not the games, and certainly not the 'revolutionary' Blu-ray. But before giving me a written smack to the face, please note my sources.

925.4.2006 11:40

the xbox will alway be stronger in graphics and power, because bill gates is behind it. Who is going to beat bill gates?

1025.4.2006 12:21

Bill Gates can swim in his money, and it reflects on the Xbox. Yes, the Xbox has superior graphics, but it's missing a "Je ne sais quoi" that Sony has, but is lacking in graphics...

1125.4.2006 12:43

History doomed to repeat itself eh? Ever heard of betamax? Or A-TRAC3 and Minidisc? Or UMD? Hey, you must be right... So out comes Sony with Bluray. See, the problem isn't history repeating itself, it is not learning from mistakes. Sony has a horrible reputation for not doing so. At the moment, the whole system is vaporware, not a single thing has been demonstrated for it other than pre-rendered movies, it is all just hype. Maybe when I see the unit for real I might buy into it all, but for the time being Sony ain't seeing a cent of my money or a shred of trust from me.

1225.4.2006 12:46

What "Je ne sais quoi" is that? While some people disagree, I personally have taken a good look at all the ps2 exclusives, and I was bored. They held no charm for me. The one PS2 exclusive game I enjoyed was God of War. That title was excellent. Given the infinitely superior online play deleivered on xbox live; one game was not reason enough for me to dream of favoring the PS2. Metal Gear has been released for other systems; and has honestly become rather tedious, I never enjoyed killzone; as it seemed very dull for me, and only one of the Final Fantasy games released on the ps2 was really much good. Admittedly, I played X2 100%; but it's one of the last ways I would consider to support the system. I'm not sure what that unique feature is........ But I've more than given it a fair chance, and never found it. I like furious online play, with at least decent graphics. And for a large majority of the time; PS2 failed to deliver that for me. Oh; and the big one; Socom. I've logged about three hours total between the three titles; I'd much rather play Rainbow Six, on the XBox; as it was meant to look. Now; what'd that great "Je ne sais quoi" that the PS2 holds exclusively?

"Its not stupid, its advanced!" - The Almighty Tallest, Invader Zim

1325.4.2006 16:10 the red corner, the XBox the Blu-ray corner, the PS3 kiddies bit if a bummer for those who have already forked out big bucks for the X-box 360 knowing that they can fry eggs on top of it.

1425.4.2006 19:57

The games that the PS2 strangely holds more appeal than the Xbox. Perhaps, the titles such as God of War, Baldur's gate, Champions of Norrath, Shadow Hearts Covenant, to name just a few, differ greatly from the Xbox titles. However, without being subjective, I must say, that the Xbox has some equally as interesting titles such as Ninja Gaiden Black (im not sure thats the name), and some other titles that pack a punch. However, I feel that the PS2, is more mature friendly than the Xbox is, it is more bloody and gory. But, the graphics are decent, but not as crisp and lively as the Xbox is. The PS3, I am considering purchasing it for a few titles, however, I sincerely doubt, its graphics will be superior to that of the Xbox 360. And, the blue ray might not survive at all... Therefore, its safe to assume that I will wait at least a year or two before considering buying the darn thing.

1525.4.2006 21:25

Well lets put the facts here 1.Xbox has power(1 and 360) 2.Xbox doesn't have an extense selections of games 3.Ps2 have a great variety of games 4.I still have more fun with my ps2 than i ever did on my xbox. Conclusion:I'll wait and go with the ps3.

1625.4.2006 22:08

also a CPU change might help it to compete with Sony's PS3.
By just using a little common sense here, it will never be possible for the xbox 360 to take advantage of a slightly more powerful processor graphic wise that is. All games will be made to play on the orignal and new cpu. If they didnot they would lose some of the loyal fans. They dont have many fans as it is compared to sony. I think they meant compete in the market in selling consoles, not compete graphic wise.

1725.4.2006 22:46

feel bad for all the people who bought x360 at launch. microsoft was dumb at trying to get a head start againts PS3. well i would be afraid of PS3 my self i mean last time it was 1/5 situation xbox sold 20m world wide ,ps2 sold 100m+ and growing. seriously now ,how much time do you give the PS3 after it realeses before it sells more units world wide then xbox 360. i say about 3 months making pS3 the best selling products this x-mas. i can see now why sony delayed the PS3 until november ,even the PS2 sells more than x360 and not to mention the ps2 games that keep the system so alive like it is the new thing. anyways i will pre-order my PS3 as soon as i can , and get that new ratchet and clank to go with it and also maybe the new sonic, if i still got money hehe. also ff12 drops in late october,PS3 november. damn it's going to be one hell of a Q4.

1826.4.2006 07:33

Oh; boy the rumor mill has returned. Wewt! I worked at a gamestop from October 2005, through February, 2006. It's not a long time; but it centers around one very major event spoken of here. And it's wonderful, because it allows me to iterate something quite wonderful. All of the gamestops communicate very often; we have to, in order to stay on top of shoplifters, etc.; one of the frequent topics from December through the time I left, was "Hey, you guys get any dead 360's yet?" We finally did hear that a store about 7 miles away got one. Apparently the guy had turned the system to the upright position while it was turned on and playing a disc.... Genius. The point, in the few months I worked their; and up until quitting for a better job; we heard rumor after rumor after rumor, all from individuals who admitted to not actually *having* a system. The rumors: -They're scratching discs up (Again, don't move a system to the upright while it's on, reading a disc. That's just pain ignorant.) -They're catching fire (Someone told us that a local display had burst into a huge fire at a local store in the same stripmall; we went to check it out, for potential fire hazards in our own store, and sure enough; nothing had happened with it; it was still functional.) -They're freezing all over the place. (Now there is some truth to this one. The early versions of Perfect Dark Zero and Quake IV were action packed with all kinds of issues. However, patching through the online system, with the free xbox live silver service quickly nullified that in the first week for both titles.) -Error codes, usually involving the power light, or as microsoft chooses to call it, "The Ring of Light" (Dumbest.Name.Ever.) - This issue does exist, the way the lights change to a specific combination of colors works to provide an indication of what happened, so that people trying to give technical support over the phone could instantly diagnose what was wrong; simply by asking which quadrants were what color. Most of these were shipped back to M$ who, before receiving the broken units were shipping the replacement in less than a week's time, usually by overnight. This did not happen much on the west coast; but supposedly, it happened a lot on the east coast; I wouldn't really know about that. It was honestly really funny though; to hear all the rumors that they were all broken, and catching fire, one individual even tried to convince us that it actually *launched* a disc at high velocity, that could have almost killed his friend. And I've got to say that was the funniest one I ever heard. It's all that much better, considering that I've had one since launch night; and experienced no problems with it. I like to use it for gatherings particularly, there's something uniquely fun about four people on PD0 and Q4, even tag tournaments on DOA4 are a lot of fun. But at no time, has my system gotten hot. Maybe it's because I keep it on the top of my entertainment system for ventilation, but I have mine resting longways, which covers half the ventilation holes, and I still don't experience heat issues, well into 8+ hour sittings. Now, I won't say this issue didn't exist. It did, that's been confirmed. But of eight stores, in the area, one of them had one unit come back 'defective' and it was due to the owner's stupidity. ("Do not move the unit into upright position while turned on or holding a disc" -Instruction Manual for any device that does this, even the PS2.) WHile it does exist, it is in such small amounts, that were only existent on the first shipment to begin with. Let's be blunt here, anybody remember the PS2 launch? Dreamcast? I do. They were FULL of problems. I think that given previous launches from competitors; a problem affecting less than 3% of the entire first launch wave only; is much better odds than given by sony and sega's last launch efforts. Either way; I'm eager to see the PS3 in action, and nothing will make me regret buying my 360. Nothing. I have gotten so many hundreds of hours of use out of this baby, I couldn't ever regret the money spent on it. It is perfect. Will I get a PS3? Probably, when the price goes down, and I see some good titles to justify it. I have no interest in seeing more GTA, Killzone, MGS, Dynasty Warriors, Splinter Cell, Gran Turismo, or Final Fantasy (Unless they redo VII, let's not get into rumors here, they've said they weren't planning one.) I love my 360; because I have enjoyed the games so much, no glitch, error, or fires have prevented me from doing so. If you're looking more to the PS3, that's great, you'll probably really enjoy the games there; because they're more your style. Although whoever said that the PS2 has a more mature selection..... What on God's earth have you been smoking? Walk into any game store, look the employee in the eye, and tell him "The selection of XBox games is for kiddies, PS2 has the mature adult titles." They're going to give you a verbal smackdown. XBox has the highest selection of mature rated, 'older audience', serious titles out there. Not to mention the fact that it challenges you to go onto XBox Live and really show your stuff in arenas across multiple games, comparing scores, chatting from one game to another; and inviting your friend on Halo 2, to join your match in Unreal Championship 2. PS2 specializes more in the Teen era; with titles like ratchet and clank, jak and daxter, etc, etc... And Gamecube, well, the majority of games on that system target kids, that goes without saying. I have a clear choice for my preference; but I play all three, and I don't post ignorant bits that have no factual basis. Saying 360's had some problems was true, a small percentage did. No argument there; but as I see someone going so far as to compare the selection..... Ick. I would hope anyone in such an argument look a little closer than that before posting. I've been wrong about a lot of things; but someone needs to at least pretend to research things before typing them.

1926.4.2006 13:18

A mod xbox is better than a mod ps2.... period!!!!! There's emulation on xbox and ps2 has jacksh*t!! The only reason ps2 is surviving is because of square-enix and capcom.....period.

2026.4.2006 13:20

360 is going to be better.... because it will be cracked first so you can play backups. It's going to take centuries before people crack the ps3...... I will be playing backups on the xbox360 and laughing my a** off at the fools who are spending billions of dollars on ps3 games.

2126.4.2006 14:00

Let's leave it there before this becomes a microsoft/sony fanboy competition. -Mike - Guides written by me. - Join us Live on IRC!

(Kudos to Ripper For The Beautiful Sig!)

2226.4.2006 16:45

The 360 dose has some issues overheating and slugish paly by revising the guts of it this should make the 360 what it was saposed to be a next gen system with PC like games *L* to bad I like my PC more than the 360 there is still not enough on it to make it worth while... However the next wave with the new CPU should be working alot better than the frist wave.

2326.4.2006 18:11

@handsom Commen sense here too. The reason it seems that ps2 has so many kiddy games as you say is bc they have a variety of games for all ages. The reason you are saying i dont see many kiddy games for xbox is bc.....ooooppsss, that is right....they dont have much to choose from. If you are going to post something like that do the research first instead of posting something you know nothing about. Research on the net and you will find that the average age of ps2 gamers and xbox gamers is around 25 to 26 years of age for both system. Ooooppps..... but i guess you just felt like posting something without the research.

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2426.4.2006 20:14

lxhotboy I think he dose better than most with his post,however sicne he strongly likes the 360 he should state it befor his posts,hell I have done worse *L* and I have seen FANBOYS do much worse 0_o uhg its late and I cnat type anyway *L*

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2526.4.2006 20:15

Really? Take another look between the exclusives. When you knock it down to system exclusive titles, the majority of ps2's selection is, as stated, kiddy. Yes; they have a lot more; but that's not ps2, that's every system. Walk into your local game store; check the shelf. I worked in gamestop for two months, I am intimately familiar with the selection (Try re alphapbetizing a selection of about 600 games, at least every other day.... You'll recall well, what's available for what systems.) Yes; XBox has less, even then, it still carries more exclusive titles for adults than ps2. Not to mention, I hate to tell you this, it really hurts me to say it..... Working in a game store, majority ps2 gamer....... *Drum roll please* ...A whopping 14 years old. I'm sorry, I didn't do my research, and posted something that I know nothing about.

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2626.4.2006 20:25

handsom oy and jsut becuse the game is rated Adult/M dosent mean its any better than a G for everyone game ,altho I will grant youmost G rated games suck *L* Zelda is G rated ,I think metriod is Teen,Final Fantasy is teen most of the time mmmmmm eh wasnt Halo 1-2 teen? (no halo bashing Halo is a soild fps with MS holding it back and not puting it out on all the platforms).

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

2726.4.2006 20:36

xbox 360 will continue to dominate way through the release of ps3. Ps3 will be to expensive. It will flop, and it will grow in popularity once technology allows for lower prices. But for now, xbox will continue to own everything.. And WOW 65nm!!

2826.4.2006 20:52

madman91 as much as I dotn repley to mindless spam *L* Hate to tell you but the PS2 is selling mroe games cunnertly,I am not sure about systems tho but oh well systems sells only count for new systems sicne they need the game sales to offset the loss. The PS3 has a high chnace to thoughly trounce with a trout the 360,sicne MS messed up and got thiers out to quickly and becuse of it the games and the system itself didnt have time to be tested befor shipment and you cant tell me otherwise Quake 4 runs badly on at the least 1/3rd of the working systems and why you ask becuse of the faulty quailty control and lack of multi core suppert for the game,however the new chitset and CPU will fix this and it should run better but even so it lacks games ,dont get me wrong I am almost willign to plop 500 down for a 360 gears of war and PRG but...not quite yet...the PS3 wont have anythign I will drool forin its frist year either but at least it will have full backwords compality out of the box and that means I dont ahve to sit and wait while the 360 downlaods patchs off dailup >< god I wish the local comapny would get DSL already I hate rual backwater no good net.....ggrrrr.......

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

2926.4.2006 20:54

Oh! You PS2 bashers out there, quite brutal! Listen, there are pro's and con's to every console. That's a fact. Anyways baldurs gate kicks ass, and thats final.

3027.4.2006 02:36

xbox 360 will continue to dominate way through the release of ps3.
But for now, xbox will continue to own everything..
I am sorry but i am not trying to start any arguement, but exactly when did the xbox 360 start start to dominate b/c i missed that. Did you come to that conclusion when you found out that you can take the number of xbox360 and xbox console add them together and the ps2 is still selling more units here in both the US and Japan. Great biased statements dude with no research or proof to support it. The truth hurts....ehhh???
Ps3 will be to expensive.
Do you realise that when the HD-DVD drive is realeased, even if it is priced as low as $99 dollars which be a great steal price wise, that xbox360 owners might still end up spending about the same price for a ps3 systems. And that is just if they can release the HD-DVD add on for that price. It is possible it may end up being more. We will have to wait and see.
I worked in gamestop for two months
And this makes you an expert??? The average game player is 30 years old and has been playing games for 9.5 years. Console Gamers... Forty-six percent of most frequent game players are under eighteen years old. Thirty-five percent of most frequent game players are between 18 and 35 years old. Twenty percent of most frequent game players are over 35 years old. The average age of the video game player is now 30 [2], belying the myth that video games are largely a diversion for teenagers. I could go on for days with this but what system do you think influence the average age of gamers the most since it has the most units on the market by a landslidr??
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3127.4.2006 08:00

maybe you guys are missing something here... playing the same type of games over and over with enhance graphics is not my idea of fun...hence why Nintendo might be the surprise package...

3227.4.2006 09:31

So many things, so little time... First off, as much as I may be sick of hearing fanboys of this title.... Halo 1 & 2. Rated M for Mature. Good call on Zelda and Metroid though, very good call. Mad props for pulling up a really good one, that I hadn't thought of. Those are great games, although Zelda hasn't been so much of a mainstay for the older crouds as of the last iterations. Ages, Seasons, Four Swords (One on GC and one on GBA with old SNES title *Masterpiece*), Windwaker... These have all been titles that were missed by most of the older croud. I know some people like them; but really, they almost completely missed an entire generation of gamers.

And this makes you an expert???
The ESA surveys.... Who fills out surveys? That's not an angry 'what kind of person' statement; that's an honest question. What demographic is likely to fill out a survey? And what demographic (If any) registers their product? What demographic actually takes the time to fill out a form, identifying the fact that they play video games? Because it's never going to be a 14 year old. There are a couple 14 year olds, given; heck I was one of them that would have; but they are about as rare as albino lemmings. People in the 20-30 range (sometimes higher) are the most prone to fill out surveys, they are practically the only ones who register for these things. Not to mention that for the most part, excepting relatives, etc; people tend to know mostly people of their own age. So, in reality, how accurate can a 'survey' of this nature be? It's about as effective as trying to get potheads to rally petitions legalizing marijuana. It's not to say that potheads don't exist; it's not to say they don't want it legalized; it's simply that most don't have the mentality to care about filling out a paper, spreading the word, or even spending the extra time to sign a sheet of paper. And the survey you reference is just as flawed, by nature. The ESA by default has done a world of good for gamers of all ages; especially in their ESRB ratings endorsements and political support. We could not ask for better support from them. That does not change the fact that a durvey of this nature is fundamentally flawed. Sure; I worked in a game store for a few months, and saw the customers, what they were buying, and who it was for (usually). But of course, that first hand experience is completely wrong. Of course. It's the survey that asks people to take extra time to actually log in, or mail in to the ESA. It's the survey that an entire generation has no interest in submitting any bit of information to. That's what it is. Right. Oh; I'm not sure where the Baldur's Gate thing came in from; but it was made for both the PS2 and the XBox; so why it's in here is beyond me... To those who say the 360 is dominating. No. It isn't. And it won't. Not for a long while, if ever. It is my system of preference; but as marketing and general consensus stands, Sony could sell you a box designed to look like a game system, and when you got it home, and opened it, a spring loaded hand threw poo pie in your face.... And people would still tell all their friends how cool it was. Given, Sony isn't about to release anything but a cutting edge system with the best hardware they think they can afford to put on the market. And it's entirely likely that the PS3's hardware will be much better. To those arguing that end, it's a pointless argument, there's a very slim chance of it being worse, so slim in fact that until the system hits shelves, and people can really analyze it; you really shouldn't bother arguing the hardware. I still stand by my statement that the M$'s exclusives are much more geared to the older croud than the Sony's. I will list some of the most well known. These are all good titles, but for the most part they stand to prove a point. To avoid being biased, I am going to list some of the most well known exclusives, including ones that don't support my point. These lists are in no particular order. Sony: -------------------------------------------- Ratchet & Clank Jak and Daxter Socom God of War Gran Turismo Kingdom Hearts Dragonball Z Budokai Sly Cooper Yu-Gi-Oh(Yes, it's even a greatest hits title. Scary, no matter which side of the fence you're on.) Hot Shots Golf Maximo M$: -------------------------------------------- Unreal Championship Halo Rainbow Six(More titles, better versions) Fable KotOR Mech Assault Dead Or Alive 3; Ultimate; XBB(yes, I mentioned XBB. Again, I'm being unbiased for this list.) Forza Motorsport Elder Scrolls Project Gotham Jade Empire Again, I never said that all ps2 games are for kiddies. I am saying that the majorities of the XBox exclusive titles are geared toward the more mature audiences. And I think that these lists show that much. I listed them in no order; and made sure to use the same number of titles for each, for fairness. As before stated; both great systems, one is more geared for the average, light or medium gamer. One is more for the older, longer play gamer. And I feel that these lists only go to support that. I chose titles that all made huge sales, because I'm not here to argue the smaller titles, I'm here to argue the majority, and the biggest sellers; the things most sold for each system. Also @zincy
playing the same type of games over and over with enhance graphics is not my idea of fun...hence why Nintendo might be the surprise package...
Nintendo's biggest selling point for their new system is that they will allow you to download old games, for additional money, and play them with slightly updated graphics, like anti-aliasing support.

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3327.4.2006 10:32

handsom MMm I think the only reason HALO is M is becuse of the F word otherwise it would have been teen.I palyed Halo todeath and didnt see any reason to M it..mmmm My mom played Zleda Seasons and Ages on a emluator *L* thats the trouble with portables when your eyes go *L* But you have a point,WW was not that fun and worse if you get sea sick *L* Your lists are a bit off (maximo? thats an old title..) God of war was on the PS2 and Xbox ,altho sony owns it and most likely GOW2 will be out on the PS2 frist,altho I'll give them props if they dont pull a MS and kept it PS2 only.. revised list (shoot I couldnt find a quick rateing refrance so I am guseing but most are teen) PS2 Kingdom Hearts 1-2 E-T FInal Fantsy 12 T? Suikoden V T? Dragon Quest VIII T? Xbox Fable M? KOTOR T? (star wars = PG13 *L*) Dreamfall T? Ninja Gaiden M? (if this is not M then WTH is?...) Morrowind GOTYE M (drug use and all the other stuff you do...altho I can see it as T) Painkiller M (least I am sure its a could be T) Dead or alive Vollyball M Unreal Championship T? Jade Empire M Hell no fair the Xboxis stealing all the PC stuff *L* Mmm its ture the Xbox/360 will go after a slightly older audiance becuse of the PC games *L* Anyway when did teens become kiddies? 0-o Just becuse your mature donset mean your above 17 *L* Now if you want kiddie games go paly zelda or mario or pokemon or soemthign nintendoish *L* Altho they have been trying to break that image of late,one of the the reasons why the PS2 sucseds is it goes after teens mostly then adults then E ,while the Xbox dosent have alot mostly "PC" titles that should be on the PC but the Xbox came along so they aim at 18+ frist or try to then teens (most games made are for teens anyway) ...I'd liek to say the Xbox also aimsat the casual "I dont care abotu qauilty of the gamer" gamer ,makeing games for the horde kills the qauilty look at qauke 4 compared to Q2 and Q3...I would like to say that but then look at square a older dev that saposed to kow what its doing and yet manages to mangle FF every other game 0-o *L* I guess in the end it comes down to what you like ,altho I would ahve been happy with a 360if they took the time and made the system right (no overheating and other hardware issues,fullbackwards combality) I would ahve jumped on the 360 becuse the Xbox now has enough games to make it worth while...oh well all things in time I guess ^^ There is one thign that annoys me about the PS3 why did they have to go do thatto the controllers? its pointless and smacks of "its new it must work" least the 360 understands that we cant coem upwith anythign new so we will stick with what works *L* I'll take what works over the N64 pad,the cubes pad,the revs..mmm remote vibrator,and the PS3s vibratorish like pad.....oy.......

3427.4.2006 15:34

Let's leave it there before this becomes a microsoft/sony fanboy competition.
I said this for a reason, if none of you can stop ranting at each other over which console is better, then a mod will probably end up banning you. Don't turn this into another fanboy thread. -Mike

3527.4.2006 15:45

The Xbox 360 is a bad investment I find, too many glitches and problems, it should be recalled and perfected. The PS3, its all speculative, we will only know when it comes out if its good or not.

3627.4.2006 22:28

well i have the pleasure of going to this years E3 convention so i will see the x-360 in more detail as well as a working version of the ps3 but from early on i still think my money will go on the ps3 due to the software support and familereirty and if you think about it the mother boards and processoer and graphics engine is one year older on the xbox 360--due to the early intro---and the Blu-ray idea is awesome----so my bet at this point is ps3 but xbox in terms of hard drive and modding is way better --------i have modded and put hard drives in my ps2 and OG xbox and the ps2 has problems and its hard for emulators and a good media menu my xbox plays every emulator made with ease pluss all files with ease DivX,XviD etc... so i love my OG XBOX

3727.4.2006 22:37

Mik3h Sorry sorry,we have eben talking and it seems we have sem commen ground its not gotten so bad,but ture 1 or 2 fan boys can kill this thread. hot_ice the new guts are being made so it might become less iusseiy hopefuly ^^,I probly wait untill it can run 80% or 90% of the Xbox games befor I get one. mikey_ray Now I want an Xbox even more *L* ^^ Pretty much the PS3 will be domimnate. However I wish Sony wouldnt hype it above what it can realy do *L*

3828.4.2006 10:22

Unreal Championship; very M rated. I'm not sure, but I don't think any Unreal has ever been rated lower; and I've been playing since they launched the original (Even the little-known Na Pali add on). Halo does include blood in sometimes rather giving amounts, although I have seen much much worse. Dreamfall isn't what I would ever call a heavy seller, although it is M. I haven't touched it; so I couldn't guess why. And I do apologize that the term 'kiddies' has been applied to teens... I'm honestly not sure where that came about. It is an unfair term, given the obvious use here. God of War has never been released on the XBox; or anything but the PS2 for that matter. And it's a great feather in Sony's cap. They did very well on it. I'm glad to hear somebody here complain about Sony's new controller design. If I had done it, no one would have read it; because I would be brushed off as just another fanboy. But who knows; they may be great, but they sure don't look it. The use of the word 'stealing' in reference to pc games is really out of place. It is a decision made by developers who see that the time spent in translating to the XBox will be made up in sales of an xbox version. PS2 is simply a harder system to translate down to. It has lower specs, and the XBox has parts that are so easy to program for; especially with XNA architecture. It makes more sense from their standpoint, because MS has made it so much easier for them. Again, glitches, overheating... I am an owner myself; and after months in a game store; we realized from people who actually *owned* the system, that this problem was *MOSTLY* a myth. It happened to a couple individuals genuinely. Then a couple more people doing things they know they shouldn't do (Like operating an extremely high speed computer inside a very small space with no ventilation whatsoever. *We had someone try to return one, he told us that it overheated and he wanted another one. Turns out he had left it on overnight, so that he could get more hours on DOA4 for an accomplishment, and he always left a towel on top of the system, to prevent dust. Ingenius*), or always the person that picks up and moves, and shifts their system WHILE IT'S ON PLAYING A GAME... These are the majority of the issues. In fact, since the initial shipment, there have been no glitches or dead system issues. Even in the initial shipment, it was 3%. Do you realize that 95% of the first Dreamcast shipment was DOA? The initial PS2 shipment was 43% defective too. A defective rate of 3% is hardly something to scoff at. But MS did make one absolutely HUGE mistake. They should NOT have done a worldwide launch. They have no market in Japan. It's not their big selling location. They should have delayed release until they could get some more appealing titles for that region (As are just now starting to come out) or at least, they should have sent a cripplingly smaller shipment, then they would maybe see a demand issue, and enhance sales a bit? But they would have seen an even lower % if those units were here; because there were no complaints of defect there. Not to mention, more people would have been enjoying them on Christmas morning, and a lot of this "They're all defective" gibberish would have been a wash on the larger masses enjoying theirs. Big mistake on MS' part. Huge. In reality, MS and Sony are ramping up for one very interesting race here. Regardless of who is better; this is one VERY close hardware setup. Even in Sony's own self-favoring reports, the PS3 is ahead by less than even 1/4. Which means that unlike before, there will be a need for the companies to present us with genuinely great games, instead of saying "We have better graphics" because the difference will be so minimal. I want to see what happens when the companies can't rely on that. Both systems outperform computers anywhere remotely near their hardware specs; and both have a TOTAL memory of 512mb. Developers historically don't like to spend much time making version A much better than version B. With such small differences; multi-platform will probably be almost identical. So, I want to see what Sony and Microsoft.... And yes, even Nintendo; can give us as gamers. I'm all for Halo 3; but M$ is going to have to pull more than that to keep me happy. Gears of War might be good; but I'm unsure in all honesty. At the same time tho; the only thing potentially interesting to me on the PS3 thus far has been the potential that UT2k7 might not be released on the 360 for reasosns sounding like a possible exclusivity contract... That's just a guess being that it was originally mentioned, and now it's been quiet about that version. Again; I will end up with both systems. I don't mean to say one is horrible. Although (Especially with all the PC ports) it is clear that the majority of XBox exclusive titles are much more geared toward an older generation, whereas the PS2 is more geared towards either all ages or the teen generation. I loved the Ratchet and Clank series; but they were clearly not geared towards my age. Oh; and Maximo was listed, because it's been one of the systems bigger sellers. Listed XBox games were also just as old or older. I think the important thing, at least for me, is hearing about which games will be where. The 360 getting a new processor leaves little room for improved graphics. Maybe it will have slightly better performance (Keyword slightly, because old owners would be so angry othrwise). There is no reason for a recall. The shipments are working perfectly, aside from 3% of the very first shipment. I do think PS3 will dominate the market. They have a longer running name in this business, it's basic brand recognition. But what I do hope is that Microsoft walks through this one taking a bigger share of gamers. They took more than a decent share with their first system, which came out of nowhere, I want to see how much they can do in their second outing. Again; this is going to be the big game competition, and regardless of which system does better; gamers win.

"Its not stupid, its advanced!" - The Almighty Tallest, Invader Zim

3928.4.2006 12:07

handsom Oh crap is is me or are they changeing what was T 2-5 years ago to M? God the way this is all going anyhting rated M nowadyas will be AO >< I mean realy....what in the hell is in dreamfall that makes it to a M and not teen?...I mean realy.... Crap I tohught GOW was on the Xbox with slighty better graphics I could have sworn i heard them talking about it once on G4...mabye they were thinking/wishing it was on the Xbox....mmmmmm And again if their was not a high rate of return at least 1/3rd this wouldnt be a issues look at Quake 4 it can paly on some 360s fine with little to no shuttering however mostly it shutters badly this is a good sign that there are hardware issues that mostly will go away once the new revision hits the streets. Eh I call it stealing becuse thats how I feel,altho its more fact that it can be easier to make games for consoles,and bascily the Xbox is getting the games that should have been on PC that makes the Xbox and 360 wantable by PC gamers. I would have gotten a 360 if it had fullbackwards complity that would have ment I wouldnt have tog et a Xbox but sicne they rushed it to get it out frist its "upgradable" meaning I will wait acouple years tog et a 360 and enjoy what the Xbox has to offer insted,the 360s lunch was a joke they rushed it,it would have been much better for them to actuly work on the 360 get back wards compality near 90% and made the hardware not so bugy,it wouldnt have hurt for them to have put the HD palyer in them either but they say its for moives only so I guess its not needed...they could have tried harder to make it a true next gen console. At least Sony is trying altho I will ignore the hype ,and belive the basics the Rev (refue the wii) is builtaround games not power so its specs are not to imporant,the 360 is built around Power and niche PC like adult gameing,the PS3 is built around new tech (bluray,wifi controllers,ect,ect) and aims to bring the most gameing to the most people. All 3 consoles are aimed at diffrent markets,its going to be intersting how it all falls into place tho.

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401.5.2006 16:39

I'm going to buy a playstation 2 but i have a big question.What is better playstation 2,or playstaion 2 (slim).I would really like an answer.Thanks......

411.5.2006 17:01

darkecho Besides no internal Hard drive support and no direct dailup support the Slim lines are great. they are the best builtof the PS2 just soem of us find it cheaper to have odler systems that are soemtiems cheaper to fix *L*

423.5.2006 12:15

I'm not sure why you state that games rated T 2-5 years ago now merit M. This is very untrue. Games with blood and violence merit T. Games with gore, violence blood, deplorable language, strong sexual content, drug references, these things merit an M; and always have. As for dreamfall. I don't know anything about it, it does have drug references apparently. I'm not defending it; I'm not the one who brought it up, and I don't know anything about it. It's a small title brought by a fairly small developer without much reputation. So I don't know. The PS3 will have a good variety of games, as will the 360; and the Wii will have a completely different variety of games, which from the way I'm enjoying my DS is a good thing. But as for me; all the rumors and sources indicating on a $500 price tag don't make their system worth the cost to me. It doesn't hold the franchises and features that sway me for $500 up front. That's not to say that the 360 wasn't expensive in it's own right. But I personally see franchises and features that have been abundantly useful to me. Also; Quake 4 was a last minute port by ID's sublet Raven Studios. Raven makes great game content. But they should not be allowed to handle ports. They aren't good at writing code for ports. Quake 4's performance issues are not system specific they are on EVERY 360; because ID trusted Raven to port the code over; and Raven screwed up. Which is a shame, because I really enjoyed Quake 4, I wish they hadn't done such a shoddy job. But again, this is a well known sloppy port; which is aggrivating, but not the fault of hardware. I really hope that Quake Wars: Enemy Territory sees a 360 release with a much better port job. Where they treat it with the same care as most companies do for a console port, they usually actually take some care examining the hardware to make sure all code is optimized to run best. That's standard practice for any game console port; and Raven dropped the ball. They need to get it right with this next title. I don't know if a patch can be released that would so fundamentally change the way the software actually works.

"Its not stupid, its advanced!" - The Almighty Tallest, Invader Zim

433.5.2006 16:01

handsom If feels like rateings are changeing but meh it could be me,Morrowind should be M is it? Interesting,did raven actualy build Q4 as in weapons and level desgin or was that out sourced as well? Oh well I still have strong feelings about Q4 codeing its ok for the msot part had little to no trouble on the PC I understand the 360 port was not coded right and that will amke it run oddly,place I ahve heard soem systems run it fine so could this mean some 360s are aculty put togather righ or bettert? But what gets me is the complete lack of vistion if you look at Q1,Q2,Q3 its a downgrade from them in terms of level,monster,weapon design the AI is as good or as bad as the others I understand it implments better retuines soemtiems but over all I had a hader time killing the "thinking " AI on Unreal 1 (the few comp controlled BOTs it had in P mode)*L* BTW is the reason they didnt add more models in MP side becuse simpley most computers couldnt handled 10 differnt models on screen is that why thats been so lacking in the past 2 ID titles? I have been palying Dues ex 2 alot lately now theres a game with issies,at frist I refused to paly it it was so annoyingly bad but now after I ahve put soem hours into it despite everthign thats wrong with it,the voice acting the elvel design stands out the story is only alittle better than Q4s ,its a shame Ion didnt just give up and relelase the freaking SDK befor the closed hell the coumanity is ready to FIX the game at any time....

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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