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HDMI 1.3 upgrade published

Written by Dave Horvath @ 22 Jun 2006 6:10 User comments (14)

HDMI 1.3 upgrade published The HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) connection standard has been updated with the finalized version of HDMI 1.3. Seven companies have backed this upgrade including Sony's PS3 console.
HDMI 1.3 adds a number of enhancements over the last version, for example, it is capable of higher data transfer rates from 4.95Gbps to 10.2Gbps by making the clock speed climb to 340Mhz from the previous 165Mhz. This increase in bandwidth allows capable devices to display 30, 36 and 48-bit color in both RGB and luminance-chrominance (YCbCr) color spectrums. It also supports the emerging color spectrum, xvYCC.

The new version will also add support for automatic synching of audio and video streams on the fly while also handling new audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

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14 user comments

122.6.2006 06:41

Sounds cool. Only thing is, I'm no where near ready to dish out the money to buy this...

222.6.2006 08:07

gogochar, when you said "this" you mean what the PS3 or the HDMI 1.3 thing (I am not sure exactly what it is) P.S. Is it like a those rca cable things (red, yellow and white) except with much better picture quality?

322.6.2006 09:24

HDMI uses actually just a single cable. Yep, standard def or high def video + multi-channel digital audio on just one cable. I'll upload a new glossary item for HDMI as part of my work on HD.

422.6.2006 09:26

It's backwards compatibile for those of us who have already purchased an HD TV correct?

522.6.2006 10:09

Well not exactly. This is the subject under some debate. If you own an HDTV set that lacks HDMI support, then on next gen discs etc. the picture resolution could theoretically be downgraded, although it doesn't seem the industry will go that way initially. This barbaric act is being supported in the name of "content protection" - HDMI connections generally support HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) whereas most DVI do not. Typa A HDMI is backward compatible with DVI, so using an adapter or whatever, a DVI source could be used with an HDMI monitor, although it would lack audio features. Type B HDMI supports dual-link DVI. Type B was actually designed to facilitate 1080p video content.

622.6.2006 11:13

I have an HDMI support, so regardless of that I still can't use new products? That is pretty terrible to anyone who has supported what seemed to have been a standard of the next generation.

722.6.2006 11:47

Yippee more DRM!

822.6.2006 15:04

Or maybe we should wait for HDTV to come up with Display port(the new connection) included?

922.6.2006 15:37

I wouldn't worry about it at all. Once they do start to heavily enforce picture downgrading, someone will step up and break it within a number of DAYS. We already know theoretically how to, it is just a case of when push comes to shove and they force our hand. All that is needed is for like 50 odd keys to be leaked, which wouldn't be entirely out of the question for a Chinese manufacturer to assist in, then the master key can be reverse engineered, and dongles or some such can be developed as a pass-through device, not unlike current macrovision removers.

1023.6.2006 04:10

Yay for hardware like I got a converter to put the PSX on the PC montior I have to get a converter to get ful HD on a older HD TV...*L* silly coperations dont they know soemone will remove thier silly DRM....

1125.6.2006 07:35

For what it's worth......Dishnetwork gave me a cable with HDMI on one end and DVI on the other, their new mp4 receiver only has HDMI port, my HDTV, only DVI port. Need another one now for the new HDMI DVD players LOL. Either the TV or the receiver needs ANOTHER HDMI port. It'll never end, you can't possibly keep up unless you have tons of cash, even then, if the ports aren't there, it wouldn't do you much good.

1225.6.2006 07:46

mcmenace Thats why man made converters :P and other men made protection shcemes to force you into DRM or to buy new hardware 0-o *L*

1326.6.2006 21:04

OMG not 1.3 !!!!!!!!! let me worry about it in a year or 2 when the dust settles "if it does :)" my next tech purchases new console because they will cost less then a gaming pc.. then a fat 40 something inch HDTV with dmr 2.0 and my universal bypass box that was bought on ebay ya you know it lol

1426.6.2006 21:55

meh I still need to finish my PC Sound:SB Augidy 24 and SE either stop working after a month or jsut crash the comp when you paly sound Currently useing the mobos sound system Got my newer mobo working in my rig with soem ramm I thought was dead but it working fine (mem tested over night and everyhting) but they need ram heatsinks Need to break ut my sleveing kit and do the PSU and fan wires/usb/frontpanel wires in the case the vid card is a BFG 6800 OC 256MB so its good for another year or 2rght now they I need a raid config of HDs I have been useing 1 40 for XP and 1 120 for stuff but over the years I jsut want to skip all the little data errroes I get from forced reboots and stuff,mabye 2 160s or 2 200 for under 150$..then I need a nice black USB/firewire box for my 16X DVD writer thena fter that a Multi/all in one Floppy drive mmmmm then that should be it unless I want to play with water cooling *L* but then I also need a 80$ modchp for the PS2 and repalce my dead DS and get a Xbox and soem games...yes yes yes need more games :P I ahve a 20inch normal TV and a 19inch montior so I dont need to upgrade thos yet they can be last *L*

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