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PSP 2.50 and 2.60 downgrader launched

Written by Dave Horvath @ 01 Jul 2006 14:58 User comments (83)

PSP 2.50 and 2.60 downgrader launched This seems like a great week indeed for people who choose to use their Sony PSP like it was never intended to be used. After the PSP community rejoiced earlier about the 2.60 exploit that had been found, making it capable of accessing the kernel in updated PSP models, a stable 1.50 downgrader program has been launched.
The recent exploit for 2.60, although functional, has already reported making a few "bricks" in the hands of inexperienced PSP modders. Developed and tested as functional, this downgrade program uses the Grand Theft Auto eLoader program and successfully downgrades 2.50 and 2.60 PSPs to the vaulted 1.50, enabling happy gamers to play a slew of homebrew on their portable gaming devices.

PSP Updates

Update: It appears that shorty after posting this, a similar article was posted on Slashdot and in affect has taken down the PSP Updates website.

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83 user comments

11.7.2006 15:59

That is awesome too bad I have a 1.5 PSP.

21.7.2006 16:49

hahaha sucks for the UP team:)

31.7.2006 17:25

Does anyone know a similar page?

41.7.2006 20:43

I'm just blown away by how far hackers go just to get backups and homebrew to work on consoles. This new exploit and downgrader for Firmware 2.5 and 2.6 PlayStation Portables is just(in my opinion) more proof that no matter how far companies will go to prevent backups or homebrew from running on their consoles, the hackers will always get the better of them.

51.7.2006 21:08

The problem is that the latest firmware revision is 2.7x, and the exploit doesn't work on that. Granted, with the lack of games worth playing, once someone has their system flashed to a usable revision, it actually makes that little black brick worth playing around with, even if it is just to play super mario world on the bus, or stream porn from a memory stick.

62.7.2006 0:34

How long till a 2.7x hack then? no more than 2 weeks my bet :)

72.7.2006 1:03

probably longer than that i mean the 2.5/2.6 hack did take a while to be released into the wild and that was after testing and noobs are still bricking psp's...probably a month or 2 before they hack 2.7...

82.7.2006 3:58

good good....altho the PSP comes after a Xbox for me still have tog et my DS relaced *L* the PSP would be more intresting if soemone made a CD player attachment that ran PSX games but oh well..thats what emluation is for! *L*

92.7.2006 4:01

i have the downgrader but i am to scared to try it has anyone tryed it yet ?


102.7.2006 9:05

Feasey, same here...xept I don't even have the downgrader (can sum1 give it to me?) and I am scared to try it...ppl who are going to get a psp modchip anyways...can u try this plz? P.S. Chip is better than having a 1.5 so..plz try not getting chip tho cuz I need to save as much money possible...

112.7.2006 9:11

man that is really a pointless battle that sony needs to give up. I see there reason for upgrading with new features but i think they should realise that they are wasting time and money on trying to keep the hackers out. If a small child can hack into the government computers!!! Sony doesnot stand a chance.

122.7.2006 9:16

Yeah worked great :-D At you can download this stuff. So have a nice day and much fun :D

132.7.2006 13:27

If your unsure about using his homepage then theres a more reliable page to try it from;

142.7.2006 13:32

if you want to save money dont get a PSP *L* I mean the PSP only has 2 or 3 titles that are PSP only the rest or ports of some sort...altho the up side of it more emluation on the PSP >< bah save money? forget it :P

152.7.2006 13:34

The FINAL version of the Downdater has been released and uploaded to my page:

162.7.2006 13:35

LOL no kidding Zippy, my favorite game is Breath of Fire 3, originally released on the ps1:)

182.7.2006 16:27

You can get the ALL-IN-ONE files, which comes with the 1.5 dump AND Downdater from here:

192.7.2006 16:49

i don't see why people go through all the trouble to try and make these stupid downgraders i myself have been working on a specail trick of my so far its working fine i mad a wireless externel hard drive for my psp and a specail exploit for the 2.7 firmware that allows me to continue to run current games , it also allows for home brew crap and i have a adapted for psp version of xdsl(xbox damn small linux) so now i am not only doing what ever one else is but i also have a poket sized 500 gig hard drive with a 8 hour battery life that allows me to rn linux and windows apps on DSL once i have fully working version of the exploit which can be installed using any of 3 games i adapted it for you will be able to rape the psp in to submission and make itt better i currently have working umd back ups running on this wire less hdd

202.7.2006 21:07

I did it succesfully! I downgraded my 2.5 to a 1.5...if u wanna do it urself...go to my tutorial at

If I insult you...don't get insults are "friendly insults"...I know this sounds stupid (ridiculous) but I am fet up of writing, "no offense" in my posts...

My Comp: (will add specs later)

213.7.2006 3:57

all i can say is FUCK. i just up dated mine 2 2.71 for the loco roco demo.

223.7.2006 6:44

OMG, dont you hate when they make you wanna update for one good game

233.7.2006 7:48

sucks for the peoople who already did it, just get a MoD chip.... it comes out better, on 100 usd more.... not bad really and in the end, down graders are obselete

243.7.2006 9:15

hi,i want to downgrade my psp v2.6 so please anyone can send me the 1.5 dump files? i really need em....

253.7.2006 12:11

word i need them too, unless u can send me a link to the site that offers the downgrade

263.7.2006 12:31

i had a white psp 2.60 i bought last month. tonight i installed 'eloader097' to the memory (32mb) card via the USB option. I then copied the 'DOWNDATER'files to the memory card as per the guide. Everything worked perfectly. I now have a 1.50 psp!

273.7.2006 22:16

just when i find out about a 2.50 and 2.60 downgrader i get the latest version which is 2.71. Damn i guess ill just have to wait for the next dgrader.

283.7.2006 22:24

get ready to might be a while

293.7.2006 23:06

I'm not even gonna answer dippy and dooda's request for the downgraders (all it takes is a little reading)

304.7.2006 4:29

I have a 2.5 factory psp (I assume when people talk about factory psp they mean the firmware that is already installed when they bought it?) and want to upgrade to 2.6 to downgrade to 1.5 - Will running the network update on the psp update it to 2.71 or will it go to 2.6 first? If it goes to 2.71 then how do I upgrade to 2.6? Thanks in advance for your help on this matter. K.

314.7.2006 4:36

One other question: Does it matter that my PSP was purchased from liksang? It's a Japanese PSP.

324.7.2006 5:55

keith123, I think this is for US PSP's only.

334.7.2006 9:52

after transfering the downhelper and downhelper% file psp/game folder of my memory stick there is a corrupted file showing on my menu. IS THIS NORMAL? i am afraid to continue the process of downgrading because of this. need help!!! another question is that i dont have GTA? is it possible to downgrade without GTA?

344.7.2006 9:59

The downgrade is not possible for the TA-082. Is that like THE END for all the people with that board or is it like a temp thing that people will find a solution to?

355.7.2006 0:28

Please people before posting have a look at the link I provided halfway through this topic as that link answers every question you've been firing away, before asking take time to read, it goes a hell of a long way and reading up on the answer takes much less time than asking someone the same damn questions over and over again.

365.7.2006 4:10

sorry for that paul, i think some of us are just anxious. however, i think the koteshi page was hard to understand cause he did not speak clear enough. a lot of the stuff was abbreviated but the page that paul1085 had posted explains thoroughly

375.7.2006 6:39

I think transfering them is illegal. Get a friend with 1.5, and get the dump

386.7.2006 1:49

I leave the psp scene to go on holiday, and this happens! Ah sweet mother of **** Good news for users of 2.6 and under.

396.7.2006 15:25

Daviel100 or anyone knows the answer. I have read a lot of thread but I am still not sure about the answer. On the PSP update website, it said PSP can not be a factory 2.6 PSP. I bought my and it's already 2.6. Does that mean I can not down grade now? Your PSP CANNOT be a factory 2.50/2.60 PSP! It had to have been updated once before from a previous version or the downgrader will not work, thus a brick!

406.7.2006 15:28

Thats not 100% true. You can downgrade if you have a factory 2.5/2.6, the risk of bricking your psp is just much greater.

416.7.2006 16:11

Hm...Has anyone done the downgrade with Factory installed 2.6? I am kind of new to this but I read a lot of forums but no one has said anything about fixing a "Brick" PSP. Is it fixable if it "bricks"?

426.7.2006 16:16

I have read a fewposts where people claim they downgraded their factory 2.5/2.6s, but you are messing with fate if you do that. To answer your question, the only way to fix a bricked psp would be to buy the UP mod chip. So, i guess its a win/win situation if you have a factory 2.5/2.6 psp and are planning on getting the chip. if the downgrade works awesome, but if it doesnt, the chip will fix it;)

436.7.2006 17:01

Cool. Thanks.

446.7.2006 18:50

ya i know a guy who downgraded a 2.6 factory.

456.7.2006 18:54

iPirate have you tired the Dogs happy Life patch yet??? I know you were trying to get that game working.

467.7.2006 10:08

Somewhere on this thread, there's a link to psp hack page and someone made a executable downgrade file with everything include 1.5dump file. That one specifically said "won't work with factory 2.6". Has anyone with factory 2.6 tried it with that file? I have no problem doing it manually but I don't have the 1.5 dump file.

477.7.2006 12:12

svtstang, i just got myself another 1GB stick so i will try in a hour as im not home. And i will post my results. If you need i can give you the patch as i took me 3 hours to find it.

497.7.2006 14:20

thanks i found it early before, thanks though

507.7.2006 14:29

Oops, my bad, I read your post wrong. LOL I need to learn to read:)

517.7.2006 14:32

lol, how long did it take you to find it? lol took me 3 hours like I stated

527.7.2006 16:50

Sorry don't know if this has been mentioned but anyway to downgrade 2.6 psp without any game? like the 2.0 downgrade or w/e that didn't require game. thanks

537.7.2006 18:25

haha iPirate you are going to be pissed, took me like 10 mintues. I know meetjoeblack creates the majority of ppf patches, so I went to maxconsole and did a forum search on him, and found it pretty quick lol.

548.7.2006 6:16

thats pathetic edit: have you found a way to get it to compress? I removed the videos and it hangs at a black screen when i boot it.

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558.7.2006 7:17

One more question. I did some reading on other forums where people use the easy downgrader created by Xtrusion. A lot of people seems to be briking their PSP with MOBO IC1003. Can the people that downgraded successfully from a Factory 2.5/2.6 check their MOBO version by opening the UMD tray and look inside upper right corner see if you have IC1003?

568.7.2006 11:34

@iPirate I dont have the game, just looking for the patch because I know you were looking for it. Do all the typical stuff - relink files, dummy them, then cso the hell out of it. Wish I had the iso, then id bee able to help a bit:)

578.7.2006 11:39

whats relink, in UMDGen it searches for dummy then makes em 0kb but there isnt any. And when i ripped out the audio the game wouldnt load

588.7.2006 11:55

does anyone know if there is a 2.71 downgrader and if not when its coming out

598.7.2006 12:48

holy crap, this has to be the most asked n00b question. NO. Stop asking now, and search aD. Please dont ask the common questions. Svtstang, i got Dog Happy Life to work, now i wanna be able to compress it because it takes 772MB which is almost everything. So if you find any info specific to this game, any help would be appreciated.

608.7.2006 13:02

Send me a print screen of the files in the USRDIR and SYSDIR folders, see if I can come up with something

618.7.2006 13:22

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629.7.2006 6:25

Sorry to post again but is there anyway for a 2.0 psp that was upgraded to psp 2.6 to downgrade to psp 1.5 without a game? thanks much

639.7.2006 7:05

you need gta for the downgrader to work on 2.6

649.7.2006 9:41

do u hace to buy a proper copy ov gta liberty city stories ple help

Hamzy G

659.7.2006 10:07

Ok, so does anyone know how to emulate 2.6 FirmWare on 1.5 and i would be able to play a 2.6 game on 1.5? or where i can get the software? thanks

669.7.2006 10:44 please, i know your new but you gotta use the search, there is a wonderful thread by RavenLife here

679.7.2006 10:53

well duh i know of search i just never know what to search for 1.5 emulator or 2.6 emulator crap i don't know lol and all i could find was this and since i'm noob almost none of it made since i just wanna be able to play 2.6 games on a 1.5psp that's it so maybe if there's a program to rip 2.6 games to 1.5 version or something idk. but thanks for help

689.7.2006 11:10
699.7.2006 11:15

ok so do they have dev hook that can emulate 2.6 FW yet? thanks EDIT: Nevermind found it on first page of has dev hook that emulates FW 2.5 now i just need to get a copy or borrow a copy of GTA so i can get that FW 2.6 of mine down to 1.5 like i previously had it but i didn't wait for a while and was impatient to play games that i upgraded....what a idiot i am....thanks again guys

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709.7.2006 11:18

i think so, just follow the tut. I beleive it does work for 2.6 not 2.7

719.7.2006 11:21

i thought it was 2.5 not 2.6? i don't care that much but it is 2.5 right not 2.6?

729.7.2006 11:52

well i dont know any games which require 2.6, i think it handles it ok.

7314.7.2006 1:10

hay guys can any one confirm that the 2.5 downgrader works as ive read mixed comments and as im pushin my budget getting a psp in the first place i really dont want to brick it!any help would be greatfully recieved

7414.7.2006 5:45

yes it works, dont you read?

7515.7.2006 1:45

Ok thanks but i managed to get a 1.5 yesterday so it doesnt matter now thanks for your help and yes i do read as i stated ive read mixed comments. any 1 more thing could you tell me roughly how many games you can get on a 1gb card and a 2 gb card? thanks

7615.7.2006 3:15

i have a factory 2.5 which i need to update to 2.6 before i can downgrade to 1.5 does anyone know where i can get the 2.6 software update?

7715.7.2006 5:15

wow you just spam these boards, i wont tell since you already found those files.

783.8.2006 13:36

hi i'm new to the whole psp thing,and i'm not really all that psp literate so to speak,but i need to know if there is a way to downgrade from version 2.80 to version 2.0 or lower. i have a bunch of games for it but i can't play them with the 2.80 version,and when i upgraded to version 2.80 i didn't know this as i thought i needed to upgrade,cause it was the first day i had got the thing.

793.8.2006 13:41

Nope, you are out of luck. Nothing can be done to a 2.80 at this time.

8016.11.2006 4:43

i have 2.5 but i dont have the gta game is there a way how i can downgrade without having to have the gta games plz help i wanna make the psp 1.5

8116.11.2006 4:55

Originally posted by OsamahAli:
hi,i want to downgrade my psp v2.6 so please anyone can send me the 1.5 dump files? i really need em....

8216.11.2006 6:12

if you dont have gta just upgrade to 2.71 its easier to downgrade to 1.5 from 2.71. all you need is the easy downgrader.

8322.11.2006 14:39

can u downgrade ur psp if u have that gold # and letter written in the bak of ur psp in side game that opens up

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