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HDMI license costs cut by 30 percent

Written by Jari Ketola @ 21 Jul 2006 3:45 User comments (10)

HDMI license costs cut by 30 percent The High-Definition Multimedia Interface (or HDMI for short) is more likely to appear on consumer electronics devices after the licensing fee was cut by 30 percent. HDMI Licensing, LLC, the agent responsible for licensing the HDMI specification, announced it has reduced the annual administration fee for HDMI adopters from $15,000 to $10,000.
According to HDMI Licensing the fee reduction was made possible by HDMIs growing success in the marketplace, but more likely the cuts were made to get more Chinese consumer electronics manufacturers to implement HDMI on their devices. Chinese and Taiwanese have actively adapted their own, competing specifications to western standards, whose licensing costs they feel are too steep.

"The reduction of the annual fee, which was already minimal, will make it easier for smaller manufacturers to license the HDMI specification and will help ensure that all companies, large or small, can implement cutting EDGE HDMI technology into their products," said Leslie Chard, president of HDMI Licensing, LLC.

The China Video Industry Association (CVIA) announced it would promote and support the use of HDMI by the consumer electronics industry in China.

The fee reduction will apply to HDMI annual fee payments that come due after November 1, 2006, and the new fees apply to all HDMI adopters worldwide.

HDMI LLC Press Release

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10 user comments

121.7.2006 07:05

Yeah more DRM.

221.7.2006 10:02

um DRM? HDMI is basically used in RCA DVD players so DVDs can get a better resolution that is near HD. i have no idea why you said DRM.

321.7.2006 13:54

He said DRM cuz HDMI has hdcp in it or whatever its called which is protection crap.

421.7.2006 14:26

well DRM is mostly used in Audio.

521.7.2006 17:23

Perhaps some research is in order before saying where DRM is used...

621.7.2006 21:55

DVI and HDMI's main reason for existence in consumer video is copy protection. A component video cable still offers equal or better quality with no HDCP.

722.7.2006 19:26

TranceGuy maybe you should do the research before implying who is correct.

822.7.2006 19:41

okay it's a Form of DRM. but thats HDCP and its used with HDMI and DVI not specifically with just HDMI.

925.7.2006 20:38

zippy, your statement on hdmi to componant video is way wrong, I hook-up hidef for a living. 1st off componant video is a 3 wire hook up for video, 2 more for audio.hdmi is a complete digital transmission, requiring no conversion from digital source to destination. componant video is a analog conversion of a digital source, then the tv preforms a a/d conversion (analog to digital) to get the source in it's native's form. so digital to digital or d/a & a/d . on paper it's not close, in person it's really not close. and that's not even talkin the audio portion, again it's not even close

1027.7.2006 08:44

I'll just wait... And wait...

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