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Microsoft back peddles on Vista playback claims

Written by Dave Horvath @ 25 Aug 2006 6:46 User comments (8)

Microsoft back peddles on Vista playback claims Earlier in the week, Microsoft Senior Project Manager, Steve Riley had told an Australian audience that Windows Vista would not play HD-DVD or Blu-Ray media in the 32-bit architecture. This created quite a bit of buzz as some 90% of personal computers operate in the 32-bit scheme.
Since then, Microsoft has made an impressive attempt to shift blame of Vista's shortcoming onto content providers. Microsoft released a press announcement saying that the inability to play next-gen media on their new flagship product is not a fault of Microsoft development, but rather the fault of media providers not wanting to release for a 32-bit platform giving people the ability to access unsigned code which could in turn compromise their copyright protection schemes.

While this doesn't change the outcome of people wishing to play next-gen media in a next-gen operating system without purchasing a next-gen processor, it does show how effectively Microsoft can pass the buck and point fingers at others.

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8 user comments

125.8.2006 7:52

Well thats what they want everyone to do: Buy a the more expensive Vista version that does support it. In my opinion it could still be a while before Blu-ray and HD-DVD are in demand for home computers, and when they are the people who want them will probably already have higher than 32-bit. I don't really see a reason why it shouldn't be supported by 32-bit and not others to be honest? Most likley it just to get people to by the higher editions of Vista thus Microsoft making more money.

225.8.2006 14:47

64bit windose is still messed up and I dout vista 64 will work perfectly unless it has new hardwre and driers and such... Much like DVD WIndose decodecs you either had the pay fr or the pay for untill the free stuff came out so the next gen decodecs will proby be made by open soruce pll.

325.8.2006 15:48

Maybe microsoft is half right?

425.8.2006 16:24

oofRome you'd think MS would at least put HD dvd in it but being MS they probly are haveing enough trubles gettign vista to work right and see support for the new formats 2nd or 3rd to the stuff they need to have in it at launch.

526.8.2006 2:37

i hope vista has more compatable drivers then there are for window xp 64 because this is rediculus trying to get all ur hardware to work. ive currently got a printer and a capture card which dont support 64 drivers. hence, im running 2 machines, and dont ask me why i dint go back to 32, i ask my self that every day. just holding out for vista really. wil probs end up getting a hd drive for the PC before a player, depending on the prices.

627.8.2006 7:15

This is not a Microsoft issue. Windows is a 32 bit opperating system. The HD Hardware and software is not. So until the makers of the 64 bit software/ movies make a 32 bit version it will not play. No matter what Microsoft does. It was the same thing when Windows/ Intel shifted to 32 bit computing. 64 bits info will not fit in a 32 cpu or operating system. Bottom line The Movie industry needs to release a 32 bit version, which it will not because it does not want you coping it. So go buy a 64 bit system and wait for a break in the key. Second question. Why would anyone want to buy a CD or DVD from Sony/ Blu-ray anyway after the lies and scam on the root kit. I will never buy Blu-ray. I do not trust Sony.

727.8.2006 7:38

hambright saying sony owns BR is like saying MS owns HD DVD.... either own either format yet have a stake in them.

828.8.2006 16:04

i think microsoft is half right. the people with the "high def copy protection" or HDCP ideas should shove it up their butts. if we want to do it in high def, thats our right!

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