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MySpace to sell music from indie bands

Written by Ben Reid @ 03 Sep 2006 9:20 User comments (12)

MySpace to sell music from indie bands Popular online community site has become the latest outfit to challenge Apple's market-dominating iTunes Music Store, after announcing it is to start selling the music of nearly three million unsigned bands before the end of this year.
Over the course of the past year, MySpace has become the most visited site the US, according to researchers. It boasts a whopping 106 million users, something which MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe is looking to capitalize on with this venture into the digital music market. "The goal is to be one of the biggest digital music stores out there," he told Reuters. "Everyone we've spoken to definitely wants an alternative to iTunes and the iPod. MySpace could be that alternative."

The new service will allow users to sell songs on their MySpace pages in DRM free mp3 digital file format accompanied by eBay Inc.'s PayPal system.

The bands will decide how much to charge per song after including MySpace's distribution fee, said Rusty Rueff, the chief exec. of Snocap, the company which will manage service.

Rueff added the "small" distribution fee is yet to be decided.

DeWolfe also said MySpace would be "enhancing and customizing" the music store in future, aiming to eventually offer copyright-protected songs from major record companies.


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12 user comments

13.9.2006 9:32

:O Shocking even MySpace wants a piece of online music store now! I can see it beening used by lots of people who only use MySpace on the internet (yep there are loads of people who only visit MySpace) Well, i wonder how far it will go and how big it will grow!

23.9.2006 10:10

Nah bunk that!

It's lame as hell, plus isn't indie bands those bands who aren't famous and trying to promote their music?

I thought most indie bands gave music free of charge for a promotion?Hey if I'm wrong then sorry...I was just curious you know?

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33.9.2006 14:56

Yea if you put your music on my space it well end on every p2p for free what you sell one copy and Bingo you're a p2p rock star and Broke

45.9.2006 14:58

There's gonna be some problems

55.9.2006 17:14

if they are not willing to battle Itunes with cheaper prices it will be a pointless endeavor...

65.9.2006 21:39

erm..actually it'll be alot of bands that are just as known as Evanescence..yeah those type of bands...which are actually pretty famous on MySpace..

79.9.2006 5:50

Looking forward to seeing what the competition is going to look like. There is a lot of good music out there, not being promoted by the Big music companies and no easy way to find that music. This should be great for all the bands out there who can't get the big break or just don't want to give in to the big producers rules and binding contracts. Nothing wrong with rebels, more power to em'. If the price is right, I'll buy.

89.9.2006 8:12

Indie's spend a lot of time and money to record, they are trying to make it without a big contract...why wouldn't you want to compensate them for the enjoyment you get from their songs...a nice professional recording can be up to $1000 per song and $12,000 per CD not including the duplication costs.

99.9.2006 11:15

songgirl thats fine and all but the industry is lop sided and mostly one way,if a price war started and prices dropped more outlets offering legit music things could become alot better for all involed in pay music,if a price war dose not start up most people will opt for "free" music.

109.9.2006 12:30

price war is okay with me...

119.9.2006 20:45

tis quite amazing...myspace starts off as a mere idea amongst some guys and grows into this huge success, up against companies like apple.

129.9.2006 23:07

It is really cool :)

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