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Napster UK in mp3 player giveaway

Written by Ben Reid @ 11 Sep 2006 7:09 User comments (8)

Napster UK in mp3 player giveaway Napster UK is giving all new subscribers to its online music service a free MP3 player.
Anyone who takes out a three month 'Napster to Go' subscription from 14 September will in return receive a free 512MB Sandisk Sansa m230, which can store up to 240 songs.

Napster's subscription service allows unlimited music downloads from library of two million tracks, for a fee of 14.95 a month.

Earlier this year, audiovisual media analyst Screen Digest said the majority of MP3 players sold in the UK are flash-based devices. Napster will be hoping the move will increase its sales, and gain ground on Apple's market-dominating iTunes Music Store.

Leanne Sharman, Napster's VP, said, "We see a parallel in the UK between the mobile phone industry and the digital music business. The mobile industry is more mature than ours, but it began as a pay-as-you-go business reliant on handset sales. This is the model for the future of the digital music industry where content is king and MP3 players are disposable."

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8 user comments

111.9.2006 8:21

Gr8 offer guys dont miss it if u r in UK!!

211.9.2006 8:25

Great offer? I beg to differ. To get a 512mb flash-based mp3 player, you pay 45 -- You can get them for half that price. Also, you could use the change to get a couple of CD's, and encode your music at high quality.

311.9.2006 8:27

Dude dont ya get it 3 months of unlimited music and a 512mb player i think ita good deal!

411.9.2006 8:58

If you think it's a good deal, then of course it is :-) Sorry, I'm just against the way music is poorly-encoded and DRM-crippled in the 'legal download' market ;-)

511.9.2006 9:22

Why not buy the MP3 player seperate and buy a month worth of unlimited downloading and just dl 24/7

611.9.2006 11:21


712.9.2006 5:16

ehehe, i already have NGAGE with 512MB MMC, can play hi-quality AAC, and use it for call, sms, internet, email, games, etc i dont think that offer is a good deal, hey, nowadays many people already have music capable phone, like SonyEricson series, and symbian mobile phone, and symbian 8.1 mobile phone can play at 44khz stereo, and dont forget, symbian have oggplay, i can fit many songs in my MMC heheheh

812.9.2006 11:39

creaky got me, i'm such a tool

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