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iTunes Store sells 125,000 Disney movies

Written by Ben Reid @ 20 Sep 2006 15:47 User comments (8)

iTunes Store sells 125,000 Disney  movies With only 75 movies currently available and only a week having passed since launch, Walt Disney Co. has already sold in excess of 125,000 feature film downloads in what appears to be a winning partnership with Apple Computer and its iTunes Store.
"This is just the beginning," promised Robert Iger, Disney's CEO, in the presence of Wall Street analysts at a conference Tuesday. He expects $50million to be made from movie sales through the service over the course of the next year.

Iger also said that offering online movie downloads is good for the company's business, as the only fee it has to pay is the cost of encoding.

Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia in New York of the company's drive to suceed in this new field, he said, "We are very, very bullish on consumption of electronically delivered media."


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8 user comments

120.9.2006 16:27

Who would pay $13 for a download movie when you can get it for a dvd and than to your ipod?

220.9.2006 16:48

It would appear, quite a few.. :-)

320.9.2006 17:47

Wow. I bet they made that number up.

421.9.2006 7:40

For all the crap Apple takes they have always been at the leading edge of innovation. They seem to know that the vast majority of the populus loves to point and click. I know some of the people on this site are tech smart and have no fear of ordering off the internet but I would say that it is a small portion of the total users of computers. I am glad to see Apple doing well, Steve Jobs is a giant part of the reason anyone enjoys computers at all. It's nice to see that consumers have so many more choices now thought, and in the end it is us that wins. I sold my Ipod a while ago, and I dont own a mac, but I think apple is a good company with a great deal of creativity. You have to give Steve credit for thinking about this avenue of distribution, although I personally think the quality of the movies in terrible.

521.9.2006 12:17

I'm all for giving credit where credit is due, but the idea of offering movie downloads has been thrown around for a long time. This isn't a case of Steve Jobs' brilliance, nor of Apple's "innovation".

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622.9.2006 12:38


722.9.2006 20:01

These movies look great on an I POD screen but, like 'right682' said, why pay more then what it is really worth!

824.9.2006 4:46

Honestly, the end of "hard copies" of media, IE DVDs, CDs, etc is in the foreseeable future. I've personally movie on to streaming vids from one comp onto my laptop connected to my TV. This way, I don't have a DVD to put into the big pile of dusty DVDs I have already. Also: See iTV

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