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DVD Jon opens up Apple's Fairplay

Written by Ben Reid @ 02 Oct 2006 12:41 User comments (6)

DVD Jon opens up Apple's Fairplay According to GigaOm.Com, Jon Lech Johansen, also known as 'DVD Jon', has discovered a way to to reverse engineer Apple's FairPlay DRM technology. Johansen is now attempting to license the technology to companies that want their content (music, movies, etc) to play on Apple devices.
Along with hacking partner Monique Farantzos, Johansen has reportedly already approached Apple chief Steve Jobs about the technology. Jobs is alleged to have told the pair in response that Apple would not pursue legal action, however he is said to of warned them that other companies might not take to their motives so kindly.

The latest hack of Johansen and Farantzos, who operate under the name DoubleTwist Ventures, does not actually remove DRM from files, but instead adds another layer on top of what already exists. It is in this layer that the technology lies which enables songs from music services other than iTunes to play on an iPod.

Although this could affect sales at Apple's own iTunes Store in a negative way, it could, however, be a plus for iPod sales.

Some believe that it's for this reason that Apple hasn't reacted aggressively thus far. But Apple is no stranger to taking legal action, especially with regards to its intellectual property, so many believe that a legal response from Apple is a strong possibility in the foreseeable future.


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6 user comments

12.10.2006 13:25

im surprised he actually approached apple with something like that. i hope that this gets released pretty soon. i doubt anyone can step in because they are not messing with any of the DRM or any intellectual property of another company, but merely adding another layer on top.

22.10.2006 17:59

the apple guys are cool. they didn't sue.

32.10.2006 18:09

Good thing DVD Jon doesn't live in France!

42.10.2006 18:11

Truly Peapod, truly. Something tells me there'll still be trouble over this though.

52.10.2006 20:14

Has anyone actually wondered how much it would cost to fill up a 30 gb ipod with legally downloaded music from itunes? So has Apple. They realize how rediculous it is as well.

63.10.2006 10:02

Go get 'em Jon.

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