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Did Sony kill Lik-Sang?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 Oct 2006 8:49 User comments (79)

Did Sony kill Lik-Sang? Following a ruling earlier this month by the High Court of London, Lik-Sang has declared itself out of business "due to multiple Sony lawsuits". The ruling found that sales of PSPs from Lik-Sang to customers in the UK and the European Economic Area (EEA) are unlawful. The hearing took place on October 9 at the High Court of London, without Lik-Sang's legal representatives attending or arguing at the hearing.
The argument over PSP sales started in August 2005, when Lik-Sang was shipping PSP consoles to the UK and the rest of Europe where it was not available in stores yet. Sony alleged that Lik-Sang advertised the Sony products "in a dishonest manner" and "unlawfully interferes with Sony's economical interests" in a lawsuit in the High Court of Hong Kong.

Sony also filed a lawsuit in the UK for the sale of the PSPs but also went after Lik-Sang for copyright infringement for mirroring the freely available PSP user guides on their servers. Yesterday, Lik-Sang left an article on its website explaining to customers that the company is out of business and that Sony is to blame.

"Today is Sony Europe victory about PSP, tomorrow is Sony Europe's ongoing pressure about PlayStation 3. With this precedent set, next week could already be the stage for complaints from Sony America about the same thing, or from other console manufacturers about other consoles to other regions, or even from any publisher about any specific software title to any country they don't see fit. It's the beginning of the end... of the World as we know it", stated Pascal Clarysse, formerly Marketing Manager of

"Blame it on Sony. That's the latest dark spot in their shameful track record as gaming industry leader. The Empire finally 'won', few dominating retailers from the UK probably will rejoice the news, but everybody else in the gaming world lost something today." he continued. Lik-Sang will not accept any new orders now and will cancel and refund all existing orders. In its article, Lik-Sang surprised the gaming world by naming Sony executives who have previously purchased PSPs or software for the device from Lik-Sang.

Sony denies responsibility, lashes out at Lik-Sang

In a statement given to, Sony acknowledged successfully suing Pacific Game Technology, which uses Lik-Sang as one of its trading names, for infringing intellectual property rights. The statement goes on to accuse Lik-Sang of "sour grapes" and addresses the purchasing of PSP goods by Sony executives.

"Lik-Sang did not contest this case (i.e. they did not turn up and therefore incurred no legal costs). We have been awarded substantial costs against Lik-Sang which have not been paid,"

"We would therefore strongly deny that our actions have had anything to do with this website closing (we assume the legal entity is still trading), and would suggest that this release is sour grapes on behalf of Lik-Sang which is aimed to belittle Sony Computer Entertainment and the British judicial system that found against them."

"The purchasing of PSP consoles by SCE employees would be for investigatory purposes. We would also like to express our surprise at a company releasing personal information about its consumers, as this is contrary to data protection principles around the world."
Whether or not Sony is responsible for Lik-Sang giving up, the closure of the popular business is a shame. Sony is now getting ready to wage war against anyone it finds importing PlayStation 3 consoles into Europe.


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79 user comments

125.10.2006 9:06

I understand that it Sony did not want to release their products in europe, but yet aren't still recieving the same amount for each psp sold?(no matter where)...retailers are selling products for sony and yet they(sony) are i could really understand the lawsuits if, Lik-Sang was making knockoff psp's and then selling them but they were still purchased from what's next? Ebay? i mean seriously Ebay had the psp on their site and were selling them worldwide...ok sorry about the rant...just had a few questions...

225.10.2006 9:39

your right its just sony flexing its muscles, showing the small retailers whos boss. looks like this will stop alot of "grey" imports of the ps3 getting into the uk this year

325.10.2006 9:40

This is the least of the problems of Sony's PSP. The system is getting the snot beat out of it by the DS, a system that techinal is inferior to the PSP. Hell Sony couldnt give these things away in some parts.

425.10.2006 9:53

Sony is sooo petty to do this and I’m glad that some of the head idiots in Sony get there personal info released to the public this should happen more often it may prevent these Aholes from going company –to- company when they screw up. If I can buy something other then Sony I do, which means pretty much I don’t buy Sony.

525.10.2006 9:55

yes they did as I posted yesterday

625.10.2006 11:34

Sony does not make the same money for every PSP everywhere, and there are reasons why things are released in Europe on a later date. As for Sony killing off this guy, cant say they are are really wrong until I get both perspectives (without all the illusions and lies, although thats not possible). Also, why the heck would Sony executives have to buy stuff from this guy anyways, Im sure they get 10 free PSPs daily to distribute amongst family and friends to promote sales, not to mention their salary must be sufficient to get it "legit"/properly elsewhere.

725.10.2006 12:05

If Sony doesn't, and they don't that is their own doing isn't it these guys didn't steal them Sony sold them the PSP's so who's to blaim, Sony right.

825.10.2006 12:09


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925.10.2006 13:09

Both sides of the argument can be argued easily. But it comes down to this. The long and short honesty of this isn't anything at all to do with moral right and wrong. The issue is that companies like Sony, and their competitors (Yes, they ALL do it, even game companies) wanting to do two things: A.) Wanting to have enough units to meet the sales demand at their own pace B.) Wanting to have full crack at the profits Companies know that a system or a gam in country A can sell for more than country B; and they want all that money. If you can transit the system or games in mass from country B, into Country A then you can make a fortune. Now, morally, their is no way to say this is right or wrong. It is no different overseas trading that has gone on for hundreds of years. Unfortunately for companies like Lik-Sang, there are now ways that the companies can legally put a halt on these sales, etc. Admittedly, Lik-Sang stepped into some dangerous territory by selling systems to other countries, which hadn't been released yet. However, again, you cannot honestly stake a 'moral' right or wrong to this. It's not in the natural code of ethics, was not on the minds of our forefathers, and was never written in any religious code or law. But it is copyright law. And that is enough to bring down a company like Lik-Sang, no matter how long they've been around, or how big they get. Like it or not, Lik-Sang was doing something that was against the law(Whether you feel that it is a good law or not) and they knew it. They took a risk, and eventually, they lost. It's not at all surprising, it was a huge gamble. And when you deal against companies like M$, $ony, Nintendo, etc. it isn't like playing poker, it's like playing Russian Roulette, if you keep playing long enough, you [Bold]will[/Bold] lose. I would like to point out that I am not taking a side on this anywhere, simply pointing out that whether you like or dislike the laws; they are there. Lik-Sang (whether you see them as freedom vigilantes or evil smugglers) knew the laws, and broke them. There's no strong moral standing for either side.

1025.10.2006 15:02

People should be allowed to buy a console from any region of the world they want. In the UK for example, if you'd have pre-ordered a PSP from Lik-Sang you most likely would have gotten caught for import duty, and that's the way it is for most items and until now, consumer electronics.

This ruling is simply bullshit, even this part from another Lik-Sang article makes u realise that...

Hong Kong's laws are clear when it comes to parallel trade, and the company has no ties whatsoever with the UK. While Lik-Sang vigorously contested the UK's jurisdiction over the allegations, the judge apparently found that UK law should also apply to Hong Kong exporters. Sony has also threatened Lik Sang recently to initiate yet another lawsuit to prevent the sales of PlayStation 3 consoles to Europe.
So what does Sony use as a reason for not allowing people in EU to import PSP? oh ye, "consumers" - because if you get one from another region you have no warranty, games and movies might not work from your own region and of course there are different electrical standards etc. While Lik-Sang could not have given warranty or guartanteed that EU games would work, they did point out that all PSP consoles were in conformity with all EU and UK consumer safety regulations. As for the problems that arise with region differences, well that's what happens when you import CE devices from pother parts of the world.

Lik-Sang was a kick ass site to buy your console gear from, there's no doubt about that. And whether you hate Sony or are a 100% Sony fanboy, you have to agree there are several aspects of what Sony is "pushing" here that are alarming, and could set precedences for more ridiculous rulings. Here's another quote from Lik-Sang before the company shut down (after getyting news of UK court decision)

"Fighting multiple lawsuits in different countries at the same time and paying high premiums to expensive lawyers is an overwhelming situation for a small company like Lik Sang. Launching separate court actions with separate claims and different judges is completely unnecessary, except for the fact that it helps reaching one single target: outspend Lik-Sang to death. Pay beyond", said Pascal Clarysse, Marketing Manager of, clearly annoyed by the unfair situation. "And contrary to their claim, I don't believe they are suffering 'losses and damages' through Lik-Sang's activity".
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1125.10.2006 16:08

That’s the problem with sony ,as sony thinks in world war two Japanese
Instead of the more 2006 modern Japanese as we will control the world.
On music and dvd movies..and anything else they can get there little hand on…thats why they are behind the 8-ball now..

1225.10.2006 16:37

OH! That's why PSP sales are down - because of Lik-Sang! Expect PSP sales to really skyrocket now that Lik-Sang has been sacked. Phew. That was close, eh Sony?

1325.10.2006 16:59

i would think u'd want to make money and not worry how the uk gets psp worry about ur bank account sony cuz ur losing the battle in so many areas movies, music and psp is already wack most stores stop selling the umd movies for that garbage handheld......worry about ur ps3 selling not psp that are selling from the looks of it even tho they are kinda garbage in my book not a big psp fan

1425.10.2006 17:11

Show me the laws that Sony has claimed broken!!! that let them sue places out of exsictance because they import/export Sony products,SHOW ME THEM!!!! --------------------------------- The only thing I can find is that sony was able to show that the power adapters for the PSP and PS3 do not meet EU electronic device standards. --------------- Sony by haphazardly keeping launch PS3 out of europ is setting the standard to make all imported hardware illicit and you know the next thing they will make collect is media all games all music and all movies illicit this is some fcked up sht! I hope Ebay fights them because it will effect them greatly if people and small businesses can not import.

1525.10.2006 17:35

.......... omg, I love lik-sang, i thought sony was good, but I guess all those people were right, sony has no heart.

1625.10.2006 18:14

Why is anybody surprised by this?

This is more and more the direction these corporations are headed in, complete control.
To hell with the little guy (even if they did use them themselves at one point).

They want to control everything.

Shame the 'fan-boy' element are too willfully blind in their ridiculously laughable and absurd 'love' for a CE corporation that they refuse to see what DRM/HDCP and actions like this are all about.

I'm certain that the corporate ideal would be one long rent agreement where 'we' own nothing and merely consume content (at great expense and with a pay-per-use tariff) at their whim.
Note the next PS(4?) will apparantly not use a disc storage system and simply d/l it's games etc.

You can't say you weren't warned but if you will maintain such childish and illogical notions as 'love' for a vast CE corporate business....?

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1725.10.2006 18:15

its a copywrite infringement. lik-sang were selling sony products in sony europes pond withhout their permision and they then did not get any profits from it. thats all it boils down to.

1825.10.2006 18:22

We would also like to express our surprise at a company releasing personal information about its consumers, as this is contrary to data protection principles around the world." Gee... wasn't it you guys at Sony that just rooted like 40% of the world including national defense organizations?? Where were your 'contrary to principle' statements then you bunch of punks??? As for this crap... let me get this straight... It's ok for YOU and other businesses to use the global economy to YOUR advantage but when it comes to US doing the same then we have violated YOUR rights and must be shut down??!! What about violating MY rights of having a decent job to put my kids through college, a decent retirement and a home instead of outsourcing my job to India so you can pay some guy $5 a day without benefits??? Personally Sony's previous statements about how European consumers MUST NOT CARE about the delayed releases because they CONTNUE to buy them as quick as they can get them.... would piss me off if I was in Europe! You EU types need to take Sony's advice and show them you DO care about being treated as 3rd class citizens by NOT BUYING ANYTHING from Sony... Heck I live here in the states, get 'first' crack at all public released things by sony and still REFUSE to give them ANY of my money! Someone needs to bring this us with the WTO and see where that leads...

1925.10.2006 18:28

also, I don't know anything about Lik-Sang's operation. Were they selling these from Korea using Korean or UK servers? Were they buying them and then reselling them or using a third party distribution system? I would presume that if a consumer, as an idividual, went out and bought a device from somewhere other than their country of origin (via fax, telelphone, internet) that this would be hard to fight since the actual transaction took place in the 'authorized' country. But again I have no idea of these guys' operation so ?

2025.10.2006 18:34

marsey99 I don't buy it show me the law that they are using to bitch slap link sang with. it makes no sense to me I would like the law itself. so I can read it.

2125.10.2006 18:36

duckNrun frist the import retail shows then online importers like EBAY then they wil start sueing the little guy that got a friend to send him a system from the US.....bad bad bad bad thigns are comming...

2226.10.2006 5:30

Sony is not a trendy brand - they truly stink of poo.

2326.10.2006 6:43

once again, sony screwing the little guy, i had bought from lik-sang in the past, and am upset to see what sony did just look at what they are doing with the ps3, initial price of hardware - $600, each game $100 each

2426.10.2006 7:06

Why? is everyone upset by Sony not selling PSP in Europe, other than when it pleases them,why? would you want to buy anything made by Sony? Have you not had enough of this company treating you like nonentities, think of the things they have done over the last number of years. They use cheap labour to make their goods then charge top dollar to you, they put secret programs on your commputer from their music discs,they own most of the movie studios and their dvd's, they hate you backing up. I'm sure you can all sight other Sony dirty tricks,go on list them.Why? don't you just stop buying Sony products and see what their reaction would be.(probably sue you for unfair something or other.)Tell your friends,family,next door neighbour,whoever you can, not to purchase Sony goods but please don't gripe that they're withholding their goods, just rejoice.

2526.10.2006 8:07

Hey everyone, let's stop buying Sony products! We'll show Sony how we can flex our muscles. I have no sympathy over how Sony and other corporate giants are feeling the sting from the pirating scene. Companies like Sony have no respect for their customers. They think were stupid and have bottomless pockets and that we'll donate a kidney in order to get their latest product which is ridiculously bloated with needless expensive features which are designed to get more money from the consumer. I personally think that Sony thinks that Americans are so stupid that they'll buy anything. Let's buy less Japanese and more American. If it weren't for Nintendo, I'd say stop buying from the Japs all together. Nintendo seems to be more consumer conscious and has solid business principles that help benefit the consumer. I might forget the Xbox 360 altogether and buy the WII. It's too bad about Lik-Sang. They gave the customer products that they really wanted unlike companies like Sony who wants to control and limit us. I can't wait until Sony loses the console war.

2626.10.2006 8:30

One last thing. Forget Lik-Sang, Sony itself should be shut down for peddling their defective and destructive batteries that have been known to cause fires. It's OK for Sony to disrupt our lives with their batteries by having us, the consumer to return them, but it's not OK for Sony to pay us for any inconvenience that we may have had. Also, Sony doesn't seem to care about the endangerment that their product may cause. I don't seem to see TV commercials or advertisements from Sony urging consumers to return their batteries. Unless you are Web savvy, how are consumers to know? Where's the class action lawsuit people??? Lastly, if Sony spent less time trying to load spy-ware on our computers, and limited us from using their products legitimately, they wouldn't have a product like their batteries that can cause fires. Didn't Sony have a similar recall for their PS2 2.0? I think it was related to the PS2 2.0's power cable. Sony doesn't care about us, so it may seem. Bought the PS1 and 2. No more Sony products for me. Those Japs at Sony need to learn that we Americans aren't stupid, and we won't take their crap. Didn't they learn that from WW2?

2726.10.2006 9:41

"We would also like to express our surprise at a company releasing personal information about its consumers, as this is contrary to data protection principles around the world."
I have to admit, the same thought went through my mind. Seems like a very unprofessional thing to do.

"The purchasing of PSP consoles by SCE employees would be for investigatory purposes."
SUUUUUUURE they would. That's what I'd say too, champ.

As the months go by I find myself more and more disgusted with Sony's arrogant attitude.

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2826.10.2006 15:37

"The purchasing of PSP consoles by SCE employees would be for investigatory purposes."
Anyone here an old fan of the MMO 'City of Heroes'? It should be recalled that Marvel kept trying to Sue NCSoft, saying they were allowing Marvel characters to be used in the game. It turned out the people creating these characters so fast in the game were actually Marvel's own artists, who were actually using it to DESIGN new characters. Obviously upon discovering this, Marvel's entire case was thrown out the window. I just find it very funny, and somewhat similar to this case in ways.

"Its not stupid, its advanced!" - The Almighty Tallest, Invader Zim

2926.10.2006 16:15

Just keep stepping on people's toes Sony. It's going to come back around, and I think it's going to be sooner rather than later. Talk about a company that knows how to make enemies on every side. They've gotten bad PR from first their CD DRM incident and then more recently their barbaque batteries. They're competeing with everyone, Microsoft, Toshiba, Nintendo, and with their new Walkman even Apple. And now they're getting even more bad PR from this Lik-Sang incident. Good job Sony you've alienated everyone.

3026.10.2006 18:50

Sony is a pile of cruel heartless bastards.

3126.10.2006 22:20

handsom please I beg of you to give hard links of this it would be great if tis ture :3 I wonder why the lawsuit kinda dissapaered ! NCsoft dose snuff out clones,well as much as they can I see it as being silly since its people making the characters not the company. I bet marvel will have to keep clones out of their MMO..or just not let people build their own characters *L* its a shame COH/COV is wonky and poorly balanced it was kinda fun at first.

3227.10.2006 3:36

I paid full price for Xenosaga 2 in Australia. Now it appears that Xenosaga 3 won't be coming to PAL so Sony can fully refund the money on their published game as their choice of restrictions do not enable me to play an NTSC release title & nor can I import. Since they have outlawed the only legitimate way I can purchase NTSC hardware & software I'll have my PS2 modded. As I don't want to personally spend time learning how to burn copies of PS2 games I am absolutely willing to pay good money purchasing good quality burned copies of games from any source I can find. As for Sony they are in my opinion a thing of the past - an old diseased company that is putrid and it will be good to see it finally dead & their management in the street.

3327.10.2006 11:27

Consider this: Lik-Sang was in the process of manufacturing a HDMI cable for the Xbox 360, which would have made the HD-DVD player Microsoft is releasing in November able to output true 1080p, don't think Sony didn't have that in mind since the PS3 is being hyped as the only console with true HD output.

3427.10.2006 11:29

I honestly can't find the info anymore, I'm unable to browse the entire net at the moment, so I'll look harder at home this weekend. Funniest thing I ever saw though; classic case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing. Made even more ironic by recent news that Marvel will be working WITH NCSoft on their new MMO. It's a lot easier to find the news on the initial suit, since Marvel tried to keep kind of quiet when they lost the suit.

But I will look further and try to find you that information, it doesn't help that it's a couple years old now, it was a beautiful read.

"Its not stupid, its advanced!" - The Almighty Tallest, Invader Zim

3527.10.2006 13:46

I thought they were going to work with soemone else? s I guess they saw the light and saw how neat NCsoft creation thing was?

please try and find the info f you feel like it I want to devel into it more but ,I am off the net til alter next week >< I can check email post at forums but cant surf ><

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

Check out my crappy creations

3627.10.2006 20:30

Quote:"We would also like to express our surprise at a company releasing personal information about its consumers, as this is contrary to data protection principles around the world." and Quote:"The purchasing of PSP consoles by SCE employees would be for investigatory purposes." Dear Sony, You can't have your cake and eat it too! either they put out confidential data from customers... or they wern't customers and they warned the public about people that will sue you if you sell them something. there are two ways you can use that information... either as a hitlist or a blacklist while I wouldn't suggest it be used as the former, the latter should be done for every sale you have connections with.... and use them virially also, if the list was for Mr. a, Mr. b, and Mr. c..... when Mr. "a" buys a gift for Miss "DD" then add Miss "DD" to the list of persons that no sale will be processed for do this for ANY purchase, whatever the size. you cannot be forced to sell to anyone that has a connection with something that "might" be detrimental to you financial health. finally, post the list of shady characters and include their data We of the XYZ corp have refused to deal with the following persons, residing at the following locations: then NAME NAMES!

3728.10.2006 4:35

Does this mean that if I legally buy like 5 ps3's or something else Sony in japan and legally own these things as I have payed in full for them, just like the company in question, that Sony can then sue me for selling these items that I legally own and have full rights to do what I want with, when I sell them in another country ?.

3828.10.2006 5:55

Ummm... Let's see if I have this straight. Sony doesn't want to bother selling the PSP to Europe and doesn't want anyone else to either. They "wine" like babies when the truth comes out and come up with a good lie. Surprise! I am glad tha Lik-Sang did not waste any of their money going to court with that group. At least they can refund money they would have had to spend on their refunds. They sound like an honorable company. I am sorry they have gone out of business before I even noticed them. I hope they have no money left to pay Sony anything. It's too bad someone could not have won that fight, but I guess they knew it would be futile. Didn't Sony still make a profit for every console sold?

3928.10.2006 6:05

"a level playing field"; "free and open markets"; "global economy" (this is a good one, because it means that 1 large company has to spend a lot less energy, time and other resources in shutting down competition whether it it be "gray market" or not. If the large companies had to fight country by country it would cost them an arm and a leg and wouldn't the lawyers have fun? Come to think of it, there are far too many lawyers that really need a Buffy to drive a stake through their blood pumps (you really couldn't say they had hearts, could you now?).

4028.10.2006 11:33

no matter wat i think of how bad SONY is i still like there consoles they make.....but dammmmm why did they HAVE to do this?god

4128.10.2006 11:43

geeoh - "Those Japs at Sony need to learn that we Americans aren't stupid, and we won't take their crap. Didn't they learn that from WW2?" Honestly. That's so racist. Maybe you're just stupid and don't see it, but you're generalizing all "Japs". I hate people like you.

4228.10.2006 11:58

no matter wat i think of how bad SONY is i still like there consoles they make.....but dammmmm why did they HAVE to do this?god

Sony is a big corporation, they aren't out to make friends.
I know I already posted this but since you asked I'll bring it up again, lik-sang was manufacturing a HDMI cable for xbox 360:

Microsoft beat Sony to the market by 1 year with the Xbox 360, the only edge that Sony has over the Xbox 360 is the HDMI output which of course allows for 1080p (full HD).

Sony is also the biggest backer to the Blue-Ray format (supported by the PS3), which is in direct competition to the HD-DVD format which Microsoft is backing.

If lik-sang were allowed to continue and were successful, then PS3 would no longer have the only selling point they have over Xbox 360, and nobody would have any reason to spend the $700.00 US for the console!

I don't think this was their main motivator, but since you mentioned consoles I couldn't resist :)

"I'll show you just how deep the rabbit hole really goes.." -Morpheus

4328.10.2006 12:01

I disagree. I think the PS3 has more over the 360 than just a HDMI output.

4428.10.2006 15:30

moviegram Sony wants to "control" their losses at the same time setup a hard rule around region's so thy then can protect thier media sales,this is not so much about the hardware as it is the media be it games or movies. With one hand give is fou non region with other take away our right to import. jtan189 jap alone dose not mean racist I use it soemtiems because I just cant spell japanase :P but anyway his statement is more dim than "evil",the japans have played the corporate game better than the old white guys that made it,gotta give the "japs" a ton of respect for that and protecting their enconimy from the corporate cheap labor market horded...and anime....can never forget anime :3 VCDjunkie I am sorry but being frist is never being best...where do I start the complete lack of foresight in building th 360,the complete lack of competence when quality checking it,and doing a even worse job with launch titles,hell the system is still limping for its launch...the 360 is a wishy washy 1.5 machine off a machine that was all about the graphics it even fails that comparing the 360 to the PS3 is almost like comparing a high end PC gaming rig of 3 years ago maybe 2 years ago with one today....PS3 has the power and frankly the backing but holy fck Sony is trying to make them selfs look worse than MS I swear.... Just to let everyone know I dislike both systems they both fail do things cost effectively hog pog on details and other crap that just annoys me to know end.

4528.10.2006 18:24

I used to have a 1947 Oldsmobile coupe that was chopped, lowered, had a fuel injected 392 Chrysler Hemi engine, Wide tires and wheels, custom interior, and a candy apple red paint job. I wonder if General Motors or Chrysler when they find out about this and other such goings on will sue and press charges claiming that I infringed on their copyright/patent rights. I could always claim that it was a parody.....parodies are legal.... I have a friend here in the US that owns a left-hand drive Diamler-Benz. Not only does he drive on the left side of the road, he puts American fuel, tires, and oil in the thing.. Scotland Yard is going to nail his ass for sure.... The world is getting stupid....

4628.10.2006 18:34

dufas No but depending on the state you are in they might haul it away because it dosnet meet emission standards 0-o However thats not the point the point of this is to protect mafiaa's region rescritctions its no longer merely suggested that you follow it with the imposed lock outs they want to close down business's across the world and control their "loses" more presonaly.

4728.10.2006 19:01

I used to own and run a custom body shop. I and the people that worked with me could build you a specialized vehicle of ant type from the ground up. The state came in and closed us down...not literally saying that we had to close our doors, they stated that since we either make extensive modifications to a vehicle or construct a complete vehicle, we would be re-classified as a auto manufacturer and as such, each new model that we built would have to pass a head on and side crash test. Each of these tests ran between $150,000.00 to $250,000.00 a test. So, in order to fulfill the states mandate, we would have to construct 3 vehicles, 2 for testing and 1 for the customer. Even that, according to the state would not bring us into compliance, since every vehicle was hand made, each one would be considered a new model and, therefore, each would have to pass the test. The only vehicles that we could work on was pre-1955 cars and that work wouldn't pay the bills. So, the state effectively closed down my business even if I or a customer could have afforded the crash test costs. All the cars did pass the emission tests with flying colors.....

4828.10.2006 19:16

dufas some how I don't see all thos shows on TV that customize cars be bitch slaped with "auto manufacturing" Altho with the stupidity of some states and laws I dont doubt it......I am thinking this is califrona but what state banderwhacked you? No wonder there has not been a boom in the auto industry they have monopolized and handicapped it. I was wondering why someone has not made a simple to repair long lasting car like a upgraded version of the mdoel T,but safe and fuel efficient probably not the fastest thing but the point is to be safe but take less fuel and last 10+ years and the parts are easily swappable,the system has been made to prevent innovation....of coarse you weren't "innovating" but bah youget the point,sorry for the ramableing.

4928.10.2006 19:48

Cars made for the movies and TV are just that...made for movies and TV only. They are not legal to be licensed for the road. Just another example of the power that the movie studios have. They even own weapons that no one else can own. I will give that it would be hard to make a war movie without a 50 caliber machine gun but if you take the blanks out and put in a real bullet, they are still deadly. As far as making a long lasting car or any product, as soon as everyone had one, the company would be out of business. I the 50s, General Motors made an automatic transmission that went in all their cars except Buick and Chevrolet... It's name was the 'hydromatic' whose name was later used for almost all automatic transmissions like Kleenex is used for all tissue paper. Anyway, this transmission became known as the 'million mile tranny'. Since General Motors had 56 percent of the auto sales at the time,it nearly put a lot of transmission shops out of business because it never needed repair. In fact, the environmentalist of that time were complaining that most products lasted too long, people were holding on to everything so that newer, more environmentally correct products were'nt being purchased as fast as they wanted them to be. It was not unheard of for people to keep a car for 10 years and have 4 to 6 hundred thousand miles racked up when they sold it and it was still a fairly good car when it was sold.... My grandfather had a 1927 model T up until 1957, My father drove a 1931 Model A Ford until 1953.... No one knew how many miles those two cars had on them, no odometers..........

5028.10.2006 19:50


5128.10.2006 20:05

dufas uummmmm you dont watch TV much with all the custom build shows hotrod,bikes and other things as well as off road stuff. Mm I think pimp my ride is more overhaul than a complete rebuild. *L* Damned if you do damned if you don't,o now we are on the constant tit of the oil company's that have undermined all other forums of energy. GOd I s love these clean power ads on TV coal and nuclear power... one involve's the poisoning of areas around mountains and the other involves radioactive pools and vats if neither is kept in check and watch over we are screwed more than we are now,altho if the goverment would regulate the corperations to behave then maybe it would not be so bad..but then you can say the same about the oil companies no oversight = arse rapeing..... heres a thought there should be a custom car tax this way if you are licensed for it can you rebuild cars at a reasonable cost to many you get revauled or something you know soemthign within reason I mean these cars are not cheep 5-20K more ain't much more altho I think the shop mark up would be under 10K by the time they pay for regulation fees and crap.

5229.10.2006 1:51

Damn $ony for their stupid arrogance!! Check out this quote: "The purchasing of PSP consoles by SCE employees would be for investigatory purposes. We would also like to express our surprise at a company releasing personal information about its consumers, as this is contrary to data protection principles around the world." WTF? Those sorry son of a b*tches designed a rootkit, which would send customers personal information over the Internet to $ony servers. I am so god-**mn pissed off...i might never get a PS3 because of this. I'll go with Nintendo Wii, and $ony can find some sucker to pay $600 for their piece of satanic trash system. Lik-Sang was not a piracy company/website, $ony really did a dishonorable thing against them and all customers worldwide.

5329.10.2006 1:01

xhardc0re pretty much so many things could have been done to fix this yet they chose this,plus the PS3 itself is overpriced even for what it is.....corporate greed has shown itself well in this...

5429.10.2006 8:44

"uummmmm you dont watch TV much with all the custom build shows hotrod,bikes and other things as well as off road stuff". Most of those car builds for shows never see the street, same with the bikes.... Off road doesn't matter. The are 'cosmetic' builds all over..Wild custom paint, a set of wheels and tires and lowering or bolting on a flair kit is not the same as building a car from the ground up. From your statement about coal, nuclear, and oil, one can make the assumption that you are against them. Well, let's shut them all down... We will have to walk everywhere naked. We can't use hydrogen then because it requires one of the coal, nuclear, or oil companies to provide the power to create the hydrogen. oil is used to create clothes, shoes, food, medicine, etc, etc. Can't get around on bicycles because these fuels are needed to create the steel, tires, etc, used in making the bike and in the actual manufacture of the bike. Sony and other companies need the materials and the power developed by coal, nuclear, and oil to make their products and Sony plus others need the raw materials from coal and oil to make the chips, cases, controllers, boards, etc, that go into constructing the gaming systems. You should be against copper mining also...The terrible scars in the land from copper mining plus the acid lakes that leach out of the earth are a terrible legacy of the mines...but without these mines, your gaming system, TVs, and every other electronics or electric powered devise would not exist. These things need copper wiring. Steel for your bike comes from iron mines. all the elements for steel must be mined in one way or the other. Every method of doing just about anything has an environmental negative connected with it. I guess the only answer is to stop doing anything, live naked in the outdoors and let nature take over. Stay away from the animals, PETA will get upset...

5529.10.2006 12:35

dufas Not aginst them persay I worry about it since oversight has pretty much died in the last decade whos going to watch over them when they try and rape a mountain top and by "raping" not making sure the slurrie is handled right and it posins the ground water and streams of the area, nuclear is more worrysome while we have not had a full blown meltdown some of the active plants are in bad shape,and to call it "clean" without even thinking about the downsides of it is rather scary to me,thats what thos tv ADs do its "clean and harmless" uhg.... oli is not going anywhere well anywhere for the next 50 years anyway *L* Oli is a mixed bag I would like more reasonable things placed on them so they do not get more out of hand. Getting rid of them is silly however making sure the corperations don't rape and pillage is not.

5629.10.2006 13:35

My reply was somewhat extreme I admit. In my area, I am surrounded by people that while they think they are forward thinking, their rhetoric is disastrous in it's conclusions. They do want to shut everything down but still expect to drive to a store and buy a new plasma TV. One of my neighbors stated that there are over 50,000 people killed in auto accidents a year so why should we worry about the terrorists killing just a few thousand people. While he is not concerned about the terrorists, he complains about the gangs killing one or two people a month. Things don't fit. One of our politicians worked and got the timber companies to stop logging and got $120,000.00 fees added to every new home being built. Now, she is complaining that there is no low cost housing being built and the prices of homes is too high. She doesn't realize that she is part of the problem. Not too long ago, the politicians put a 'sin' tax on large boats being built. Result, no one bought any of these boats, boat yards shut down, people were put out of work and the same politicians gripe about the loss in the tax base that they created. They were not concerned about the people that lost their jobs and lost their homes.. Most people can't think past their nose....

5729.10.2006 13:51

dufas Fnnny my mind is normally runing away from me :Ping all the way 0-o *L* Ya they do step one as in thin up a tax or a fee in order to control growth then stop there and make it into law,its like the anti game laws going around they look at the cuase then blindly try and whack it,its like killing wasps in your room not dealing wit the nest just dealing with whats going to sting you,I might be mindless and have a liby bent but I am all for balance in how things work.

5829.10.2006 15:31

Both liberals and conservatives do stupid things... There should not be free reign to do anything as the conservatives are want to do but likewise, if one thing goes wrong or one person does something not quite right, making laws against everyone that is doing the thing correctly is not right as the liberals tend to do is not right either. I am sick of hearing the phrase "zero tolerance..." Handing out condoms to 12 year old school kids is alright but if one of the kids are caught taking an asprin for a headache, they are kicked out of school...? What's wrong with this picture ????

591.11.2006 18:35

First off Im a Nintendo fan I favor the NDS over the PSP thats not to say I don't like sony products. I just wanted to say I think sony is much to head strong from what I can gather they didn't want to lose out on money. If any one reads this I just wanna say thanks sony for taking away the site where we all could go to get the the things we wanted not what sony regulated. Thank sony you really showed off ur colors.

oh and does anyone know of a site like link-sang besides ebay?

and is there some site I can write about this for others to read besides a fourm? thanks

601.11.2006 18:57

play ?

lean to the games the NDS wins over the PSP ,the PSP is the better all in one gadget tho,the PS2 has more medicore and fun titles than the Xbox and GC dose but not enough to make it the only one you need.

its funny SOny has not went after more importers I wonder if this is jsut a attempt to scare importers....gggrrr I wish I could find more info on this.

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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612.11.2006 11:44

I think it's more because Lik-Sang is the big one for importing *NEW* systems, whereas other companies are mainly consoles that have been around a while. That and Lik-Sang was the best known - A HUGE target.

"Its not stupid, its advanced!" - The Almighty Tallest, Invader Zim

622.11.2006 19:32

target for what they drooped the chips and now sony ran them aground because it could? gotta love corporate might trumping logic.

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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635.11.2006 17:50

I think Sony did this because their sick of there products getting out to countrys before there released.

646.11.2006 0:42

then they should I dunno support that region and not do it half asrsedly....

BTW play asia is also baned from psp and PS3 importing to euro...

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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6527.11.2006 17:27

Sony did this because Lik Sang broke their own distribution contract with Sony in buying cheaper PSPs made for the asian market reboxing them and reselling them at a PREMIUM (cherry picked handsets that were downgradeable to 1.5 - the homebrewer's fave) to the US, EU and AU markets. The fact is that Lik Sang and it's CEO didn't fight the cease and desist order because they knew what they had done wrong. If you want to clamour at corporations about the principle of regioning in general then see it as a nasty and clever way of doing price controlled marketing AKA Racketeering, but be sure that companies like Lik Sang don't give much more of hoot about their customers than Sony does and that they too will break any number of laws and contracts to make that extra dollar too. The latter is the reason why Lik Sang didn't have a legal leg to stand on and could only whine to their customers via a press release. It's also a convenient way of not having to pay some of those who still had products on order, especially cherry picked PSPs.

6627.11.2006 17:39

I should add too that Lik Sang listing off the Sony Execs who use L S supplied goods is a morally reprehensible action. These Sony Employees have a right to their privacy as we all do and Lik Sang trampled all over that.

6727.11.2006 17:40

DR34MER *rolls eyes* maybe because theres alot of 1.5- systems in the market. Also being sued in 3 one 4 different time zones I don't think any "normal" company could survive it. Link sang also went out of their way to add a EU power converter by sony non the less. Sony is doing the same thing as Link and then they bitch when someone dose a better job at it,also link has not sold mod chips and moded systems in years they were becoming one of the best places online to find anything game related it would have been in Sonys interest to not sue them out but force them into a deal to not sale export/import certain things a deal would have done them both good,they could sale updated PSPs and not import/export the PS3 to EU untill the EU console launched. I guess its to much to ask for LOL its ture both will screw you while they can link jsut got pwned by Gannon....LOL

6827.11.2006 17:46

DR34MER SOny started it by the multi front attack,all it shows was that they used them to and yet closed them down jsut becuse they could *rolls eyes*

6927.11.2006 17:48

I know, I own a 1.5 but Lik Sang signed an agreement with Sony and they broke it, not Sony. Whatever L S chose to do to support their customers, I'm sure it was done with a keen eye on the bottom line - those EU power supplies weren't given away, yaknow? Lik Sang have sold some ordinary product too in the past. Third party Dreamcast guns and the Treamcast come to mind. This is about the almighty dollar and that means the customer eventually suffers.

7027.11.2006 17:59

DR34MER they resold UNUSED systems with a EU and US power at a marked up price big friggin whoop. Sony still went overboard,SOny did it to bleem when bleem was not using any code from shows sony has the power to sue anything into the ground if it gets in their way the consumer will be next....

7127.11.2006 18:27

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I know all abt Bleem! Ex Beta Tester, ex #bleem regular, ex #Emu regular, I even tried to sell the product locally and yes Sony ruined Bleem! This isn't the same though, Bleem! company and Sony never had any sort of agreement and Bleem! did compete with potential sales of the PSX/PSOne and the PS2 as it offered smoothed textures and better lighting than the real PSX or emulated PSX via PS2 could muster. It's true, Sony killed Bleem! by forcing retailers not to carry the product unless wanted to be blackballed from Sony. That's Racketeering and yes it sucks. However, Lik Sang grey marketing product so bald-facedly and getting caught in the midst of doing it whilst having a signed agreement also sucks and like it or not grey marketing often leads to price increases to cover lost revenue. Where Lik Sang made hay while the sun shone the consumer ends up paying more in the longer term. It's clear there are reasons to hate the big corps, but this isn't one.

7210.12.2006 9:54

is there anywhere to get drivers for their products or am i kinda screwed

7319.2.2007 11:36

"The purchasing of PSP consoles by SCE employees would be for investigatory purposes. We would also like to express our surprise at a company releasing personal information about its consumers, as this is contrary to data protection principles around the world."
I wonder,was it Sony that had rootkits installed in over than a million PCs with XCP and Mediamax software?Or is it my impression?Talking about F*****G hypocrits!

7419.2.2007 11:49

...hypocrites.Sorry for the typo.

7519.2.2007 12:40

since they no longer carried mod chips to a large degree and were toning back the gray aera stuff they could not get link on that however they did get them on the pact they had with sony.
Still sony did them in much like they did bleem and any other apparent or not threat to them.

link sold the goods they did not make them you can still find the items they sold on the net.
All sony can do is lie and spin PR in the end they are a half arsed manufacture on their way to being bought out.

7627.2.2007 15:59

As I was saying before (srry I couldn't respond, I got banned for one month for pulling a rly stupid stunt), right or wrong, Lik-Sang was a HUGE target for this.

As another member said, Sony is trying to scare importers, so that they can make more money in higher cost areas, rather than seeing Lik-Sang or other importers make that same extra buck. Ethically, there's really no moral ground to stand on, because they legally bought the product, and then they sell the same product in the same condition, to another user elsewhere; that's a great commerce model if you've ever seen one. I'm not sure as to how it is truly 'illegal' or violating any laws in reality; obviously there is some way they can legally make their case, or this wouldn't have happened.

From my uneducated, ignorant, mentally-unfit viewpoint(If I am the consumer Sony openly claims it's consumers are, see other interviews where they openly insult their consumers stating that people would buy the system even if they produced nothing for it, sheerly because of the brand), I cannot understand the legal reasoning for this, but in some way, they obviously have something and as weak as it may be, Sony has better lawyers than Lik-Sang, garaunteed. So while we can argue the stupidity of it all year, in real life Sony will always win - Not Lik-Sang. Which is unfortunate, because from an e-commerce viewpoint, Lik-Sang stood as a very interesting case study, proving that imports and exports of an item [eventually] available worldwide really does make a good buck.

It's unfortunate that things came to an end like this, I would be less bothered if it were settled on some sort of cost-difference scheme(Ex: If Lik-Sang made a profit of $50/unit, then they refund $50/unit), I could completely understand that, but the amount that Sony sued them for is just inconceivable to me, but again, I'm Sony's idea of a consumer. Go figure.

Either way, from my uneducated, non-expert, consumer point of view(Don't you love how I lump the words uneducated and non-expert together as one with consumer?) I don't understand the legalities of it all, but obviously big lawyers make quite a difference in these type of affairs.

What do you bet that Sony approached them under-the-table about this first though?

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"Its not stupid, its advanced!" - The Almighty Tallest, Invader Zim

7727.2.2007 16:21

No shizle,they hit link with 10 cases in 2 or 3 countries,you either fold or cheat,they don't have the ability to be more sneaky than "P"ony thus they fold.

I half half a mind to sell PS3s on ebay for 30% above cost + shipping just to spite "P"ony ,ship them to the UK/Aus/canda/Irland and such but not the US,the main reason for the 30%+ in price is warranty coverage you cant be a legit seller anymore without being crooked >>

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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7812.3.2007 17:49


7912.3.2007 17:56

Originally posted by eiffel65:
I am till I have 700$ t burn :P

god no wonder Link and importers are liked,800-1200 for in country PS3s ><

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