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WMG teams up with Internet video service

Written by Ben Reid @ 26 Oct 2006 15:57 User comments (7)

WMG teams up with Internet video service Warner Music Group has sealed a deal with online video service Brightcove which will see the record company distribute its vast catalog of video content on its own Web sites, whilst also raking in profit from it.
The collaboration will see WMG use Brightcove's software to embed Web-based video players in the sites for its labels, as well as individual artists. Those who visit the sites will be able to view on-demand music videos as well as other related footage in a service that will be free and ad-supported.

Brightcove licenses its Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) software to content providers so they can make it available without the requirement of a third-party service. Additionally, the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company controls the advertising areas which will reap in the profits for Warner.

Unlike sites such as YouTube, which allows users to upload allsorts of content -- a lot of which is copyrighted, this type of service allows the companies to keep tabs on intellectual property in order to profit from it.


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7 user comments

126.10.2006 18:40

IMO, what they should do is they should all combine into one massive video uploading complex.

227.10.2006 3:08

I personally don't like any video site that does not allow you to have the option to download the video they have posted on the site. So far I have only come across one site that does so far.

327.10.2006 16:13

borhan9 "I am sorry you dont ahve the money to download this video " *L* It comes down to money and they will try and get every bit they can off it,however if the service has lot of free streaming programs and simi easy to copy what you want off it then sign me long as its free :P

428.10.2006 9:18

Any file that can be viewed online, streamed, or otherwise watched in a web browser can be downloaded. No exceptions. 1: Find the url for the source file --read the source of the page, or use DownThemAll to find the media URL. 2: If it's hidden in a stream, VCR it. --there are many softwares around to capture streaming video. A lot of them are hard to find, but not that hard-google works just fine. 3: If it's hidden in something more complex that can't be VCR'ed, FRAPS it. --No protocol can block direct screen-recording. You may need a fast PC for this. 4: If your PC is too slow for #3, route your video out to another PC and record on it. --video capture cdevices are pretty cheap. PC1->VGA/S-Video/Composite Video->Capture Device->USB/IEEE/etc->PC2->Video File

528.10.2006 13:26

@CiDaemon That sounds really cool. You should write a guide and post it in the guides. It will really help.

71.11.2006 20:15

Thanks a bunch CiDaemon!! As for the article topic. It looks like they're all getting on the bandwagon now. Good deal. :D

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