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Japanese PS3 owners treated to 1080p downloads

Written by Dave Horvath @ 13 Nov 2006 4:34 User comments (8)

Japanese PS3 owners treated to 1080p downloads Just days after it's sell out Japanese launch, the Sony PS3 already has downloadable television content via the Japanese network, So-net.
Details are sketchy at the moment as far as pricing and availability, but from what we can tell, these downloads are available in H.264 format, DRM free and available in resolutions of 720p to 1080p. With the console being so new to the consumers, there's no reports yet as of whether or not this content will be able to be retrieved from the PS3's hard drive.

Since these downloads are only visible on the Japanese based So-net, there's no confirmation on the same type of treatment for U.S. buyers when the console is released in the States on the 17th of November.


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8 user comments

113.11.2006 7:09

im sure they will be released everywhere. it would be insane to do otherwise.

213.11.2006 8:17

Sounds good so far.

313.11.2006 13:06


414.11.2006 6:04

why do I see these as magician tricks to hide the more annoying reality...

518.11.2006 7:54

"why do I see these as magician tricks to hide the more annoying reality... " Cos your one of these people who pretend to hate Sony Corp but will no doubt have owned PS1 PS2 and give it a year or two, a PS3.

618.11.2006 8:25

tommyg109 I got a PS2 after the GC I got a Xbox last because that where the games where...I have become disenfranchised,Sony has gotten to arrgont sure they where bad before but all this is just to much the PS3 is not worth 300 much less 600 I am gamer I don't give a damn about movies and media I want a games and it seems the corperations are more intreated in going back to the FMV days look at F12 for christ sakes its not a game tis a frigging movie wheres the depth in game making that was in the 90's? I cant see it much anymore a few odd titles here and there bearly a handfull on each system....god.....MS dosent have a clue we cant do next gen gaming so we have piss porr video streaming on a 20GB HD it makes me want to pull my hair out.... the seems about the only place for innovation in gaming and even then I am ot thrilled by it its ok at best,but is ok at best worth 300?

718.11.2006 8:38

Right, I need to read through your post a couple of times to get the jist of it. You think the PS3 will be more than 300 ($550) in a year from launch?

818.11.2006 8:48

tommyg109it will take 3 years for the 600$ PS3 to come down to 400,even by then I dont see it being worth it for 3 or 5 "must have" titles. the 360 will be cheaper in another year but meh I am still not thrilled with it.but in the next 2 or 3 months MS will release its next revision. the WII looks ok at best. I could see payng 350 for game,shiping,tax.

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