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LG will demonstrate 1080p broadcast TV content

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 02 Jan 2007 11:20 User comments (3)

LG will demonstrate 1080p broadcast TV content At next week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), there will be no shortage of high definition displays to check out and no shortage of content on Blu-ray and HD DVD discs looping to feed the displays. LG wants to cause a stir itself by demonstrating full HD 1080p experimental television footage from Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK), a broadcaster in Japan. The content will be shown on a series of 37", 42", 47", and 55" LCD TVs.
They will be showing off content recorded with 1080p "high speed motion cameras". NHK is also the broadcaster who brought us the Ultra High Definition Video (UHDV) experiment which involved 18 minutes (3.5TB worth) of a massive 7680x4320 resolution, running at 60fps with 22.2CH audio, a 4x7 metre screen for a public demonstration and motion sickness for viewers.

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3 user comments

12.1.2007 12:58

The specs on that "UHDV" are enough to make my head spin.... 7680x4320??!! The audio as well; 24 channels total seems nothing short of insane. It does, however, look like content of this quality will be limited by file storage systems.... it'll be a long way to 3.5 Terabyte disks!

22.1.2007 14:10

I agree technology is increasing at a overwhelming rate. Just a month ago intel released its quad-core CPU even when there still is a huge hype for dual core cpu. 1080p? im sure a vast majority of people still dont have 480p tv's.

33.1.2007 3:22

The real problem with 1080p is that there isn't a TV company broadcasting it anywhere.....or even with the equipment to broadcast it. It takes a vast 'bit-rate'/bandwidth to do and there's absolutely zero sign of anyone introducing it outside of small individual experiments like this. You only need to look at Sky HD TV in the UK. Often it's low bit-rate or upscalled SD TV which looks little better than good 'ordinary' SD TV. Whilst the BBC's HD TV is often broadcast at a much higher bit-rate and looks enormously better. It's always interesting to see what's happening on the leading edge but 720p/1080i is 'it' as far as broadcast/cable TV goes for a long long time to come - and 1080p will only be seen in high def DVD or in computer games (and on PC's 1080p stopped being such a big deal ages ago).

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