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Wii beat 1.2 million estimate in U.S.?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 05 Jan 2007 1:46 User comments (2)

Wii beat 1.2 million estimate in U.S.? Nintendo's new Wii console is reported to have beaten analyst predictions in the United States. Analyst Lazard Capital, had predicted the console to sell 1.2 million consoles in the U.S. in 2006. Sony is believed to have sold around 700,000 PS3 units in the U.S. in 2006 while the analysts predicts that sales figures for the Xbox 360 in North America will have reached 4.5 million by December 30th.
"Our checks indicate that Nintendo's Wii console continues to sell well, while Sony's PS3 supplies improved somewhat towards the end of the holiday period," said Colin Sebastian of Lazard Capital. The firm also predicted that U.S. software sales will have increase by about 5% over the previous year, "driven by incremental sales for next-generation software and ongoing solid PS2 and DS game sales."

Among the list of best selling titles offered by the analyst are Guitar Hero 2, WWE Smackdown Vs RAW 2007, Gears of War and Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess.


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2 user comments

18.1.2007 5:28

When I purchase a game system it's definately going to be a WII. I've had my beefs with Nintendo in the past (remember Mortal Kombat SNES version vs Genesis?), but it's time to buck these companies charging $600 for a game system. Sony is not leveraging technology correctly (no reason not to have easily upgradeable optical drives so that I can get Blu-ray when the price is sane...and for service reasons in case the optical drive breaks and you have a unit that's cheaper to replace than repair). Microsoft is trying to compete with Sony so they don't really care about leveraging technology either. I haven't owned a Nintendo system since the SNES...and I've owned multiple PS1's and PS2' I'm no anti-Sony/pro-Nintendo fanboi. Sony's screwing up and my money's going to a company that looks like it cares more about the pocketbooks (and waistlines!) of it's consumers.

218.1.2007 6:20

I don't think Xbox is trying to compete with Sony, Xbox has almost 10 million more units sold than PS3. Wii will be good for a little while, but do you think they will be able to make a variety of games down the road or are there going to be many repeat games brought out.
All 3 companies are after the pocketbook. I went with the 360, not disappointed can't beat the graphics offered. If Nintendo can keep on bringing out different games for the Wii Then I'll buy that too, but I won't if it only has 15 cool games and the rest normal games avalible on other systems.

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